India vs Germany | Education System Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

India vs Germany | Education System Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

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Hello friends A lot of you have made a lot of demands for this video Come let us indulge in an analysis of the Indian education system along with the German education system A lot of you might already know I have completed my University level education- Both bachelors and masters, from Germany And for this video, in this video, I have with me, Bharat Chaudhary Bharat is an educational youtuber who makes videos in this field and And especially speaking, his field expertise has been Germany related education because He has also conducted research regarding this and he has also made videos regarding this But the difference between Bharat and I is that I have completed both my Bachelors and Masters from Germany And he has completed his Bachelors from India Which university was it? Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology It is in Murthal, Haryana Okay So you completed your Bachelors in four years from there and then what did you do your masters in? I’ve done my masters from technical university of Hamburg, Germany Okay, so… I feel like this video is going to be very useful for you in knowing what are the differences in both the educational systems? What are the basic structural differences? What all can we learn from the German educational system in India And what can you learn too? Let us begin comparison from… Let us begin with school The first difference crops up in the fourth class After the fourth class, the students in Germany get the option of going to three schools One of them is Realschule, another is Gymnasium, and then there’s Hauptschule Keeping in mind the student’s ability, they are suggested that they should choose one of the three schools That means if someone is better at studies then he would be sent to Gymnasium If someone is worse at studying, -Would the word “worse” be okay to use here? Or maybe we could say they lack the “abilities” to study theories -This, in my opinion is a better description Because there is a set format in place For example, in India we have our exams In Germany too, in order to rank the students or to judge their abilities in a way, standardized exams are conducted And according to that, they view… -And we could say that some children are not good at studies The studies about science or the studies about history -Exactly -The difference is that these two schools The studies in Gymnasium are conducted in the same way like it is conducted in our schools But what happens in Realschule and Hauptschule? -So what happens in Realschule is that the optionals, the graduation in Realschule takes place in the 10th class and in Hauptschule, it happens in the 9th class So in this, the best opportunity that lies with the students is that right after completing their schools, they can start directly with their
“Ausbildung” or vocational training The advantage with vocational training is that they are carrying on their studies They’re learning some kind of trade in a way say, carpentry, plumbing, driving… or anything or that sort and earning money at the same time So, they are being payed every month -So, that means, a child can commence working right after the tenth class Upon the completion of his education, he would directly start his job (If) someone wants to work directly I mean, a lot of people are not interested in studies So this is a good option in exchange -It is an amazing option for those Plus, for those, in my opinion, who come from economically weaker families So it is a great option for them that they finish school and immediately start with their profession, in a way -Yes -And with that… -What kind of jobs are done in this field? -Generally, all the jobs that we can see in our daily lives, in a way, for example, selling, or working in a supermarket, or driving… -… plumbing, carpentry gardening… all the jobs like these that do not come under the proper purview of engineering, humanities or universities All that is viewed on the extra side, they are vocationally trained upto a large extent – A vast difference is that in India, we view these jobs at a very low level We look at things and presume that the people of the lower (caste/class) do these kinds of jobs and our parents poke fun and say that if you don’t study, will you do carpentry and become a carpenter ? or a plumber? The difference (here) is that these jobs are given the same respect in Germany -I used to give an example to Dhruv earlier I knew a friend who is a carpenter His salary at the moment is 3,200 Euros and after completing Masters, if I had completed masters in structural engineering, After completion of masters, my salary in designing firms would be 3,600 Euros -So there isn’t a lot of difference in salary -There is a difference of about 400 Euros -So this could also be a reason why these jobs are viewed on the same levels (because) the salaries are similar -The salaries are similar, the lifestyles are similar All the things that can be afforded by an engineer can also be afforded by the ones with vocational training, to a large extent – Most probably, a question that will arise in people’s minds is why would anyone want to do engineering then? -Umm, you know, engineering in German is extremely exhaustive If people pursued engineering with the aim of getting good jobs… -… and (with the aim of) earning money -(with the aim of) earning money, then The trouble with this is that engineering is a very tough trade here in Germany Testings are conducted in a variety of different ways There’s a lot of practical work So the dropout rates increase If you notice, the dropout rates in Germany are very high – Okay – Because they see that… First of all, they are not forced to study There’s no need for graduation. If you don’t want to do graduation, you can do something else You can earn money anyway So, if there’s really a passion to do something in engineering in the future, in Civil, Mechanical or whatever then people opt for this Generally, people do not opt this for money because because for money, it is an economically smarter decision that you opt for Realschule -So basically, one should focus on their passion -Exactly -Do whatever you want to do, because one would get paid the same everywhere (the money earned) is almost similar The second difference comes in after 11th and 12th In India, three options are provide- Science, commerce or humanities How can one make a choice between three options, I mean… (it is akin to ) fitting thousands, millions of kids in the same category -Hmm -The difference in Germany is that there is much more freedom than that You can individually pick out what subjects you want to study in the 11th and 12th So one can study Biology and History along with it. If you want to study Politics along with Chemistry, then you can do that too This is not possible in India in the 11th and 12th -Right? -Right. It is very difficult. As far as I have seen, Some kids want to keep a lot of options open for themselves What they do is the ones in Non medicals take up Biology too And then they appear for both Medical as well as non medical exams But it becomes extremely successful, because, in a way, both have separate directions People begin having problems because of it later In fact in India, they say that if you want to keep your options open, then opt for science -Yeah, right! -Taking up science means that they never studied History ,civics ,philosophy or ethics in the 11th and 12th So a lot of people do not have knowledge about these -Exactly. The biggest issue with this is that.. I have studied my Bachelors in a University in India All the students who studied with me, are not pursuing government jobs after completing their Bachelors Now, this means that they have to study History as well as Civics… which does not make any sense! -So they were forced to study things they need not have in the 11th and 12th So the system, in a way, compels one to study these and here, it does not compel one to do the same -Exactly -Let us now come to Universities. Universities are your expertise -Right, brother. Ask away The first difference in the Universities, which, I think, is very student friendly, is is that there are tuition fees The tuition fee is zero In order to study in the Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology, I paid around a minimum of 1.5 lakh fees every year And here, there is semester contribution of TUHH. There is no tuition fee And that is merely 300 Euro per semester So that amounts to a total of 600 Euro per year. Converting in rupees, that amounts to 50,000 rupees The topic of tuition fees is extremely relevant because recently, there has been news about a fee hike in IIT for Mtech Even the government universities in India have started becoming unaffordable which did not happen before Recently, news has also begun pouring in from JNU that I have been reading about The 10 rupees/month hostel rent fees in JNU has been increased to more than 1000 rupees Electricity and water charges have been added So if you make education unaffordable for the economically weak, then people cannot remain educated -Exactly -Germany is able to achieve this because it subsidizes education -The money of the taxpayers goes into education subsidy, due to which everyone can afford free education What’s wondrous is that the Bachelors that you completed there The college facilities must have been substandard despite paying higher fees -I’m telling you, in the hostel we used to go to the toilets in the morning and find out there’s no water- things were that bad And I mean, I could not believe in the beginning at how could such a thing happen?! They had said that everyone would get single rooms after doing all this But you wake up in the morning and there are such basic amenities lacking And you’re doing your bachelors in a good government University because that is considered a good university in Haryana and then you get to see such things there So I was extremely disappointed because of that one thing Talking about the rest… the studies are largely theoretical in India in comparison with Germany In masters in Germany, I have witnessed that discussions are ongoing in a wonderful way The professors give real life examples and using them, they explain look at this building, look at the columns on it. Here the shear force is applies.. so on and so forth In India, you open R C Verma or any such book of yours that from here… S Ramanujan- Theory of structures Start right here. These are the examples that you have to cover so this is another vast difference -Okay, so the practical is more focused upon I don’t have experience regarding this because I haven’t ever read how much practical and how much theory is there There is one thing for sure- that is one can avail vacation semesters For example, sometime I feel like… The college studies are ongoing but I want to take 6 months off. I want to take a break and go on a holiday Then I can do that here But this isn’t possible in India -No, it isn’t possible in India What happens in India is that if you don’t appear for even one exam, then, first of all, Though, in one exam at least the system allows you to “reappear” That you can sit for in the next semester, or next year as some universities require that But if you take a vacation for the entire semester, then first of all, the compulsory attendance which is 75% in a lot of Universities As soon as that falls short, you get suspended for the entire semester in a way You get an year back and you have to start with the same semester next year And the vacation thing is so common here that most people take a yearlong break after 12th In India, after 12th, people take one year to prepare for the IIT Here, almost every child, goes to Australia, India,US (or other places) for one year They go on a vacation for one year What is it called? Because the students do not have money. So what is this called? It is called Au Pair, probably. -Yes, Au Pair, where they live for free in my opinion They work in the country that they live in, earn money and roam around -Exactly -So, the people gather experiences from the world for one year and then commence their studies for college In fact, most people do not know what they are going to do -Thinking about it makes me laugh because in India, (there’s only) wearing down (of students) After 12th, for one year if you look anywhere else outside your room at anything apart from your books the people at home would immediately start commenting, “study well, you won’t get a university” Look at your uncle’s son- he’s getting into IIT, NIT Looking at the differences from this perspective, then it feels like our country is far different -A lot of people might think that these differences exist due to the fact that India has a higher population and hence there is more competition Hence, one is bound to study if you want to rise in life, but, I don’t think so because we took the example of vocational training It isn’t so that there is less competition in Germany and hence people are able to stay so relaxed The difference lies in the fact that the rest of the jobs also are given equal respect So not everyone is dying to get into colleges Not everyone is struggling to get into IIT If someone likes carpentry or plumbing or gardening, then he can do so with ease Another difference is in placements The most comments I get on my YouTube channel, Bharat in Germany, is Sir, tell us about the job opportunities in Germany after completion of Masters The most important thing to keep in mind here is that In a way, there are no placements in Germany The universities do not invite companies to come recruit their students Like the TCS system in Bachelors TCS comes and recruits 150 students from the campuses And how much is the salary? Sometimes (the students) get a salary of around 12 thousand to 15 thousand So that does not make sense to me- the students vying for placements Because what happens here is that if you’ve made a good network, you did internships and part time jobs in good companies, Then on, there is direct assimilation in a way What the companies do.. where you’re working part time jobs… After the completion of your masters, if you did a good job, the companies hire you -Okay, so there are no issues of placements Infact, when my friends used to ask me about the placement situation here then I used to ask them what placement was I didn’t know about placements -Placement is such a huge topic in India If one chooses a University and enrolls in it and then someone comes and jokes that there aren’t any placements there the person would suffer from a heartattack! It is obvious that you would be more interested to know how the system in Germany runs If you want to come study here then what do you have to do Here I’d like to tell you that Bharat has designed a course of his own- What is the name of the course? -The name of the course is Complete course for studying in Germany which is on I made this course because first of all, I had an idea of the Indian study system After that, what was the basis on which I applied for German Universities on my own What were the difficulties that I faced and what were the mistakes I made at that time… -So basically it spells out all that one has to do to apply for German universities if you want to study here and what are the opportunities The course has explained all this in great detail -There are around 40 plus lessons in there with a lot of step by step details -So if you want to go into details, then I would say you can go into the course And there’s a special 10% discount for you here if you use the code Dhruv Rathee You will get the course link in the description below You need to go and enter the code there -Or if you click on the link in the description directly, the code would already be applied there Here I’d like to mention one thing -because I’ve seen that there are plenty of education consultants in India And the worst thing about it is that they themselves have never studied masters in the University that they’re sending you to Sometimes they don’t even have a bachelor’s degree But they sit and send students into private institutes in huge numbers And that seems very hypocritical to me Because I only preach about Germany because I know the difference in Germany and I know the Inside out of Germany -…because you have done masters here -Neither am I promoting Canada or the US or anywhere else I only know about Germany as I have a first hand experience in Germany and I can guide the students for only that in a proper way In comparison, the people would say that you too are charging money for the course though So why should people prefer paying you over a consulting company? -Because the main thing is that Here, if you outsource one of the very important decisions of your life to someone else How do you know that he is doing his best job? Isn’t it? Hence the ideology of my course is that you take all the good information from the course you take all the Dos and the Donts Use all the formats, templates, examples but fill out the application yourself because this is one of the most important decisions of your life -Okay, so the filled out applications will not be provided- this is the difference? -No… This feels like a very unethical thing to me because why are you applying on someone else’s basis when it is the biggest decision of you life? So the course will basically teach people how you can apply and do all of this -What courses are best in what universities? How should you apply in different universities? So these are very useful advises I feel like these are small things that can easily be implemented in the Indian education system It is not so that a huge change has to be brought about to implement this Some things are very small- like Universities should be given more subsidies so that their tuition fees is reduced People should be given options in courses the students should be given the option of choosing their subjects from the 11th and 12th And if someone does not want to do this then something like vocational training can also be implemented -I feel like the main thing is that children here can pursue their passion whatever they want… In a way, there are very specific courses Assume that 50% of a child’s interest lies in one field, 50% in another then there is a course for that too, here – This is a great thing. I’ve also noticed that the courses here aren’t so generalized that one has to pursue civil engineering or Mechanical engineering One can go into a very specific field if one wants. For example, the universities here one can study numerous subjects like you can be doing your bachelors in African studies you can also be doing a bachelors in Buddhism Bachelors and Masters can also be done in subjects like these Although it is going to be very difficult to get jobs in those fields later But it is all about passion here If you have an interest in studying these things then you can do so very easily I hope you would have liked this video, you can write down in the comments and tell us if you want to see more videos like these Right now I have compared the Indian and German education system here or if you want to see a comparison of the Finland and Indian education system or a comparison with Japan You can write down in the comments below and tell us If you have more interest in coming here to Germany and study if you want to see the scopes and prospects, I’d say that you can buy Bharat’s course You can get the link in the description below Before ending the video, I’d like to tell you a small thing Bharat’s study in German course is very useful but its price is very decent It is going to cost 359 Euros after discount He has worked really hard He has dedicated one year to design this course You will notice that there are so many videos in this He has explained everything from the starting to the end When you come to Germany, which universities are good What things should you notice while you study the course How should you take admission, how should the application form be filled When you come here, what syllabus can you expect Then you’d be recruited for a job What salary should you be expecting in the job If you have to take a residence permit, then what is the procedure for that and what forms do you have to fill and even how to look for accommodation So there’s everything here if you buy it once But I’d just like to say that before buying, Since its price is quite decent, talk to your parents and your family members and buy it only when you are genuinely interested in coming to Germany to study You can take your own time, this course is going nowhere The discount link in the description isn’t going anywhere either You will get this in the description for alteast a month or two So there is nothing to worry about Talk to your parents and family before buying this course That’s all I’d like to say Thank you


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