Job Roles For QUALITY ASSURANCE – Engineer,Testing,Standards,Private Organizations,Skills

Job Roles For QUALITY ASSURANCE – Engineer,Testing,Standards,Private Organizations,Skills

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Hello All,this is Apoorva from Welcome to our video channel on Jobs and Careers Today I will be talking to you about the Job role of Quality Assurance Depending upon the nature of the industry
quality assurance job responsibilities differs in many ways. The main tasks and competencies
are the same where they need to check if the product meets the required standards. A quality
assurance manager or engineer is one who is responsible to check if the product or service
requires meeting the mentioned standards of quality, reliability and performance. Careers
in Quality assurance are well prominent and have a promising future.
The quality assurance policies and procedures are drafted by these engineers, quality standards
are implemented by them, and they take initiatives where they plan, monitor, and conduct inspection
of materials. They achieve documentation and investigation of complaints when raised. The
inspection systems are to be reviewed and implemented which checks quality. In the same
manner these professionals gather and compile quality statistics data.
The educational qualification for quality assurance profession is bachelor’s degree.
Along with the bachelor’s degree certificate such as quality auditor, six sigma, quality
engineer, quality improvement associate and lot more can be beneficial. Experience in
testing, quality, auditing, and inspection can be an added advantage. Excellent skills
on computer programs such as Microsoft databases and Microsoft office can be added advantages.
The main qualities required for a quality assurance professional is that they should
be keen to details. They should possess good verbal as well as written communication skills,
excellent knowledge in planning and organizing, judgment and decision making should be a skill
within them, they should be capable of collecting data, analyzing and managing them. Moreover
they should be a good team worker and have flair for customer service orientation.
The salary for quality assurance professionals vary for each industry and basically quality
assurance professionals gain Rs 20000 per month, which would then elevate to more after
years along with promotion. There are many private organizations which recruit professionals
for quality assurance postings. • Net cracker technology solutions
• HP India private Ltd • Novartis health care
• Anrnaa solutions • Cadila Pharmaceuticals
• Seiren India Pvt Ltd • Accenture
• Kitex garments • SMVJ group
• Channel Fusion • Invesco
• CA technologies • Radius
• JP Morgan chase &Co • Akamai technologies
And plenty more national and multinational companies recruit quality assurance professionals
for their process. They offer attractive package and also enhance the career growth of professionals
so that they reach greater heights in short period of time.
The Indian government is also keen about quality in the crowd of competition and hence looking
forward for quality assurance professionals in their field. The government organizations
are also recruiting quality assurance professionals under various sectors. Few of them are
• Tata memorial hospital • union public service commission
• department of justice • department of army
• department of defense • department of air force
all these organizations offer attractive salary and excellent career growth. Job seekers can
get to this field for ones who desire to get to higher positions in career. The job role
is interesting and offers an unique experience. Numbers of opportunities are also available
abroad apart from these offers. Quality assurance professionals are always in demand and
the career path is evergreen. For further information on Jobs and Careers please log on to our website The No.1 Job Site for Freshers in India we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us


  1. could you please help me that I have the experience of 2+ years in Tech Support including working as a Business analyst dealing with clients and making proposals.

    I want to switch to QA now to a new firm. but unable to recieve calls on that profile.

    could you please help me out how should I add things in job portals which could help me to switch to new profile..

    please reply..🙏

  2. i have search youtube and found nothing talks about legit video on test Qa Jobs on testing video games here . are these video legit and legal content.

  3. Good .
    I have one question
    I completed my B.E. instrumentation from Mumbai University in 2017 then I started working in automation field.( Performing fat sat and programming ladder logic in Siemens PLC ) since salary is very less so I am trying to switch the job so selenium,QA ,qc is good opportunity for me or not ?
    plz reply

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