1. I used to live in Cheyenne,WY, not far from there. Such a pretty little town. Right off I-80. This is terrible. No wonder Sasse is silent over this. He sold out this town and Nebraska for political gain. He is a closet democrat. Nasty piece of work.

  2. Dems. Are. Killers assassins for deep state figures such as. Royalty the pope other royals. In. Holland.
    Hollywood and co

  3. This is the perfect example of what the press should be doing for the welfare of the American people. Blowing the whistle, sending up smoke signals, alerting authorities of possible corruption. Are you listening "fake media"?

  4. Dr. E. Michael Jones, Catholic scholar and writer, commented in another video that Singer and two others are the puppet masters behind our foreign policy decisions especially regarding billions of dollars given to Israel. Check out Culture Wars both on YouTube and on the net. Dr. Jones is brilliant in seeing through the fog and mist of what really is happening.

  5. Vulture Capitalists..This is what Steyer and Romney do for their wealth…They tell you how good it is for you while their Screwing you ,same as they do with China.Trump tried to rid us of their Special Tax Break,which is why Steyer and Romney most publically Hate him….

  6. Tucker you forgot Raiding the PensionFunds and dumping the obligation on the Taxpayers…at 60 cents on the dollar if the pensioners are lucky…They are as EVIL as a human can possible be..

  7. Funny thing is that this is the exact type of story you'd expect the left wing media to be all about: The evil rich capitalist abusing the system and screwing the working class prole.
    Yet they now are more likely to be defending this then condemning it, while the left politicians talk up a big game of helping the "little guy" and making the rich pay their share, all the while we're expected to ignore that billionaires donated to the dems 20 to 1 in the last election

  8. Until the American public institutes Federal term limits things like this will continue. Politicians care nothing about the American people! All they care about is getting re-elected and maintaining power… Over the American people! Wake up America! We are America! These career politicians care only for themselves!

  9. Paul Singer is one of the reasons the middle class is disappearing. It's also why they feel so betrayed by Republicans. Those PE groups are pure evil.

  10. Thank you @TuckerCarlson for that excellent report and making Americans aware of the pure evil that is destroying America from within. Sasse was a never Trumper….hmmm…seems the Swamp has swallowed up another minion.

  11. This is a great example of what greed, power, and money
    Can do to a civilization!!
    The people have more power then they realize!!
    The people can force change for the good, the just need to wake up!!

  12. One of my favorite reports this year. This is why tucker is above all. Hope singer gets chewed up, including that jackass senator from Nebraska

  13. That was interesting because we have a Bass Pro in the city I live in and had a Cabela's about 15 miles away in another city. I assumed Cabela's was still there. have to check it out. I just thought cabela's changed their name and they were still in business. Years ago there was another person that bought companies, used them for a tax right off an sold everything.


  15. My God, our ancestors must be rolling in the their graves. All that bloodshed from the American Revolutionary war to escape the tyranny of Britain, only to end up slaves to our own.

  16. Ok, so everybody says Tucker Carlson is a “partisan hack”. I ask you: was that piece the ranting of a partisan hack, or was it what journalism is supposed to look like? My vote is the latter.

  17. Mr. Singer didn't go on his devastating way alone. Thank you for pointing out the corruption/collusion in the "Republican" branch of the Washington swamp and among Singer's enablers in the business world. (Correction begins at "home."). If the Republicans have the will and common sense to do so, they should make "giving back – not at taxpayers' expense" and strengthening ALL American communities a major point of legislation in Congress and in the 2020 campaign. Also: Perhaps President Trump could invite Mr. Singer to pull a "Scrooge" and try applying some of that profit to caring for his neighbors who worked so hard for decades to build up what his ruthless tactics tore down in a week. Looking forward to future reports on this matter.

  18. The laws should be changed in order to turn vultures that feed off the misery of their fellow countrymen into prey

  19. This piece of sh*t Singer needs to be destroyed. This kind of asset stripping human (debatable) jackal should have no safe place in the USA. And this is great example of the reason "Tucker Carlson Tonight" is the only show on television that I will still watch.

  20. The other part of this is allot of the companies are seeing it’s cheaper and less costly to switch brick and mortar stores to internet sales. This is why some of the more prominent stores are struggling and closing now . Stores like jc penny’s , Sears, Kmart, and Toys are us. These stores don’t have a well based internet business side to there businesses or have tried to jump on the internet side of things too late to to do, their companies any good. This is why WalMart has started to do an order from home and just swing by the store and pickup services as well as they have managed to do a good business on the online shipping side of their. I applaud Walmart’s efforts of trying to keep their foot solidly in both plains of business I wish more countries would do this , but I do get some companies don’t have the funds to restructure their entire company and how the internet sales have snuck up on them

  21. THIS IS REAL JOURNALISM Tucker you've earned my respect more than I already had for you. Now it's time for me to share this story as much as I can.

  22. I pray that some big company's board, looking to move or set up shop somewhere, see this piece and choose Sydney. Nebraska. 🙏

  23. Good report Tucker, but, this is NOT about CAPITALISM; rather, it is about CRONY PROFITEERING and the JUDAS politicians who support them. Wake up Tucker and STOP playing their BIG LIE anti-capitalism, anti-USA propaganda game.

  24. Instead of "Russian, Russia, Russia, and impeachment!!!!" this is what Americans need to know about. This should be a crime. ANYONE involved in this, dem or rep should be removed from office if they're involved…smh.

  25. If these lazy Democrats weren't so hell-bent on impeaching somebody for no reason other than their butt hurt; we could pass laws against this kind of dealing like Europe did ! but once again Democrats care more about Hillary Clinton losing an election than American citizens losing their jobs !

  26. it's got nothing to do with fishing tackle,camping gear, it's probably about the guns and ammunition that sold out of the stores…control!!!

  27. Paul Singer and Kenneth Dart created "vulture funds" which do the following: "The strategy of vulture funds is to buy government debts at sharply reduced prices when weak governments are in crisis, and eventually force these governments to pay the full amount of the debt." Kenneth Dart renounced his US citizen ship to avoid all taxation, became a citizen of Belize, and moved his billions to the Cayman Islands. He and Singer are acquainted and are considered ardent "anti-philanthropists".

  28. The deepstate isn’t Intelligence agency’s its players like Singer who control the Intelligence agency’s. Shadow Government, unelected Bureaucrats consisting of both Democrats and Republicans! The Fake Two party system is a farce to fool Americans to fight each other and let guys like this maneuver with impunity! Conservatives haven’t Conserved squat!

  29. And everyone is blaming trump for all this decay hes only been in office two and have years. The problem is the democrats and their failed policies they're selling out America and lining their pockets with money

  30. Thank you Tucker, I pray this man will I understand Thanksgiving. Give Thanks for your blessings by giving back. Help this town that you swindled. You can help America by going back and replace these companies. Bass Pro Shop please make American made products in America and help us. Please can we please make products here and provide jobs for our people? Please don't you want the future generations to have work?

  31. That is caused by America no longer being a Constitutional Republic, it is now a corporation run by stock holders and guess what the tax payer is
    funding it all. Ever want to know the truth about any thing first get right with God , then just follow the money trail. Thank you Mr. Carlson for executing
    your first amendment rights and displaying your courage in doing so. Truths sets free!

  32. Did you just name Voldemort?! What happens if you say Paul Singers name 3 times in a row? Does a process server pop up behind you with a subpoena? Paul Singer, Paul Singer, Paul Singer, So far I’m OK. The American people need a better legal team, Leagal EAGLES interested in leaving a legacy, not just accumulating cash. Have any lawyers dreamed of making history? Did you ever want to be a hero as a child? Here’s your chance! America needs hero’s now, maybe more than ever. We have a long list of vultures swirling around who have prematurely determined our demise to be imminent, need some legal bird shot. At least we have one journalist though, Thank you Tucker! How did the Brits handle this? How could/should we?

  33. Thank you Tucker for exposing vulture capitalism and its effect on our nation. It is not only weakening our economy but also our national security. The tentacles of vulture capitalism have made their way into our nation's transportation industries and are decimating them putting the nation's economy at further risk, and crippling national security that is imperative to keeping our fighting force mobile. In the railroad industry vulture capitalism is disguised as a thing called "precision scheduled railroading", a misnomer if ever there was one since it's neither 'precision' nor 'scheduled'. Railroads are already hugely profitable but are also capital intensive. Vulture capitalism will cause irreparable harm to our nation's rail transportation network in short order. As much as I'm against Federal regulation, maybe it's time for the Feds to reintroduce regulation to some of these industries that are critical to our economy and safety. Deregulation, while making them wildly profitable, has also made them targets of vulture capitalism. It's unacceptable.

  34. Did not the largest firearms wholesaler in the U.S "Elliot Brother's" just close the doors this past fall? So are we saying republicans enable this? Ben Sasse, Republican or RINO? Hmmm, maybe more swamp than originally thought?

  35. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his own soul?
    – words of Jesus Christ recorded in Matthew 16:26

  36. Notice, Tucker never says how much was donated or when. Also, Nebraska has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the USA.

  37. Sadly, this kind of thing has been happening to us for decades. So many businesses closed, workers left jobless and businesses sent overseas. Or management of American companies turned over to foreigners who treat the workers very badly. So past time to turn this ship around.

  38. I work for a company taken over by a hedge fund and put in the hands of total confused misfits…these companies think if they own everything, and cut hours and jobs, they will grow. The real truth is, CUTTING HOURS and GETTING PEOPLE TO FIND OTHER JOBs is their downfall…they even have been upset we don't buy from them and go to their competitors. They overbuy. Can't sell most of what they shove into our stores. THEN, CLAIM LOSS and get who knows what off their income tax. IT WILL E UP TO US, THE AMERICAN WORKER TO FORCE THEM TO STOP…by, not shopping at their stores and scaring the hell out of them. I AM ALL FOR THAT….and despite I do not want anyone every to hurt, I hope God smacks them right in the KISSER and soon so they lose much if not all of what they have stolen from us. SORRY FOR THIS NEGATIVE COMMENT…I am fed up with these idiots!!!

  39. Recent arrest of Clinton contributors as pedophiles are being routinely scrubbed by Google. Raises questions about Google????

  40. hedge fund:
    a limited partnership of investors that uses high risk methods, such as investing with borrowed money, in hopes of realizing large capital gains. Sounds risky and close to fraud…

  41. Starting to look like Afghanistan and the other third world countries who f the people and lavish the communist dictators.

  42. There are exactly two wealthy Americans looking out for average Americans today, Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump. Thanks Tucker.

    BTW Ben Sasse is a Republican, previously a never-Trumper and now a reluctant Trump supporter. The Republican Party is largely just a less crazy, less insane version of the Democrat Party, every bit as devoted to servicing the elite.

  43. Evan as a resident of Springfield MO, I detest Bass Pro and will not give them business. DO NOT assume they have no role in this.

  44. The reason why the new "Elites" don't care about the well being of true Americans, European Americans; it is because those Elites are no longer White European, like in the past, but they are from certain Ethno-Religious group from the middle east which hate us all and what we have built.


  46. Companies these days do not seem to care as much for either their workers or their customers as they do for pleasing their stockholders. Anyone old enough to remember how business used to be in the 20th Century may remember when "The customer is always right." Compare that with how most businesses thumb their noses at their customers. AND their workers. Stockholder owned businesses are hurting us all in order to make their big shots rich.

  47. There you go paided off to shut up💯. that's what is happeneding to United States of America with all these crooked politicians. How about that Joe Biden??? This to speaking to the house. how much are they you to lie & scandalously try to remove our sitting President??? Oh how I wish housing United I wish that the United States had balls enough to prosecute these criminals in our government in the house under the crooked Nancy pelosi, Adam Schiff , Joe Biden , Chuck Schumer, George Soros, Congress & the Senate. In Jesus name let all the secret corruption be reveal & the world see & hear the truth.

  48. Look that's a tragedy but any place depending on a single company are doomed. As for Singer he's not doing anything illegal according to the law.

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