1. I wanted to find this skit but when I typed it into YouTube I actually had to scroll past 10 videos of actual Gay Left Wing Gun Clubs to find it… Groovy

  2. Gay communist gun club? Well, I'm two of those, and I'm not against the third. Where do I join x'D

  3. That's good. Although I'm not a Libertarian myself, I do have more respect for them then for the Republicans.

  4. I'm a "gun nut" and I'm not that crazy about either George Bush, Jeb either. I tend to vote Libertarian.

  5. The "medication" she was "prescribed" was cocaine that Andy Dick had given her after she had been off of it for a while.

  6. I remember this was during 1988, and in the skit they announce that they are endorsing George Bush for President over Michael Dukakis. They said, we may not agree with him on everything, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

  7. It seems sad that his wife had been mentally unstable for quite some time, and possibly was prescribed the wrong medication.

  8. can someone PLEASE PLEASE post the "Vernon Howley Junior" country singer skit from the same show? I cannot find it ANYWHERE !!!

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