How To Get A Job – 6 Unconventional Steps To Finding A Job | And One Little Secret

How To Get A Job – 6 Unconventional Steps To Finding A Job | And One Little Secret

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Hey everyone my name is John Marty welcome to uncommon by design i want to teach you is six step un-common approach to landing a great job this approach can be used by anyone from college students to people that are currently unemployed or maybe someone that wants to to make a career transition so I know what it feels like to be searching for a job and not getting any traction a couple years ago after my wife and i found out we were having a baby i wanted to jump out of being an entrepreneur and going into corporate America just to have more predictability and stability in my life less stress and i know this is definitely the opposite direction that a lot of people tend to go but that process for me was really demoralizing and so much harder than I ever thought it could be when i was over halfway through with my MBA i applied to over a hundred jobs and for at least 50 them i’d written these really thoughtful cover letters and i found out the names of the hiring manager and I you I dressed the the colors directly to them I then went on in front of them on linkedin and I also spent a bunch of my time going to all these networking events and for me I actually really like going to networking events I’ve you know by by nature I’m a pretty social guy and so you know how many calls I got…ZERO calls so going to the process I felt really confident initially that my chances learning a great job we’re really high you know I had found a company that great a multi-million dollar sales i was about to graduate with an MBA and so I thought that this should be really easy but it definitely was not the case and was way harder than I thought so i started doing the math and I thought why did i get 0 calls it what is going on and I started looking at some of the stats and I realized that it didn’t really matter how good my background was because according to every corporate job opening attracts an average of about 250 resumes but only about four to six people will even get a call or for an interview so and that’s less than half of one percent of people that are getting a call so that some companies might be a little lower in the amount of applicants there was a article in forbes said it was more like about a hundred applicants per job but even a hundred resumes is a pretty staggering number so i thought that they’re there has to be a better way to get noticed and go around all of this competition you know all these people go through the same funnel just like I did they find a job online and they think oh my gosh i’m perfect i’m perfect fit for this job and then you apply and you wait and you wait and you wait some more and you never hear anything but what most people don’t know is that between seventy and eighty percent of jobs are not posted online at all seventy to eighty percent are not posted online and it took me about six to eight months of refining a process that specifically targeted the seventy eighty percent of jobs that had little competition I knew that if I could just get a initial conversation going with people and get around that competition i would be a heck of a lot more successful so the process i came up with yielded flood of opportunities and offers and that’s what i want to share with you in this video the first thing I want you to do is I want you to make a list of companies that you want to work at and identify the roles that you’re interested in at these companies the second thing is I want you to go on linkedin and I want you to search for people that are in these companies that have the title that you’re interested in the title that the title that you want i want you to look at their backgrounds you can search for something in LinkedIn like facebook marketing manager for example and I don’t I don’t just want you to search for one person i want you to find a few people and see what their collective backgrounds are and then compare them to your background if you want to be a software engineer at Google for example and everyone that you found has a title with that title went to Stanford and you have community college and you’re on your resume and nobody you know works for that company it’s it’s going to be almost next to impossible to to get an interview there so I want to be realistic with a list that that you ultimately generate okay number three now that you have a realistic list of people that seem really interesting i want to determine which of those people have some similarities you can identify and then add those people to the top of your list this is going to take a little research on your part you can see if they’re on facebook and if they are find out what they’re interested in do they have a blog maybe they have an Instagram page and all these things are going to help you get a a better picture of who these people are and and what they’re interested in ok number four send these targeted people messages through linkedin email or or both of you prefer and ultimately this message is not about you or your job search it’s all about them if this person is local your goal is going to be to meet them for coffee if the person is out of state your goal is to get them on the phone with you so here’s the template i use and i’m going to include it in the description below you say something like hi XYZ my name is John on three months away from completing my MBA at CU Denver and then this is where you insert either option number one or option number two option number one is if this person is out of state you’d say i’d love to hear your story and understand what you do over the phone and then option number two if this person is local you’d say i’d love to hear your story and understand what you do for coffee my treat you go on to say that I’m sure you’re very busy but if you had sometime within the next week or so to chat about the culture the work-life balance etc would be greatly appreciated as i try to narrow down the possible roles that align with my interest in the near future I promise to only take 30 minutes of your time and then you can say i look forward to speaking with you regards and then your name so if your student this is probably the single easiest thing in the world because people love helping students if you’re not a student that’s okay you can move remove the first line about being a student and at the end you can say something like it would be greatly appreciated as i try to narrow down some of the options that I’ve been considering for my for my own career transition number five when you meet make conversation all about the other person if you have common interests kick off the conversation about those interests and try to make a connection right off the bat find out everything about their story and what they do and what makes them tick this process is definitely gonna feel a little awkward at first as it did for me but if if you’re genuine I promise you it always goes well alright number six this is definitely the bread-and-butter i call this part the switch eventually during the conversation the other person is going to ultimately be interested in knowing more about you and as you describe your story and your background I want you to keep it casual and really talk about your strengths this is not a time to express that you saw job in their jobs board and that you want to apply or it’s not a time to ask for any kind of favors this person is naturally going to be thinking of this in their own mind because it’s in people’s nature to generally are genuinely want to help and here’s a little secret that I alluded to in the title video many people working for midsize to large organizations to get a pretty good-sized referral bonus for helping find top talent it’s to their benefit to identify to identify you as a potential fit in their organization and if they refer you into the to a role they often get a bonus that can be as small as 500 bucks but could be up to ten thousand dollars or more depending on the type of role that you’re looking for so this person sitting across the table from you in a chance encounter might very well be banking on making some money on you so there’s a couple things that can happen after this meeting or during this meeting if you really made a genuine connection to the other person this other person could tell you about an upcoming opening or something that’s maybe only been posted internally the second thing is that they could think that you’re way stronger than the other guy in that role the other guy or gal in that role and they could hire you instead and fire the other person the next thing that can happen is they can create a position for you because you are way stronger and they can use your strength the next thing that can happen as they could connect you with someone else in another organization that might be looking for someone just like you maybe maybe nothing happens and that’s totally fine too if nothing happens you can simply close with something like thanks so much for meeting i really enjoyed getting to know you getting to know your story and your and your perspective really helped me a lot you can say something casual like keep me in mind if there’s any future roles that come up with your new organization your company seems really awesome and just leave the conversation at that because ultimately you never know when you might be able to lean on this person and this person down the road the point of all this is that you’re going to create way more traction by meeting with individuals then you ever would by simply just submitting your resume to the top of a pile of over 200 people you really never know where these meetups will go but what’s the worst that can happen really nothing you ultimately have a connection that might just tell you about an amazing role that you never thought about that isn’t listed anywhere with no competition and that is the best case scenario so i hope you enjoyed this video if you’re looking for a job know anyone looking for a job pass the video along i hope it will help them and if you liked the video hit that like button below and subscribe I got a lot more great videos coming and thanks so much for watching


  1. I would not have known any of this before watching you go through it the past few years. I am very proud of you, John. You are creative, innovative, and hard working and your perseverance and hard work have gotten you where you are today and will continue to take you further.

  2. Step 1 identify companies /roles

    Step 2 search their LinkedIn accounts,

    Step 3 identity similarities

    Step 4 send message(get to know them)

    Step 5 make conversation about them(learn about them)

    Step 6 'The switch'

  3. I think the one thing I really got from this is when you talked about working at Google and everyone went to Standford and you didn't. I had always felt like a loner at the company I worked for in the past 24 years. I really would like to find a company with people who I can identify with. I was not in that environment. Thanks for the tip. Great information.

  4. It is a good video. I feel in the same situation that you mentioned. Thanks for your words. Hey man, I have received a couple of phone calls and I have been in some phone interviews. How is the best way to follow up? especially when the company said that they are thinking of making desitions?

  5. 9 out 10 people say staffing work made them MORE EMPLOYABLE. Want a smooth hiring process that helps you GET THE JOB? Call Lorelei Staffing at 732-390-1170 to land an awesome job smoothly.

  6. Hi John, How to cover up a long maternity leave gap in a resume? Also how to apply for a job where you lack experience in? Thanks a lot and good luck!

  7. It seems simple like make friend, but sometimes it's hard to control our anxious to get a job. Tks for the video again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. You are really awesome sir.
    To be frank not even one professors haven't said these all things.
    But still afraid of strangers to speak

  9. Hello, I am an older person in the 40s. My age is definitely against me as the psychology of helping a person usually is better when they are fresh out of school or young. I am starting from the bottom as I spent a good portion in the military which my profession has zero translation into the civilian sector. I'm further hindered that I work as a designer and only have worked in a professional capacity less than 2 years. Should I modify your tatics somewhat because chances are the individuals I'm trying to develop a connection will probably younger than I and their though will probably be "why isn't this person ahead in his career field?" Any advice would be appreciated.

  10. THANK YOU FOR THIS! Its been so helpful. One question, after you've made the switch and not begged for a job, are you waiting for them to let you know of an opportunity, or do you send a follow-up email asking about potential roles in the business? Just a little bit more info about what comes after the switch.


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