Financial Mathematics

Financial Mathematics

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okay so my name's Tim Johnson and I do research into financial mathematics what that means in practice is I work on building tools that help people understand how to make good decisions when they don't know what's going to happen in the future one of the main areas that I work in is in economics an economics is very different from say physics or biology or chemistry because everything's changing all the time so for about 5,000 years mathematicians have been working on trying to understand nature and the laws of nature don't change but now we're starting to think about economic systems which basically social systems and they're governed by laws of human behavior human behavior is constantly changing so we're never dealing with a static a stable system and this makes understanding these sort of social systems economic systems much harder what's very important in developing our mathematics is that we think about what actually happens what actually happens out there in the economy the mathematics to describe what actually happens doesn't actually exist when we have to create the mathematics to enable us to understand the real-life economy so our understanding of science is based on mathematics on being able to use mathematics to represent the world around us now that we're moving from understanding simple deterministic systems to complex and random systems new mathematics will have to be developed so the hope is by using examples from the climate from biological systems and financial markets we're going to be able to develop new mathematics mathematics it's going to help us understand whole new areas of science areas that we haven't even thought about yet you


  1. Jungle conclusions….

  2. Optional courses

    ◦ Statistical Methods
    ◦ Deterministic Optimization Methods in Finance
    ◦ Financial Econometrics
    ◦ Modern Portfolio Theory
    ◦ Numerical Techniques for PDEs
    ◦ Optimization Methods in Finance
    ◦ Simulation
    ◦ Time Series Analysis

    is it good?any better suggestion?

  3. With your experience how do you judge the following one year program
    Core courses:Derivatives Markets, Discrete-Time Finance,Financial Markets,Special Topics 1,Stochastic Analysis in Finance I ,Credit Risk Management ,Derivative Pricing and Financial Modelling ,Special Topics 2,Stochastic Analysis in Finance II

    Optional courses:(around 2 to 3)

  4. i have taken my degree in math and i am thinking for a master in mathematical finance (not a phd at least yet).On which lessons should i emphasize because i have seen differences between the masters of England and USA on math-finance.
    Also, is there demand on mf or should i focus instead on a simple statistical or economical master?

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