How to Install Drop In Concrete Masonry Anchors | Fasteners 101

How to Install Drop In Concrete Masonry Anchors | Fasteners 101

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A masonry drop in anchor. This is mostly used in poured concrete. These are commonly installed for high strength applications. You use a bolt to actually drive into the threaded drop in. This tool is a set tool to set the drop in anchor. Once you have the drop in anchor in the hole, you put in this tool, you hit it with a hammer, and it sets it in position. Then you can drive in your bolt or whatever you’re fastening to the concrete. Basically, a drop in anchor is made up of a smooth surface, that you can see here, with a knurled portion down here with these slits in the steel to allow the lower part of the anchor to expand. Inside there is a pin that we’ll be driving in after we drop it into the hole. We will set it with this set tool. This tool goes in and we’ll strike the top of this and after we strike it you won’t pull this out anymore. This will be fixed in the concrete. Once you put these in, there’s no taking them out. You’re going to need a drop in anchor, the hole to be drilled, which we pre-drilled already, and you’re going to need a hammer. So I’m going to drop the anchor in, like so. I’m going to take the tool- Before that, I can put the screw in this and I can pull it out. That’s the nice thing about drop in anchors. You can just drop them in. Also make sure your hole is clean of any debris. All right, I’m going to take this screw out. I’m gonna take the set tool, put it inside the anchor, and now I’m going to strike it. Then you’ll get a solid sound all of a sudden which basically just set the anchor in place. So if you took a screw and put it in there, you can no longer pull this out anymore. So whatever you’re fastening to the concrete… …with a drop-in anchor-could be this piece of wood. This is just for demonstration. All right, now for the screwdriver. Fastened.

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  1. Hi we use the heavy ones for installing ballards, protectors into the concrete near the gas and our 3 phase electric drops and meters now we are doing some security screens that are dependent on the concrete to hold the man bases in place. They work great not that first time or so but you figure out the real drilling and such as you go, they really work.
    Lance & Patrick.

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