If Retail Workers Were Honest

If Retail Workers Were Honest

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– Hi, how are you? – Good, thanks. – How am I? I’ve been standing for eight hours and I’m in a terrible mood (laughs). My dog died. – It looks like you erased the
entire contents of your phone but sure, I’ll take responsibility. – I’m saying I need to
go in the back to check for her size but I’m
really going in the back to check my Instagram. – Oh, I’m pretending like
I didn’t just see porn pop up on your computer. – You’re super cute, I’m
gonna act so professional to cover up how nervous I am. Hello. – Hi. – This blouse looks terrible on you but I’m a hundred dollars
away from my sales goal. Yes girl, it’s fierce. – No, we’re out of stock. For the 100th time. – Oh, no price tag. Must be free. (laughter) – I’ve already heard
that joke six times today and it’s not even my lunch break yet. – Where can you buy that obscure adapter? I don’t know, I’ll Google it. – Nope. You’re misinterpreting good
customer service as flirting. Give me one moment. Yeah? – I am watching you steal
that accessory but go ahead because I’m not allowed
to confront you directly. – No, you can’t return that
item without a receipt. But let me go get my
manager so he can tell you the exact same thing. – We’re understaffed
today so I’m just gonna make an excuse to head into the back. – Oh, you’re great with technology. Then why are you here? (laughter) – After three years in retail I’m the world’s best fake laugher. (laughs) – I haven’t had a full
weekend off in four months. (laughs maniacally)


  1. im a courtesy clerk and if I choose another position im definitely not becoming a cashier !! I have so much h respect for all you cashiers😭

  2. The customer is trying to pull a fast one. You know the customer is, and the customer certainly knows. When it's obvious the customer isn't pulling one over you, the jerk demands to speak the manager. Even though the manager knows the customer is lying, the manager demands you do what the customer wants. You then get that smirk from the customer. That complacent "I got my way!" smirk. That, to me, was the most annoying.

  3. Been in retail a year, I have heard that free joke and I just tightly smile while hoping you leave faster

  4. had a customer call in yesterday from a toy store begging me to do a price match (my store doesn't price match) so i told him as much, wouldn't let me go till i asked a manager, surprise surprise we still don't price match.

    if the toy is cheaper where you are why are you calling me!?! just buy it there were a big company it's no skin off my back

  5. item wont ring up

    Customer: "It must be free!"

    Me: in a mocking voice "IT MUST BE FREE HUR HUR HUR! Grow up…."

    Customer: ":o"

  6. My favorite is when a customer says, “Oh THEY told me this,” or SHE told me that.” Who is she? I don’t know who you’re talking about. THEY probably didn’t tell you that anyway!

  7. Working in retail has made me cynical I actually love seeing the customer pissed off about something

  8. No, you cannot use the same coupon twice. I don't care if you have two items you want to use it on. It says "ONE regular priced item". Please don't make me do two separate transactions, you're not saving any money.

  9. Am I the only one who pretends that I'm being called through my headset when I want to get away from a customer?

  10. When you're checking a $100 bill to make sure it's not counterfeit and the customer jokes "I just printed it out!" –_

  11. I wish I could make the hair bun she has since it looks amazing and hopefully it would look good on me too

  12. I hate those Customers who stand a little too close to you. Like this is my personal space so im backing away but they just follow.

  13. "But this is cheaper at this store!"
    So go there then.

    "This place does this!"
    I don't care who does what anywhere else, just the one i am working at

  14. I hate it when customer say, oh remember to get the security tags off, remember I purchased a bag, when I'm trying to ring them up. This is when people pay cash and leave it on the counter. It's my store's policy that once a customer has the total amount on the counter I have to take it and ring it up. I haven't forgotten about your bag or the security tags. Just ringing you up takes priority. I also don't like it when customers just take the items off the counter without knowing there are security tags still on them. Seriously, let me do my job.

  15. you forgot the golden one, "Oh sure we close in two minutes, but please come in and take half an hour to choose something I totally dont have plans."

  16. I work for a clothing company and we have a rule that all hangers must be kept neatly spaced apart, my biggest pet peeve is what I call sweeping shoppers, when people sweep the hangers across to pick out one tee shirt, JUST TAKE IT OFF THE RAIL.

  17. My store doesn't do commision technically but we are forced to push the store card and are graded on how many we can get in a day. Has made it so that my morals go out the window everyday and I turn into a sociopath for eight hours.

  18. So I work at Burlington. Part time. No one bothers me, everyone leaves me alone I do my work. But there's this one chick she's a cashier, she always thinks I never do anything just because she never sees me. Little does she know I avoid her. That's pretty much my only problem. It's her. No matter how hard I avoid her. She ends up finding me. ;-; She won't leave me alone. If she becomes manager I'm quitting 😵

  19. Hate when I’m trying to get rid of my line with my light off and motherfuckers act like their the king and queen and enter my line anyway. Then get upset when I tell you what a turned off light already told you

  20. “No you can’t return an item without a receipt but let me go get my manager to tell you the same exact thing!” I LAUGHED SO HARDDDD!!!!

  21. Yes I see u stealing that but I’m not allowed to confront you directly 💯💯💯😂😂😂 yup have a nice day lol

  22. My respect goes out to these people. They have to deal with bad customers and the bosses can be a total pain in the neck. Actually watched some retail horror stories that explained how bad the bosses are.

  23. yooo guys I just made a video where I talked about retail struggles it would mean so much if you could check it out thanks PEACE

  24. yooo guys I just made a video where I talked about retail struggles it would mean so much if you could check it out thanks PEACE

  25. Pretty sure we've all had the customer that screams loud enough that the company throws money at them to shut them up… And it's not fair. Especially not to the nice customers that end up paying full price. So after 20 yrs in retail, I've established a secret revenge tactic. Be a jerk and you might get money back, but you'll also get your order time doubled, damaged product that we unfortunately have to reorder, and apologies for the nightmare you're enduring. Be pleasant and get a discount that only I know about, crazy fast delivery, perfect product, and a coupon for next time.

  26. “I haven’t had a full weekend off in fourth months” I’ve never related so much to a sentence in my whole life.

  27. The confrontation one is the main thing that hits me. Seeing people that stole from your store walk back in not able to do anything about it

  28. The porn thing has happened to me more times than I expected…it wasn't fun any of those times.
    Please remember to close windows on both phone and computer when fixing them or getting a coupon

  29. Thank you all for mustering up the strength to deal with us customers on a daily basis. I appreciate y'all.


  30. I have been in retail for 38 years and have gone through everything talked about and in recent years things have escalated. It's not like the good old days.

  31. I literally can't take back that used item without a receipt; and you don't know how you paid?; oh yes, it's from 8 months ago.
    Please, hold up the Christmas line while everyone else is waiting on you because we all know ( your the secret shopper who has never been outside before).
    UMMM 911!!!

  32. Taps foot impatiently……….gee, sales seem slow…….. how to make those bonus checks…… without hitting overtime.

    People fresh from colleges tend to jump into business without fully understanding the ground floor of business. Talking to customers about what they're looking for is a skill. Sales are easy if the product or service is in need. Wants vs needs in business sales is a fiscal venture that's difficult when within pyramid schemes. Steady, reliable income is generally better achieved when taking into consideration Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Especially in regards to medical supplies, such as tangible equipment.

    Worked too many sales jobs. Shrugs……..

  33. We should start adding in produce especially since there are so many numbers to memorize when ringing up produce. For example if I was ringing up bananas and I need to find the code I would be going through my register down my list trying to find the code so I can enter it in while the customer on the other side is saying oh those are bananas they're $0.25 a pound. Okay? I can't really do it like that I'm just trying to find the code so I can enter in that they are bananas I know what bananas are. I work here people by the same produce every day

  34. I currently work at Lids hat store. When I tell customers I'm going to check in the back for a certain size I get a couple good breaths in check my phone for the time to see how long I have before I clock out. Get a good amount of stretches in. Can't wait to leave this bogus job.

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