Job Interview Tips & Etiquette

Job Interview Tips & Etiquette

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Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In
today’s video, we talk about interview tips and etiquette. This is part 3 of the series
and so far, we covered what to wear to an interview, as well as how to prepare for an
interview. First of all, you need to have the right outfit. If you missed that video,
please check it out here, this is essential. Second, get a haircut before you have an interview.
If you have many interviews in a row, of course, you don’t need to get a haircut every day
but you should just look clean and professional. Make sure not to wear an overpowering cologne,
you may be tempted but that Axe is really smelly and people will not think it’s great.
Even if you have a higher end cologne, try to stay away from it for a day just take a
shower beforehand and you’ll be fine. In a professional setting, try to cover your tattoos,
of course, if you’re applying for a job at a restaurant, it’s full of hipsters, you can
show your tattoos. It always depends on what the job is about. Before you head out the
door, make sure to remove any tags and threads because otherwise, they may think, you have
never worn a suit before, you’re not in a professional setting and also check for stains
and holes because it makes you look sloppy. Now it’s time to get to the interview, make
sure to arrive thirty minutes prior to the interview time. I know that may seem like
a lot, but it’s essential because there can be traffic and things may go wrong and trust
me, they will go wrong. Last but not the least, you don;t know the facilities, you don’t know
how long it takes to find the secretary, the right room so give yourself enough time. If
you end up with extra time, simply review your questions, take a seat and about five
to ten minutes before the interview, head to the reception and let them know you’re
here. You can also leave your business card and tell them you;re here for an interview
with a specific person. Make sure to turn off your cellphone and if somebody offers
you something to drink, don’t ask for anything elaborate, just go with plain, non-carbonated
water. Next up is interview demeanor, it’s very important that you give a good first
impression. Let’s say you’re in a conference room, walking with people or you don’t, it’s
best to stand and only sit if you’re asked to. If it’s too long and they asked you to
sit, try to take a spot that is faced towards the door so you can get up when somebody enters.
Also, this is not the time to take the boss chair with the leather covers, sit on it and
play games because somebody may come into the door anytime. So, this is the chair for
them, you take the regular chair. When somebody comes in, it’s important to shake their hand
with a firm grip and you have to look them into the eye. Also, offer them a copy of your
resume and then let them take the lead. You’re in an interview, and you just go along. Tone,
body language, and grammar are very important because you want to project professionalism
and confidence at all times. First, sit up straight, that’s actually easiest if you don’t
sit back on the chair but you just sit slightly forward and push your back up. Makes you seem
alert and people will appreciate it. Also, avoid crossing arms or fidgeting with something
because it may seem that you’re nervous and can be distracting in an interview. It’s important
to minimize the use of slang words or I don’t knows because it makes you seem incompetent
and that’s what you want to avoid. If you;re wondering about interview questions, I suggest
you check out our interview prep video where we discuss interview question strategies.
Once they’re done with their questions, it’s time for you to ask good questions so it’s
best you prepare those, make sure to have about 2-3 very good questions that make them
think “Wow, this guy really thought about the job and it’s a smart question”. Never
ask dumb questions, yes! there are dumb questions such as things that you could easily figure
out on their website. After the interview is done, it’stime to depart. First, you should
ask them what the next steps are then you can shake hands, thank them for their time
and then it’s time to leave. This is not the time to flirt with the sexy secretary or with
anybody else in the building, you simply take your stuff and just leave.Once you’re back
home, it’s important to follow up and it’s not just an email, ideally, it’s a handwritten
thank you note where you express your gratitude that you had your interview and you reiterate
that you’re interested in the position. This shows you’re future employer that you’re willing
to go the extra mile and that separates you from the crowd. Now, you simply wait for a
response. If you don;t hear back from them, you can reach out again and simply follow
up, that shows them that you’re persistent. Alternatively, you could get a letter of rejection,
and now would be a good time to ask what exactly they did not like about you so you could improve
for future job interviews. If you receive a verbal offer over the phone or in person,
smile, thank them and let them know that you’re excited to get it in writing. At this point,
it’s time for salary negotiations. It’s best to come in prepared and look at portals like
glassdoor so you know the range of the salary that you can expect but don’t overdo it and
don’t undervalue yourself. Just make sure if you’re asking for more money than the average,
make sure to back it up. Ideally, the best ways to do it is to one, tell them how you
make them more money. Two, how you save the money and three, how you make customers happier.
If you want more vacation, now is the time to negotiate it so you should bring it up
and explain what you need and why you need it. Last but not least, make sure to give
them references if they ask for it, only if they ask for it. Of course, you want to only
refer people who know that they’re going to be contacted and hopefully say something good
about you. If you have now gotten the job, it’s really important to dress up for your
first day at work because it makes a great lasting impression for you colleagues at work,
for your boss and if they think you’re overdressed, they will let you know but it never hurts
to be overdressed the first day. Good Luck and make sure to check out the other two parts
if you haven’t already done so.


  1. I really needed this video. I have an internship interview at the space telescope institute at Johns Hopkins University this friday and this series has definitely helped me to prepare . Just spectacular information.

  2. A firm hand shake goes a long way. In my experience, most people just places their hand and that is it. So when they shake hands with me, they're not expecting a firm grip.

  3. There's a musician named G-Eazy who looks like he could be your son. That aside, this was a very informative video and very well done.

  4. I think you could well give a whole episode on the handshake alone! So many men get it badly wrong. I think the worst mistake (apart from offering someone a limp wet fish to shake) is to remain seated to shake hands. – that's just terrible!

  5. I really like your videos especially because they are not quite politically correct which honestly I admire these days, people who have the balls to make remarks

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