How to Get a Job : How to Correctly Answer Restaurant Interview Questions

How to Get a Job : How to Correctly Answer Restaurant Interview Questions

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Hi, my name is Pat Goodwin with
And today we’re going to talk about how to conduct and how to correctly answer restaurant
interview questions. So if you are interviewing for a job in a restaurant these types of questions
are going to be uniquely developed for restaurant work. So if you’ve had restaurant experience
before that’s going to help you. But there are some basic things that everyone should
know, whether it be a restaurant interview or interview with another company. You would
want to dress professionally. You would want to demonstrate good posture. You want to make
sure that you go in with clean nails and clean haircut and the you are carrying your resume,
that you have a very firm handshake, that you have good eye contact. So as they sit
you down and often times a restaurant interview is in the restaurant. So then you would be
across the booth or maybe in a side office with the restaurant manager. So the types
of interview questions that you would be asked is, tell me about your restaurant experience.
If you have a resume then you want to be reflective of the type of restaurant experience that
you’ve had. Always be as professional about the restaurant experience that you’ve had.
Never ever speak poorly of a restaurant that you’ve worked in before. Talk about your strengths
and your attributes and your qualifications. If there is a specific type of restaurant
experience that you’ve had you might want to speak to that. If you really enjoy working
with the customers, then you want to have an example, not just say, I enjoy working
with customers. But, I really enjoy interacting with the customers and making them feel like
they’ve had an excellent experience when they come in to our restaurant. As you begin to
sell yourself in this interview with the restaurant questions, they’re going to talk to you about
things, about being dependable and on time and being a team player. Because when you’re
in a restaurant and if you’re a restaurant worker, it’s so much interaction and there’s
a lot of, when it’s at the peak of the time of the day, then there’s people walking around
with trays and there are people that are greeting and seating people and there’s people that
are cleaning tables. And you want to demonstrate that you are professional to every single
person that works in that restaurant, from the people who seat people to the people who
clean the tables to the people that do the preparation of food. And so always be professional.
If you enjoy restaurant work and this is a field that you want to continue in, then there
is always opportunity to move in to management and they’re looking for those people with
that same leadership skill. If it’s a part time job and you’re looking for work to put
yourself through school, again the positive attitude, the customer focus skills, the fact
that you want them to have an excellent experience coming in to your restaurant or that restaurant,
is something that you want to convey. And so be focused on the questions that they ask,
be honest and be, show a positive attitude with lots of energy and that may help you
to answer some restaurant questions.


  1. Im sorry we need to be formal in interview questions? But people are not robots and most people who are themselves with respect and hometraining. Get the stick out of your ass its 2013 reality is If qualified or open for training, not playing on your phone obsessively, not too young and dumb but responsible, accountable

  2. very accurate information about getting a job in a real restaurant, i'm not sure why people are commenting negatively about this.

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