How To Be Organized This School Year! | Organization For School! | Ellen Kelley

How To Be Organized This School Year! | Organization For School! | Ellen Kelley

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You don’t have to be that kid this school year! Hey Guys! What is up? It’s Ellen and welcome or welcome back to my channel. So today I’m gonna be doing organization for school / how to be organized this school year. Because if you’re watching this video, the you’re probably not organized just like I am. So hopefully these tips will help both of us out! If you guys happen to enjoy this video then make sure to give that huge thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below! to join our family if you haven’t already
and I just want to keep this intro super-duper short so let’s go ahead and
get started! so the first tip that I have So the first tip that I have for you guys is to wake up early. And
hang on a second, don’t quit this video! I’m not telling you to wake up early I’m
actually telling you how to wake up early so the first thing you want to do
is just go ahead and download a smart alarm app. my favorite one is called “alar
my” I think if I pronounced that right but basically these are smart alarms and
you can’t use them or turn them off you actually have to do some type of action
to you that for example have to solve math equations or you have to take a
picture of a certain area and that way you can make sure that you get up to
take the picture so the next thing is to plan out
breakfast ideas for a week or for the next day if you want to I didn’t really
know how to fill be seen but basically you want to plan out what you’re eating
on Monday for example it may be a hamburger and then on Tuesday you’re
eating yogurt and that way you know what to every single morning and you don’t
end up grabbing the banana every single day the next step is to pack before and
I know you guys to practice at least a million times but you’re probably still
not doing it so I’m going to remind you once again but basically I want to take
the second to tell how proud I am of myself because in eight years of going
to school I packed my backpack of the net before every single day so I’m super
duper proud but this really helps you out because you can just grab it and
you’re good to go the next tip is cleaning your desk so that you own and
drop like a bed we-we’d is nothing holding me back so if
your desk cooks somehow like this then you definitely should clean it so what
you want to do is just start putting everything in its place
why am i explaining this but basically it only takes only two or three minutes
and it’s not that hard to do and after that when you’re in the clean area you
can actually concentrate and start studying she really doesn’t like the way
the next tip I have you guys is to plan out your outfit for the next day or for
the week and you may have heard just it before but there’s as little a fact I
like to do or the way I plan out to my also son Jess so what I like to do is I
like to pick some outfit that I like and then I just lay them down on my bed or I
will just put them on and then I’ll just take pictures of the outfit so in the
morning I can go on my phone to some outfits put them on and I’m good to go
you know the next tip is to have an emergency kit and this thing will save
your life at school basically I like to keep everything in this dark blue couch
I guess you can call it and this is how it looks like I’ll have some bad day
some charging called a gum a piece of gum some of you some of you a snakes
hair elastics and more elastics because I always lose them from with bulb and
some other stuff and if you guys are interested where else I have in there I
have a whole video on that that will be linked up in the I so go watch it if
you’re interested so the next piece might sound a little
bit weird but it is to have two school supplies because whenever there are two
school supplies around me I get really excited to use them so I get motivated
to study in that way I keep my desk clean so everything looks cute and I
study way way better because I’m excited about it so as you replace all of my
boring stationery with some cute ones and add some things I’m obsessed with
like washi tape and overall like everything to be more colorful so I like
pop up colors and then I’ll just start studying anyway right effectively so
that wasn’t for my organisation for school flash how to be more organized in
school year video I really hope that you guys enjoyed it and if you did don’t
forget to hit the like button to let me know and don’t forget to join our family
brows already just click the subscribe button down below and I’ll see you guys
in my next video bye


  1. I really like "Breakfast Ideas" because is really hard to know what to eat for breakfast. with this list it will be more easy to make breakfast. Thank you so much

  2. Nice ideas 💜 love them 😍 they are awesome…. And can I ask you something. … Can you tell me how many subscribers do you have because I can't see them

  3. I’ve been subscribed for a
    while now and I can see how ur YouTube channel is growing 😘😘I love u so
    I much and keep up the great work ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. I think that your favourite color is pink, blue and yellow because in your videos most colors I see is pink, blue and yellow and the washi tape you showed in this video is also pink, blue and yellow.

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