Former Social Worker with a Master’s Degree Homeless in Charlotte

Former Social Worker with a Master’s Degree Homeless in Charlotte

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  1. Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

  2. I wish she would go to the library daily if possible and start writing, start a platform and speak on this! I pray fir her.

  3. If all of us that views this vedeo can donate something that could be a good start. 3,9k people viewed this video

  4. This is so sad. .if you have not walked a person path we should not judge
    .. very educated. .circumstances alter changes;

    This woman should be running a unit with her education and now life experience.
    What's is this world coming to. .OMG this is the saddest interview ever.

  5. This woman has to go through what she's going through. It a part of a bigger picture. She will be ok and this part of her journey will be the fuel to the works she will go on to do. Her 3 wishes will be granted.

  6. PROOF that this can happen to almost ANYONE. There are many good people who are still homeless because they've been unable to rebound from a bad situation.

  7. I wish i can have her contact to let her come to Ghana to support education with children and feel at home. I wonder if she has been on drugs before? Where is her children ? If she is ready she can forget about her past and move forward. Being on drugs can put ur degree to shame. Oh finacially stable ?

  8. WOW ! That’s the street where Christ would be hanging out. I was homeless but , I trusted God and he opened doors to get me off the street. I wish I could find her. I want to build a complex to help people like her to get back

  9. It is harder to find employment when you have no address. That needs fixing. The people who want our votes needs use their power to do better. They would rather feather their nest than to help the poor.

  10. Wasting time on immigrants when there people living on the street.. Need to clean your house before talking about my dirty house..

  11. American governor Supposed to help this woman This is not good in America Why you Doing this to on people God will help her

  12. Jesus didn't come to condemed the world. He came to rescue it. And i know that he will provide a better place for you and your daughter🙏

  13. Lady, did you , as a social worker caused anyone to lose his child/children. They could cast a spell on you so you end up homeless!

  14. May the Lord restore back to her all that she has lost .Sometimes it’s only a test to make us stronger and more understanding and sensitive towards the lower class.

  15. I know her personally, she’s from Brooklyn. Such a beautiful spirit. When I was young she called me her little brother. I’m in Charlotte inbox me Michelle

  16. It can happen to anyone. You do what you gotta do, there's no pride in pure survival. I agree with this lady, you eat what you kill, and if you don't kill you don't eat.

  17. This happening to people in the richest country in the HISTORY of the world. Crazy. People need to do more for others.

  18. I hope she’s making the best decisions for herself. She may need psychological help more than financial help to get her out of this situation.

  19. She is in my head. I’ve experienced how the system treats those who’ve become homeless. Its hard to articulate. But it’s something that changes you. Homelessness is likened to a wound. The treatment homeless humans experience provides a peek into the sickness our world has contracted through a lack of knowledge.

  20. LET HER KNOW THAT THERE ARE PROGRAMS HERE IN CALIFORNIA THAT ALLOWS HER TO USE HER CREDENTIALS! It is with children and adults with mental retardation! she can find work out here! thank you brother!!!!

  21. The problem with many people is that they do not manage their finances very well. They do not safe money for bad days. When times are good, they spent, spent and spent as if there is no tomorrow.

  22. sometimes God let's you go through Hardship to build for your next achievement Dont give up my sister your break through is coming in Jesus's Name

  23. Try heroin, It will make you feel amazing and all your problems will disappear. You have nothing to lose to so give it a go!

  24. I lived there once and had a situation that needed a process through the justice system, and was told that after 2016 people like me would have no say in matters of such. It was a very large company that had serious issues in the hospitality industry with not keeping up with the codes to standards required by law. My lawyers told me the Agent of CHAOS in office would appoint judges that would dismiss cases such as mines, while this company still operates today serving food that's contaminated with black Mold and it's throughout that building, spite the colorful surfaces to makes you think that it's up to the standards required by law. During my challenge against this company, they rid themselves of all previous top level employees in case these individuals would have ever been called to testify, but today I still can't get a lawyer to take my case and bring this group to court for getting me sick, they had a doctor they sent me to that diagnosed me with some bogus shit to weaken my case. So what that woman said in her interview is all true the politics in that state isn't for people of COLOR. ✌ ☝

  25. She is being tested. What's happening to her is to understand how homeless people are really treated and understand their suffering. No doubt, she's going to bounce right back on top. This time…. Much bigger than she was before becoming homeless. Her daughter by God's grace will reunited with her. But this is only if god does exist.

  26. Stop the Bull about how much people love each other, we have shown that by putting something like Trump in office This Beautiful, Well Educated Lady should not be Homeless. She needs to be put back on her throne again where she can regein once again. People let's try and make it happen Okay.

  27. Yet another slight of the absolute shameful way this country treats human beings that aren't filthy rich!!! This woman has more education than all of the idiots in Washington put together!!! I have never been more ashamed to stay I'm human! I am in awe of her!! And to the person who suggested that she may have other issues shame on you!! Not being paid her value and worth is the only issue here!! 80% of us, unless you're the 1%(rich), are a sickness or a paycheck away from disaster!! I know and pray she's being helped as I write this, but she's not the only one. 1 million homeless in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York and the numbers go on and on in every state of this country! How as humans have we allowed this! I'm ashamed of myself and ashamed of this country and it's disgusting history. How can I help please, I am willing to help because truly I'm not to far from this situation myself!! 😔 God and his angels see everything we do to one another! He will hold every single one of us accountable in the end!

  28. Thank you for your struggles. I hope soon you will find a new home. May your peace be fully abounding bringing about a new change.

  29. The government are in control here they don't care but as a nation we need to care things won't change as long as people do nothing it's ok saying I want to help her how can I help her you we need to get our voices heard and take control of our world by making changes people will always judge what's happened to this lady is awful but it will give her the strength to do something about it she's witnessing the whole thing she's part of it she's living proof is she the one that starts to move things forward so we all join forces to make people stop being ignorant to this world of total devastation im afraid it will only get worse the only hell we live on is the hell of what's happening around us but who's really looking.

  30. Guys so if you want to help her for the long term, please youtube Andrew Yang. Please spend more than a few minutes listening to him on some videos like the Joe Rogan podcast for example, and see how his plan is making a lot of sense to you, like how it is to me and so many other people.
    Here the link to the full video:
    A short version where he talking about his main idea:

  31. Back in 1983, My father, who I was working for at the time, got into an argument with my ex wife and, over a period of 3 days kicked us out of the house we were living in and fired me from my job at a business he owned. At the time, we had 3 little boys, ages 5, 3 & 1. We had a tent, so we went into the desert and pitched it. We told the kids we were going to be camping for a while. They were so happy and excited. I was able to get a job with an office. Outside of my office there was a faucet. Every morning, around 5:00 am we would wake the kids, drive from the desert into the town where my office was. Each of us would bath in the hose outside of my office and hurry to get done before anyone came around. We would eat fast food, bbq when we could and really make the best of it. Sometime when it was really hot, we would sneak into my office, lock the doors and sleep on the floor. With the air conditioning on it gave us a sense of good. It made us feel like we weren't homeless. All these years later, our kids are grown. My 2nd wife and I have been married 23 years. We have a boy and a girl ages 15 and 13. We've lived in the same house for 21 years. We paid our house off about 6 years ago. I've never forgotten the experience, homelessness is an experience. And with a young family, it's an experience Like wouldn't wish on anyone. But, if you hold your head up, never give up, you can get out of it. To this day, my boys still think we were camping. We always made it fun. Good bless those who are homeless. If you read this and need a hand reach out to me, maybe I could helped you. My email is [email protected]
    God bless


  32. Thanks for sharing this interview. Does Michelle have her own youtube channel? I think she would be successful running her own channel because she is very expressive and well spoken. She also has so much to share from the perspective of an individual who was once very successful. If you really want to help her, I would suggest you encourage her to create her own channel as I think she has so much more than being homeless to tell.

  33. Lots of comments, very few offers to actually offer her assistance. To the creator of the video: how can Michelle be reached so that can be helped?

  34. wow beautiful deep can this be in our world.its happen here in nz new zealand to world wide.lack of affordable houseing so many on streets

  35. What happens with the donations we make to Invisible People? When you speak with the homeless do you compensate them for speaking with you or give them a list of resources?

  36. She is a drug addict… if she wasn't her family or a man, somebody would help her. She is not just homeless. She is an addict.

  37. Why does the "god mother" help the daughter but can't help the mother? Are there underlying issues where her friends gave up? I feel for her and hope God helps her with her troubles. Whatever they are

  38. This world is all about money money and money the world should help their own and not help all these stupid foreigners bunch of bull crap

  39. When you do these videos, you should set up a GoFundMe page for them. We can give to an organization but most times it does not go directly to the person. Stop doing these videos if we can’t help them.

  40. Centralized banking. International Monetary Fund. Military Industrial Complex. National Debt. Modern Human Slavery. Usury. Human Sacrifice, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Zionism..

  41. I find it hard to believe that 180 people had the ignorance to give this video a thumbs down. To those I say this can be you.

  42. You should create a Gofundme for the people you interview.. I know I would donate something to her. If you need a virtual assistant to help you, you can let me know. I would help you 1 hour a week for free (I'm a digital marketing consultant). Thank you for the work you do.

  43. Whatever happened to you can happen to anyone. With your MSW, one would think , ‘what on earth happened to you.’ I can understand someone uneducated, but it’s mind boggling for some to understand your plight. Hopefully, you will be able to ‘find yourself’ again. At the onset of this video, you mentioned you had a daughter. How has she been these two years???? Take care girl,
    Kate, laMariposableu🦋💕🌈

  44. This world is going to brun to hell you do not treat no human in this manner we are all God children
    And we will all go to the same place death.lord help these who cant help them self in the name of jesus .

  45. We weren't born like this, we won't always be homeless, but we will always be human.
    Amen. God bless her, and everyone else reading this. May God lift you up and keep you safe.

  46. All human shit all over San Francisco City!! Shame!! Recall garbage Gavin Newsom, Jerry Brown , Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein!! Where ever Democrats running City all homeless all garbage all drug! Never vote for idiots Democrats all corrupted! Democrats Socialism!! These corrupted take all your money then left you homeless starving to death!!

  47. Something about this doesn’t add up. I know an addict when I see one 👀 but I’ll watch until the end 😳 if your not an addict then go stay with family. Go be with the family member that has your daughter. Be for real. What you doing that has you so ducked up for 2yrs. Fake big words don’t fool me. TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHOICES…FOH

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