Hiring 2,500 Work At Home Employees! | Apply Now

Hiring 2,500 Work At Home Employees! | Apply Now

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it is winter it is cold and it is not
cuffing season it is work-from-home season because nobody wants to drive in
this ish if you live in Florida or California I don’t know how that feels
but today we’re getting into a huge company that are hiring thousands of
employees to work from home this holiday season and all you need is a laptop
let’s go oh my god above all my face hey how’s it going if you are new here
my name is Kat Theo and on my channel you will find ways that I try to help
you in the community to better your life financially with side hustles part-time
jobs full-time jobs and work remote jobs which are my favorite so this video is
going to be completely off-the-cuff found this out today I’m gonna film it
today and upload it today even though it’s not Monday or Thursday but that’s
alright there is money to be made so I’m trying to help you out if you appreciate
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random videos that I come out with so the company I’m talking about is William
Sonoma they are hiring that thousands of employees 2500 this holiday season to be
exact and it’s starting in November so today since it’s the 30th you have two
days to be looking out for this cuz they’re gonna start hiring in November
for the holiday season until probably the end of January so you have the
season of everyone’s going around back ish crazy with their heads cut off for
Black Friday and getting things for Christmas and then also New Year’s so
with that being said for the holiday season when people are returning things
and having questions getting things swapped out they need these virtual
employees to help streamline all of this so systems do not crash and people have
to wait a long time and people are just going crazy I’m sure you’ve been in the
US for the holiday season it is insane so this is a customer service position
so a little bit about the company williams-sonoma they are the parent
company of Pottery Barn party barn kids pbteen West Elm William Sonoma mark and
Graham and rejuvenation these department stores are located throughout the United
States Puerto Rico Canada United Kingdom and Australia and they’re one of the
largest e-commerce in the United States so like I said before this is a customer
service position you will have three weeks of paid training that you can do
in the comfort of your own home you will need to be able to commit 40 to 50 hours
a week in one of those days a week are typically during
the day on a weekend days so probably Saturday morning to qualify all you need
is a high school diploma or a GED so most people are going to be able to at
least apply for this you also need a computer a headset high-speed Internet
and they prefer you have one to two years of experience and customer service
and call center experience is preferred these positions are a hundred percent
remote however they would prefer if you lived at least within the state that you
are applying for the states that I’ve seen on the website as of today are
Texas California Oklahoma Arizona Ohio Georgia Utah Alabama North Carolina
Florida and Nevada a lot of people on my channel I know will have an opportunity
because they live within these state I think this position will be great for
stay at home or stay at home dads because you’re already home and you want
to just make some money for yourself this holiday season this is seasonal and
temporary so this is gonna be a job going from November until January to be
able to qualify you do need to be able to attend at the entire three weeks with
a hundred percent attendance and the pay the pace I know that’s the most
important thing to everybody it’s $12 an hour to work from your home what you’ll
be doing is addressing customers questions and concerns mostly regarding
the products and delivery information to mostly be providing product information
to the customer as well as providing solutions if a product is out of stock
or delayed you will also be checking inventory processing returns issuing
issue replacements and you’ll also be issuing credits for damaged and
defective merchandise you will also need to complete an assessment that they will
be sending to you from indeed comm so I saw this job on flexi jobs.com which is
a website that only has remote jobs and you have to pay membership I will link
that in the description or you can also go directly to the website I also will
link that in the description you can also find different positions on by this
website on Indy comm will also be linked in the description they’re not affiliate
links you can just google it if you don’t want to click it below like I
mentioned before you do need to be able to commit 40 to 50 hours a week until at
least end of the year when all the madness is over but this position will
probably be until end of January as people are exchanging
things switching things and really just getting everything back to normal one of
the biggest benefits I saw as working as a seasonal employee
with them if you get a discount of any of the department stores under their
umbrella of stores so like I said before Pottery Barn party Barn Kids pbteen at
West Elm at William Sonoma marking gram and rejuvenation you can get forty
percent discounts in the holiday season if you are shopping for yourself or your
family this is supposed to be starting hiring in November please do not delay
in applying if you are trying to get a working home position right now for the
temporary season this is a great opportunity and they’re hiring thousands
of people so you have a higher chance of actually getting hired if you live in
any of these states well that’s all I have for you today like comment and
subscribe if you enjoy videos like this that are last minute but pretty useful
and I will see you next week have a wonderful holiday season bye


  1. I am so happy I found this today for yall! Have you ever worked a seasonal job before.. FROM HOME? This could be a great opportunity!

  2. Just recently found your channel. Thank you for providing all this information from working at home I've been trying to find work from home jobs. Thanks to you I can!

  3. Hi Kat I see all of these Tees with T Spring how do you do your marketing do you use FB Ads or some other venue? I have some Tees so just curious and is it going well on this platform?

  4. Great opportunity…great pay…even better company discount, lol – but their training is very intense (i.e. a lot of information to learn in a short period of time.) Although the instructors will say it's not necessary to memorize or copy/save the material in each module during training, you can't move on to the next module until you pass the one you're on (which is based on the info you just went over). I, sadly, ended up dropping out toward the end when I realized how far behind I was. : (

  5. I was so excited on this one but it seems they are specific to a State. I live closer to Huntsville, AL but don’t see the State Tennessee for me :/

  6. New subscriber here! Ty for the work from home tips you give. You're gorgeous and a beautiful soul! I'll be sure to pass along this info to people in need. 😊

  7. Sharing your video to one of the mom groups I'm in.. They're always asking for work-from-home opportunities. Great info it's much appreciated. if you ever get the chance you should stop by our family YouTube channel and check it out we are The butterscotch family

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