How To Improve Your Sales Process And Increase Business

How To Improve Your Sales Process And Increase Business

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  1. If there was a magic genie who could
    make ONE problem disappear in your
    life, what would it be?

    Comment below, and I might make a
    video to help you make that problem

  2. There is a magic genie – that is YOU Sifu! Thank you for being the inspiration for millions and sharing your wisdom and endless love with all your students. In 10 minutes you showed all of us the roadmap to success. Outstanding……..

  3. and there's more: people want to know more about your service or product in the first content that they see on ads, so be careful what content you're using on your ad 😀

  4. Hi Dan,
    Love you videos. I have a question for my business, Need you "personal email" and i just want to ask a single question not more than that.

  5. Hi Dan, maybe this is BS topic but how do you handle your own insecurities (physical and mental) I found myself taking the fastest way out when I feel exposed

  6. As usual, another great and informational videos. you're definitely the king of High Ticket Sales, you're definitely the best on YouTtube when it comes to sales advice. thank you for all your efforts.

  7. The 5 Steps to improve your sales process and increase business:

    1. Prospecting/ Lead Generation (e.g. Cold Calling, Content Marketing, Ads; …) [From the Buyers Perspective: Awareness]
    2. Qualifying the Leads (Needs, Time, Money, Decision Maker) [Engagement]
    3. Demonstrating Value (e.g. Webinar, Live-Event, …) [Interest]
    4. Negotiate and Close (Terms, Payment, Financing,…) [Commitment]
    5. Delivery and Fulfillment [Experience]

    Thanks, Sifu!

  8. @danlok I watched this like 6 times, this is very important in every business, follow ups are key to ensure satisfaction, customers mostly buy with emotions. Very informative SIFU

  9. Dan, you should have used the traditional BANT abbrevation which is the same thing as you just presented with other words.


  10. Yes I too am amazed not just at the clarity but how much GOOD, FREE and practical sales stratagems the Sifu Dan Lok continually comes up with. Man, I don't know HOW he does it! But I'm glad he does it!!

  11. Thank you Sifu.
    That is extremely powerful and transparent insight.
    Really shines some light on what a holistic understanding and approach done correctly looks like!

  12. I have been watching this video several times and until now I really get the point of it. Thank you Sifu👍

  13. Dan, they way you co-related both sides of the coin (seller & buyer) through each process is simply amazing. We have been taught ti think in silos, and now this gives the complete picture. Great job!

  14. I love the breakdown Sifu! As a season 9 HTC student, I finally understood that as a High Ticket Closer, we focus on perfecting Step 4 with knowledge surrounding the other steps provided by our influencer.

  15. If the magical genie would be so kind as to help me to believe, what I know to be true of myself… we have a winner right here.

  16. 2:02 The real importance here is to wake up their emotions. Snap them into who you are, then they want everything you have. This is the same technique I use to get the ladies….OMG 8:05

  17. So clearly explained. Got to step up my Delivery and Fulfillment game. Where were you 10 years ago Sifu??? 🙂

  18. So it would be some like this:
    1) Attraction
    2) Connection
    3) Arousal
    4) Commitment
    5) Experience

    …that could be applied for dating too lol

  19. Sales Process:
    1. Prospecting, lead generation
    2. Qualifying the leads: needs, time, money, and decision-maker
    3. Demonstrating value
    4. Negotiate and close
    5. Delivery and fulfillment

    Buyer's journey:
    1. Awareness
    2. Engagement
    3. Interest
    4. Commitment
    5. Experience

  20. I dont know how to thank you for all your teachings- I am so grateful…Your teachings are giving me the tools to get closer to my dreams…thank you sir

  21. 👏 I'm interested to know how did you program your mind to sell, you set your mind for close, as I watched your videos your mind could relate any things to close.i think when you see or study something it's enter to your mind sell programs system, any science any questions… How did you it???

  22. hi Sifu Dan
    This video is fantastique your are brillant
    thank for doing all those video
    isabelle caron your Mentee season 13

  23. Hey Dan, so i work in retail as a sales associate, my fellow sales associate who was selling the lady a pair of shoes, which her husband kept insisting that it looked great on her repeatedly but ended up with the lady saying no. we were left confused because the lady received what she asked for.

  24. Iam in the process of starting a business project of my own but there is a neighbour of mine who started the similar project and he is very far. Now he is asking me to work for him and be his team leader. Iam still struggling and making reseacrh on my own .This business on its own is very promising. What should i do Dan

  25. Dan lock make a video on selling something to the person full video without making any fault i am from Pakistan and i am the biggest fan of u i love u

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