How to transition your business into a High Ticket Offer

How to transition your business into a High Ticket Offer

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Are you ready to transition your business model into a ultra high ticket offer? Do you have what it takes to do this? Well, we’re going to talk about this today. And I’m going to make sure to that you understand that it is possible for you, I’m pretty sure of it, okay? So, there are a few requirements to switch into an ultra high ticket business model. The number 1 thing that everybody is thinking about when we talk about this is having testimonials and having track records, okay? That’s the first 2 things and it’s obvious. But what’s very important is, yes, you need to make sure that you go through all the things that you did, like all your past experiences or your past clients and the results that you had with them, even when it was not about the same necessary product or at the same price or the same format, okay? If you add any type of extraordinary or very great results with your clients, then you have track record and you need to understand you don’t need 500 of them, you actually need probably 2 or 3 of them, depending on how you’re going to use it. If you put that on your website or whatever article, then maybe you need up to 5, but when you talk about it with a person, like face to face, you’re meeting somebody in a networking event, are you going to be this annoying person that is going to talk about 5 of your track records? No! To impress the person and to get the point across about how awesome the delivery of your offer is going to be, you need like 2, right? And you need just, you know, to put that somewhere during the conversation, don’t be annoying about it or don’t be too obvious about it, okay? So, I’m telling you that because most of the persons are going to say, well… I feel like I’m a fraud or I’m brand new or I don’t have that much things. Well, good news! You just need 2 track records, okay? If you don’t have them, then start helping people for free or for low price or whatever you have and have them experience the offer that you’re going to price very high after. And get the track records in exchange, okay? “Okay, I’m giving you like half of the price of my service, in exchange, I’ll make sure that I can talk about you and your success story”. And the same thing for the testimonial, okay? Obviously, testimonials, the more you have the better, but really when you watch a website, how many testimonial are you listening to or are watching to? Like probably 3 are enough to you, done, okay you get the point across. So, the more you have, the better. Your testimonial needs to talk about 3 subjects. They can talk about 3 subjects. The number 1 is somebody that don’t necessarily have used your offer or your product, but heard about you or are friends of you and they recommend you, okay? The more famous they are or known they are, the more credible for your niche they are, then the better. And if they just say “Okay, this guy is a great guy and I trust him fully” then that’s one testimonial okay? That’s one type of testimonial. That’s what we call a referral, basically. The second thing is when people actually was client of you and they talk about how great, the person you were or how professional you were, they’re basically talking about you and the human experience that they had with you. That’s one type of testimonial. The other type of testimonial: where a client is when they talk about the result that they had. Okay? You had a promise, that you deliver results for them, they talk about that and if they talk about the more is even better because in most of the time we’re talking about return on investments, so, “I paid that price and 6 months after I had that in my bank account”, that’s even better, that’s the best, right? So, these 3 types of testimonials that are what you need. But also you don’t need that much of them, okay? So be really sure of this. You got to start somewhere, right? The third thing that’s very important is your E-reputation, your branding if you will. When people are going to google you, what are they going to find? Is the thing they are going to find in alignment with the luxury branding or the topic you’re going to talk about or promise in your offer? You need to to make sure that your branding is alright when people are going to google it, have a try right now, try to google your name, or the name of your product and see what’s coming and if it doesn’t match what you want to portrait, then you need to you know what you need to work on as of today. That’s the third thing and you also need to be certain about what you’re going to deliver. When you are going to talk to somebody, your level of certainty is the most important thing, like ever. You need to be certain that your product or service is the best, is going to deliver the results that you say they’re going to deliver. That they’re going to make. And you need to be certain about yourself. Okay? You need to be certain that you can deliver, that you can help, that you are great and that you’re worth it and that it’s okay for people to pay you that amount because of what you’re going to do for them is so exceptional and so great of quality that there is no doubt about, okay? Your level of certainty is key. You need to work on this, get a coach if you need to, your mindset is very important and is going to be tested all the time. I assure you, when you meet somebody face to face or when people are watching you on a video, the only thing they’re going to peak is your level of certainty for what you’re proposing, basically, okay? So, you really need to work on this, it’s key. What else? There are many other things like they’re actually 8 pillars that I share with my clients to work on your business model and the requirements to put these in place, but really the most important are the ones I shared with you, make sure that when people google you, they’re perfect, make sure that your level of certainty is on the top and make sure that you have track records and testimonials. I’m going back to the track records because what’s really important for most of my clients when I share with them this, we have to go over their past and whatever they’ve done because they didn’t see it as something exceptional, right? For them, because they’re capable of doing it or because they’ve done it, it’s not great or it’s not exceptional, it’s not something big enough to put out there, and brag about it, but I’m sure maybe it’s the case for you too, it’s human, like we’re all doing this, we have all done exceptional things, but for us it’s normal, we have just done it, we’re just like “okay I’ve done it like 3 times or 5 times already, now it’s not a big deal” or because it is actually your superpower, you don’t even realize it is a superpower because for you it’s so easy, so natural, that you don’t even find it exceptional or big enough to talk about it, but I’m telling you, your track records, every exceptional thing that you did, you probably don’t think it’s exceptional. So, think about that. Do some introspection, do some meditation on it if you need to, but make sure that you have a list of track records that you can splash everywhere on google, on your website, whatever you’re going to use to brand whatever you’re doing, okay? So, yeah. And for the ones that kind of begin in entrepreneurship or beginner as a coach or something like this, you’re going to say “yeah, it’s just not for me, I’m just fine, I cannot sell my coaching program for $10.000 a month” for example, well, depends, is it? I mean, what is it that you want to do as an entrepreneur? Did you not started to have a change in your life? And make a difference so that you can transition into a lifestyle or whatever that means for you and if you continue to pay, make yourself paid like $50 a session, then how many clients do you need to actually make a difference in your life? So, like I said, if you have track records and if you have some clients ready to do some testimonials for you, then maybe you’re ready to transition, maybe you don’t need to wait that much. But like I said in another video when I explained exactly what is the ultra high ticket business model, make sure that the subject you’re talking about and the avatar you’re talking to are the correct ones for that kind of price. Not everybody can pay $10.000 a month for a service. If they don’t have the money, then you’re not talking to the right person or if you are if you are talking about somebody that is already a multimillionaire but your price is so low, then they won’t believe you, they won’t even notice that… you’re not credible, basically, okay? So, you need to make sure that you adjust and make sure that if you want to make a lot of money, then you need to go where there is a lot of money, so first you need to help the people that have a lot of money, whith a great quality, return on investments type of service or product. Then, after when you’re rich, you can help the others, you can help the ones you truly want to help but, for that, you need money. You need money, otherwise, your company is going to stop because when you won´t try to serve the person that doesn’t have that much money then they’re not willing to invest that much when they pay then that remove a big portion of what they have, so it’s very hard for them to pay and therefore they’re asking for free content all the time and free content has no value, like if you by default all the humans are the same, if it’s free and somebody give that to me, then there is no value in it, I’m not going to consider it that much, okay? So that’s why the reverse is true, if you are… if you have the choice between let’s say a doctor that that costs I don’t know $60 the session and a doctor that is $600 which one by default you think is the best? Or is better? Or is going to help you more? Of course, by default is the one that is asking for $600 but is it true? Well, I don’t know if it really matters, what matters is the the effect that that has, the projection that… the image that you project with just raise the price, okay? So if you want to be considered by avatars that have a lot of money, you need to match the level that they expect and want, okay? So, if you have any questions or any doubt about can I transition to this business model? Ask me in the comments of this video and talk to me very briefly about your business model, what you’re selling right now and we’re going to answer all the questions and if you… if you want to go deeper in one of the areas that I touched here in this video, let me know and I’ll do a longer video just about this, okay? Maybe, why not? A webinar or whatever. But participate, let me know what you think about it, if you’re a hater just hate, if you like, but at least we need to make sure that I get your feedback and your questions because one thing that is absolutely important that I may share in another video is that, the more interactive the experience your client is going to have, the more value they get, and the more expensive can be your offer, also. So, I really want this to be interactive, so make sure that you comment on this video and I’ll see you in the next one.


  1. Hi Jerome ! Hope your are going well !

    I would like to ask you, do marketing strategies are useable for High ticket businesses ? I mean, if webinars or videos on social medias are not devaluating the perceived value of your business (from your prospect's point of view) ? Because every coaching businesses use that type of strategies so if you use it too, you seem to be like them…

    Thank you !


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