If there's more violence like the Ngo attack, Nancy Pelosi has to bear some responsibility.

If there's more violence like the Ngo attack, Nancy Pelosi has to bear some responsibility.

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I mentioned the census I have considered this part of this conversation who wants to chime in but this is about keeping you know make America you know this hat make America white again they want to make sure that people certain people are counted it's really disgraceful and it's not what our founders had in mind vanna's Nancy Pelosi saying that if you want to have a census that asks whether you're a citizen is because you're a racist and you're white despite the fact that 43 million Americans are black 59 million are Latino or Hispanic and almost 20 million are Asian joke Concha is with us Joe isn't language like that going to make things worse rather than better in this country especially if we think about what happened just a week and a half ago in Portland Oregon it is so reckless on the house speakers pardon she knows what she's doing she knows what she's saying is intellectually dishonest here's all I know when I started my radio show and it was February when I started but I had to fill out a job application like a month or two beforehand when I got my offer and on the job application just like every job application I've ever had sebastien it asks are you a US citizen so under policies rules therefore every Corporation and company and even small business in this country whenever they hire somebody they put forth a job application and it asked if you're a US citizen that makes everybody a racist in Nancy Pelosi's mind I just of course when she sits down for an interview you're not going to have any media member actually call her out on that like well how could you say something like that when then use the point that I just brought up for instance because it seems that more and more many in our media are in lockstep with dau speaker and the Democratic Party and therefore she gets free rides to make statements like this without ever being challenged Sebastian but it's not just a question of professionalism of the next time somebody from the mainstream fête news industrial complex it sits down and doesn't challenge this kind of language can have consequences when you see a gay Vietnamese journalist cold-cocked from behind end up in an ER with a brain bleed because he's a conservative at an anti fur rally this language doesn't stop events like that on the contrary it could encourage more of them of course and in the New York Times runs a column from a guy named Brian Levin he's the director at the and I'm quoting here the Center for the Study of hate and extremism at Cal State University in San Bernardino and here's what he has to say in this column he is a political pundit and he's talking about Andino who certainly makes the most out of his conflicts which sometimes turned violent on him in other words you know what he is prompting these poor antifa protesters into attacking him he's he's invading jobs like she believed that was actually printed she was raped because her skirt was too short right its victim shaming exactly right and for that to be printed my goodness gracious and this is why the guy while you still had to be resubmitted or readmitted back into the hospital because his injuries were so great but yeah yeah he is the problem not an Tifa I just spoke to Andy McCarthy he's only a former US Attorney is a Fox News contributor legal genius and and he says that Antipa should be characterized should be labeled as a terrorist organization I couldn't agree more and yet you have say Chris Cuomo on CNN who compared Antigua to the soldiers that storm Normandy on d-day because they were fighting fascism just like Antipa right it just it just sickens me I can't even can't even describe any other way I'm sick nauseous and in the last minute we have with Joe contra is there a scenario where where the New York Times CNN looks in the mirror and says mayor Cooper yeah when Donald Trump leaves the national stage and suddenly all those clicks and ratings that he generates alone whether that be by those who support him or those who don't like him either way he brings ratings wherever he goes yeah once once he leaves and suddenly they're gonna have nothing left to write about I don't care who the next president is and then that's when the purge begins and that's when they'll have their come-to-jesus moment but until then he is the guy who rises all boats and that is Donald Trump and that'll continue to happen and though therefore get to keep their jobs for now because they still have their protagonist on stage one one addendum from me they're still gonna hate conservatives that's the bottom line I'm already the target thank you very much and I've lived through that joke on to keep doing what you do he is one of those Talking Heads happy types on TV follow him on Twitter at joke on chat TV he is the host of wor tonight on 710 wor in New York City and his analysis at the hill is superlative he's Joe Concha I'm Sebastian Gawker this is America first on the Salem radio network broadcasting from the Relief Act comm studio


  1. puke face Pelosi always plays the race card when she is losing has no answer, has no plan, just HATE HATE. Mad Max HATE HATE Is all they got
    Always blame others for what you do Libtards mantra . TERM LIMITS.

  2. Certain people counted, yes, citizens and not illegal aliens! Absolutely sick of these unconstitutional idiots they should be removed immediately! ! !

  3. Drunk Nancy talking again. If you want to heat her Sober speak to her before 10.00am if you don't you get this banter

  4. Yep, Maxine Waters is the worst case. Not to mention "Big Mike" and former AG Eric Holder.Yes, I'm keeping a list.

  5. Nanci Piglosi is disgraceful….the Founders did not have communism in mind…..or the criminal pervert immoral freak demrat party

  6. Pelosi knows that's not true but it's all they have – hate, fear and division. They have nothing else. Vile excuse for a human being

  7. HI….luv the show……to the team, ….great music choices, and could your segments be a bit longer……..great guests.

  8. Pelosi needs to think or put the bottle down before she opens her pie hole. That statement made no sense. She is the racist.

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