GM Employees Discuss UAW Strike in Flint

GM Employees Discuss UAW Strike in Flint

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Today we’re protesting the negotiations the, bad faith in the contract. Making record profits, not wanting to share the pie. We just fighting for our rights today, what we need. They should pay for our health care. We do a lot. The repetition. It wears you down, it wears you down. And give us the adequate raises that,
through the years, it has been a long time since we really had raises. I’d like to see them do away with the temps and make them full-time. These people are hard workers and needed to be treated fairly. I’d like to see them get the full
wage and benefits. Hopefully the strike won’t last too long,
but it seems about every 25 years things like this boil to the surface. The union wants the temporary workers hired, okay, Or some avenue so that they can become a first-tier or even a second-tier worker. I think the future of General Motors is
bright, I really do. But GM has been very good to myself and my family. It’s
allowed me to buy a home and raise a family. So it’s still a great place to
work, it really is. I just hope that the CEO, Mary Barra and the executives of GM come to their senses. We went without a raise for almost 11 years with the bankruptcies and they continued to
give themselves bonuses and raises and you know, that hurt us. I mean we
helped them through the bankruptcy, we never even got a thanks, and this is what
this strike’s all about man. Just make it up to us and show us a little respect.


  1. You think running a business is easy? Share the profit what are you share holder? If GM loses money will you share the losts?

    The answer is:HECK NO plus you gone ask for every penny they got. And let the company go bankrupt.

  2. Are you guys in the UAW better be careful because there’s a lot of people in other countries that are willing to work for less than what you’re getting paid keep allowing the UAW Union did tell you what to do or to influence you in the wrong direction because sooner or later there’s a lot of people in other countries that are willing to work for less than what you’re willing to work for a little bit a little longer you keep the strike alive it’s going to poke a hole in your pocket. This is not back in the 1970s where you didn’t have to worry about imports coming into the country. The union makes money even if you’re sitting at home doing absolutely nothing and not receiving a paycheck.

    If you have a beef feel free to use our website and post reviews about The auto industry whenever you want.

  3. The union could sit back and leave the American automotive workers into a direction that helps make the UAW more money take a look at the fees that they charge out of your paycheck on a weekly or monthly or biweekly basis. It does not talk a hole in their pocket it only pops a hole in your pocket. Never forget when there’s an automotive shortage of new inventory at a local American dealerships consumers can always go to the imports and purchase cars without any problems. Don’t allow the UAW to poke a huge hole in your pocket because the UAW is not going to make your mortgage payment….

  4. Just remember the DC politicians do not care if you’re able or not able to make your mortgage payment. Never forget The imports can poke a hole in your pocket if you leave General Motors under the bus for a great deal of time and remember this also the UAW Will not make your mortgage payment if you’re out of work for a long period of time you do have competition

  5. UAW strike in several different states Could very well poker hole in your pocket if you are a member of The UAW

  6. Look we only make $40.00 hr., $6000 of every new car goes to our retirement, you the tax payers helped keep our doors open, we don’t owe you shit back. Ford is my next vehicle, then maybe they will lay at least 2 of these cry baby’s off.

  7. GM, Has Made Tons Of Money On The Backs Of The Workers!
    It's Not The Workers Fault That GM went Into Bankruptcy!
    It's The Owners Of The Company, That Did That!
    So, Why Was The Real Reason For The Bankruptcy, you ask?
    Corporate GREED!
    And They've been Using Corporate Greed Ever Since!
    I'm With The Workers!
    GM, Should Go Back To
    A Big 3 Manufacturer!
    The Way It Once Was!
    And Not Stay,
    The Greed Course!

  8. Fat, Lazy, and overpaid uaw workers. I would get rid of all of them or move the plant to another country where the workers appreciate the pay they get. I have worked in a UAW plant and all of the workers are lazy and complain every time they have to get off their asses!

  9. the media slammed the autoworkers decades ago for no reason other than to cater to rich executives. I hope the workers get what they want. mary Berra got hers. 🇺🇸

  10. Striking UAW's that already average 90k a year plus benefits. This union is strong arming an industry that has already closed plants and moved some production to other countries. They made 4 billion in profits last year. Instead of paying greedy union workers, a company that made over $4 billion in profits last year, paid nothing in federal income taxes and provided a huge compensation package for its CEO. start paying some taxes and restitution of the 50 billion dollar government bailout in 2008 that came out of the taxpayers pocket.

  11. This is such horseshit. I work in a union shop and the union guys get their ass pampered because if they don’t, they’ll throw a fit over nothing. “Not even a thank you” union workers are the equivalent to the idiots who demand you thank them for their military service. Over paid, under worked and ungrateful. Fire them all and open a factory somewhere else.

  12. Fuck it GM needs to fire all you people and hire Mexicans that will do a better job and do it faster and cheaper AND won't bitch about the wages.🤔

  13. medicare for all would solve their health care issues and allow them to get more contract raises,but fox news and the republicans are against medicare for all to protect their billionaire donors

  14. It’s funny how they don’t wanna talk about how much they make currently…..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Imagine this is a high tech company. When all the developers feel they shall get a raise …
    Many AT&T developers I know with master degree only get paid $50 an hour as contractor for many years.
    And the CEO's annual package is more than $20 millions I assume o/w you can't hire a decent CEO to manage a company that size.
    Bill Gates is the 2nd richest on earth, nobody from Microsoft complaints. Warren Buffet is the 3rd richest, nobody from his financial form complaints. I assume those companies also have secretaries, janitors who don't get huge amount of money.
    If you are not happy with the job and are not mistreated, go find another job or relocate.
    The business owners based on HR trend can raise the pay, close the business or outsource overseas.
    This is mutual selection.

  16. I don’t work for GM per say , but I got laid off because of this strike, this company I work for makes part for GM , I hope this is resolved fast , this hurting many workers not just GM auto workers , my current pay is just over $15 and hour , how much more do GM workers make I would love to know !

  17. Remember those GM plants that stayed open after Buick City left Flint? Well, you can kiss those good-bye too. I just wonder how many of those union members on the picket lines really want to be there. Many are intimidated into becoming members the day they walk into the plant for the first time. The more you get the more you want,or should I say DEMAND. It's never enough,especially to the one's living beyond their means.I have no pity for them

  18. This is pissin and moaning. You're fucking over the suppliers i work for one of your suppliers and your at a layoff for over thousands of workers. Stop bitchin about your 80,000 a year jobs and get the fuck back to work so other families can live. You bunch of whiney bitches.

  19. This is what it has become. Some shop rat who drives a black pick up, had this professionally applied to the side of his truck in yellow letters: "Crossing my picket line can be dangerous to your health". You ignorant jerk. Threatening peoples' lives over a few measley dollars. You need PROFESSIONAL HELP NOW. I do hope you are not married or have children.

  20. I'm want to puke. Get back to work. When karma smacks these fools in the mouth with a Walmart paycheck after gm leaves they are all gonna cry poverty. Houses gone, cars gone, that great health care that their crying over gone, gm gone. This country's industry has been murdered by the unions. It's a great living to work in a union shop. But once they began to force extremely high pay (college grad pay ) for unskilled workers ( nontrade ) it all collapsed. When a talented craftsman construction worker makes 1/2 of a assembly worker we have problems. Greedy spoiled low life fucks. I hope gm packs up. Mexicans will build all the cars in the world soon. Same quality same name but built with pride.

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