Job Roles For Front Desk Executive – Receptionist,Help Desk,Customer Service

Job Roles For Front Desk Executive – Receptionist,Help Desk,Customer Service

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Hello All..This is Akansha from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the job role of Front desk executive what does a Front desk executive do ? how do they add value to once business i will run you through all the important aspects regarding it In order for companies to reach out to the
customer or consumer it is of paramount importance that they have a proper link though which
they can get in touch with clients and consumers. In simple terms it is the task of the front
desk executive to function as the ‘face’ of the company and be physically positioned
at the reception desk to assist anyone that walks through the door of the office.
The main responsibility of such an individual is to ensure that he or she is able to help
anyone in distress and it is important that the front desk executive, who represents the
company is polite and cordial at all times so that it doesn’t reflect badly on the
company or tarnish the company name. In addition to being able to speak well, such executive
usually are made to wear a uniform and look neat and presentable at all times so as to
set a good impression. Basic requirements for the position
People have a degree in hotel management usually have an edge over the others as they have
been trained in how to conduct themselves and how to act in a professional manner at
all times. If an individual wishes to bag a front office job at a medical institute
then he or she should have basic training in medical terminology so as to be able handle
the job properly.However besides this, people with a bachelor’s degree in management or
even with a degree in spoken English are considered for the position.
The basic skills of anyone wishing to bag a job as a front desk executive, is first
and foremost , excellent communication skills, good grasp over not merely the English Language
but maybe the vernacular as well and also good organizational skills. In addition to
this he or she must have a good disposition and ‘people skills’ as interacting with
various individuals is a major part of their job description.
Basic job description Depending on the company the individual is
being hired to be a part of, the job description and responsibility may vary greatly. In addition
to meeting as well as greeting clients and customers, the front desk executive most often
than not is also responsible for the managerial staff as well. Other key responsibilities
might include handling accounts for small amounts of money, answering phone calls or
even scheduling appointments. Scope for front desk executive jobs
The services of front desk executive are required in any big hospital, office, advertising agency,
Construction Company. Since all companies require front desk executive therefore jobs
are not scare at all and the starting salaries for a fresher begin at over fifteen thousand.
Contrary to what believing this is a job that is not easy to manage at all and work hours
are long and tiring, however if you have what it takes in terms of skills then you should
certainly try your hand at it because it is indeed a very lucrative field. no more confusion of the job role give a kick start to your career at this time we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below


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