Garage Organization & Storage Ideas – IKEA Home Tour (Episode 302)

Garage Organization & Storage Ideas – IKEA Home Tour (Episode 302)

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I’m Jen and I’m Jeremy Atkinson. We have three kids a son named Kohen and then Kinnley and Khloe are our little girls and we also have a dog named Koda, who is our best friend. So I was working outside of the home part time and when I had my first child I knew I wanted to stay home so now I work from home and I’m a fashion consultant. I sell online and people can come and shop my inventory at my house or I take it them and they have been friends come and shop there. There really was no room for the inventory to the in the house at all. We kind of had to make it double as our garage and also for inventory and shopping. It’s difficult We’ve gone through a couple systems. We’re constantly out here taking things out and putting things back and our neighbors are like “are you cleaning your garage again” and we’re like “…yes…” At the end of the day, we still have kids. We’ve got, you know, our family to take care of And that’s what it’s all about. That’s why I started doing what I do. It’s to take care of my family. And to be there for them. And to teach them that they can do whatever they put their mind to. We are so ready for this boutique to be available to our customers. Having this space and having it organized is just going to create a peace of mind for us. This is all finished, it’s amazing. I feel relaxed. I feel stress free. I feel comfortable. Period. Organization, for one. It’s all organized. It all is in in its correct place. There isn’t some stuff over here versus some stuff over here. It’s not mixed. Everything has a home. Now they can come in and all they see is the clothes so that’s just what they can focus on. I love the lighting that we put in it just adds a little bit of ambiance and plus with the rechargeable batteries it’s nice because I never have to find new batteries or whatever I just have to recharge it, put them back in, and we’re good to go! The dressing room! My clients don’t have to go into the house anymore to change. They can just change right here. Everybody can see how beautiful they look in what they’re trying on. That’s just awesome. Before it was just the garage and now it represents kind of a future for our family as far as everything. As far as our financial stability and being able to be closer as a family together. Be a creator. Really think about how you can use that space. There’s so many different ideas out there. There is a solution for everything there really is! It’s true! It’s a true story! I want to redo my whole house now.


  1. What a badass lady. She just starts an entire business to be able to do what she loved and be home with her kids. Super cool 😀 really inspiring.

  2. I have honestly thought about doing this. My worries are.. how do you keep the smelliness from outside or husband tools from the clothes? Garage doors have cracks and dust, leaves and outdoor smell can quickly come in. What do you recommend to keep clothes smelling clean?

  3. Woah woah woah… i'm sorry, I don't want to be mean, but seriously she went from talking about her clutter issues to crying about her kids??? With the music overhead, the whole thing seemed a little blown outta proportion..

  4. Thank you for sharing your story gave me hope not to close my boutique and move it closer to my 2nd business or home

  5. this is something i need to do i run a business out of my screen room and people always come over to shop this would make life so easy!!!

  6. I'm so happy for this young family, i stayed home with my kids as they grew up but that extra money i wasn't earning could have been a blessing had i thought of a way to supplement our income as this young mother has. good for them and good on IKEA to show her how! nice job guys!

  7. 0:57 What is it with interviews, and reality media these days? There's always a forced crying segment, or a sob story as a really poorly veiled attempt at investing you emotionally. I'd love to say people are too smart for this, but…..

  8. The black boxes on the right side would be more efficient with some labels. What is protecting the clothes from dirt and dust?

  9. Honestly i dont see much transformation. Maybe just a bit more organized after. But she needs better ways to display her clothes. They looked too cramped. Feels like shopping in a store room, not a shop or boutique.

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  11. NOW….WHERE IS THE HOW TO for us simple folks that don't have a team to come out and help!? lol I need a step by step guide because the first attempt on hanging clothes would create a ripple domino affect and everything would fall apart! hahahaha

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