FIFA 19 | Manchester City vs Liverpool - 2019 FA Community Shield - Full Match & Gameplay

FIFA 19 | Manchester City vs Liverpool – 2019 FA Community Shield – Full Match & Gameplay

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hello everyone welcome to the FA Community Shield I'm Martin Tyler with me I'm delighted to say Alan Smith in a few of these and as they call it the traditional Kurds race is easy to find your best form you still season fully fit yeah we think of manchester city of Liverpool now we're gonna think of that season 2013-14 he was the first time since the late 70s that these two clubs had been head-to-head and really going for the title on the last day it was city's celebration at the end of it all but Liverpool got a chance to play back today with a good shot heal good crowd here big clubs of course the FA Community Shield and we're underway sometimes it disappoints but quite often it turns into really open affair with a few goals match the city's lineup today Kevin de Bruyne er plays alongside fernandinho in the middle of the park Sergio agüero is the sole striking this is the Liverpool side athenaeus docks with Virgil van Dijk at the back and a masala plays with Sandy Armani at the point of attack just one lone striker have a high scoring team highest impact in the league advanced design with the best defense it really should be a terrific contest yeah it does make for a fascinating matchup here get the bench of whoo [Applause] saw the pass coming and got there first crafting the true pass and he scores rolled out here it was offside well then I'd took it well but quite lightly the linesman flag goes up with the intentions of the opposition there to make the interception [Applause] work really to read the intention of the bus looking to get the ball forward here Manchester City got a chance to cross John Henderson sure than Shakira to lose possession is with the bronan I'll Walker now de bruyne it well the building steadily here working away the Broner bernandino sterling patient approach from most shots on here with the chance to go he must have thought he'd scored from that distance the keeper had other ideas wrong short with the corner trying to pick out someone in the center and a good position but he's put it wide yeah a good chance not sure if that came off his shoulder you noted that the clean connection James MILNET trying to stretch the opposition using the wider areas here attack was looking good now the opposition have a chance well he tried to find his man but he's only got the ball into touch it's Marnie Marnie with a cross good defensive clearance they're sure Dan Shakira defended well Shakira his Miller come away with the ball clearly great tackle Guerra it can be quick on the breakdown without a silver put it off target just wide of that post well his teammates were convinced he was going to scored out of it Anderson Miller Roberto Firmino Jed and Shakira clever ball Mohammed Salim safely away I've lost the ball and the counter-attack could be there they give that straight to the opposition good fishing I spotted the parson cut it out out into the wide areas now here's sterling now Fernandina agüero sterling Stroeve challenge Roberto Firmino quit passing from Liverpool to open up the opposition if they can sure than Shakira Milda [Applause] so the big stage [Applause] well he got to the position of maximum opportunity it was an impossible opportunity to squander yeah we often say it was an easy chance but you have got to be there this lad has got the knack of doing now deploying it at halftime in the FA community [Applause] substitution for manchester city coming onto Liverpool's came to win really now they've got the lead at halftime to go for the shag we're lost possession their City but a space for him now out on the wing away by the defender anticipated the direction of the pass and was able to intervene agüero Valentino trying a bit too hard trying to force the pass and it went straight to an opponent the ball at the moment now fernandinho having Sylar just working away to try and find an opening he said [Applause] at the moment he's doubled up with his second gun he took just like the first one [Applause] to make a change here restarting at 2:00 now policeman is with the Broyden number ten tonight scenario here on the ball Muhammad Salla what's it that that's defective behind it will be a corner well the man is you're not wasting any time here he's going to make the change and they are going to try and turn this around [Applause] good new I they spread it out wide here just to get some width into this attack going forward well man-in-the-middle frustrated because that cross has gone Sun straight behind the city the losing team have gotta do something and this is it the substitution [Applause] did he have the bull again [Applause] probably 21 red to play well to intercept it could lay it off to the supporting player David silver in the middle that's a good block and they get it away just over quarter an hour left on my watch stead throat he's true here all alone in the middle tried to wallop it in from close range and they're still trying to get the ball back it may have taken a bubble Martin generous there John stones with LaPorta good new are stones now Fernandina [Applause] [Applause] Leroy Sonny we're Oh looking for the cross well they've got it wide very well the chance to get the cross in but it's not turned out to be a very good delivery Roberto Firmino well we've only got seven minutes remaining now it's not me the pass getting through with a good piece of anticipation well I didn't foresee this Manchester City second-best by some distance the fans certainly didn't predict out right to play well it's from Taco riyad mahrez water good new I now Marez referee's decided to add on two minutes two minutes Shyne to Liverpool play in these kinds of attacks he's got it away waiting for the final whistle and the joy of knowing the trophy is theirs yeah they've always stuck together in this competition and that team spirit has taken them a long way hasn't it there's an old expression big

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