Explainer video – Job-hunting

Explainer video – Job-hunting

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How can I find a job in Germany? The German Economy is booming, which is
why it needs qualified international professionals. Demand for qualified staff is especially
high in technical professions and the health sector. So if you have the
right professional and linguistic skills you have every chance of finding a job in Germany. Let us show you how to go about it. First of all, check if
you are entitled to work in Germany and if you need a visa to travel here. Many professionals require
you to have your university degree or vocational diploma recognized. You can find detailed information about
visas, getting your qualifications recognized and learning German on the
“Make it in Germany” welcome portal. How can you start looking for a job? We recommend the job listings
on the “Make it in Germany” website. You can filter the list
of jobs by profession and region. You can also subscribe to a job newsletter. There are private labour agencies
and job exchanges to help you find a job. You can even travel to Germany to look for a job. Depending on which country
you come from, you might need a visa to do so. You can find out more about visas,
recognition of qualifications, job hunting, moving house
and getting settled in Germany by phoning the Working and Living in Germany Hotline. You can put your questions in German or English. Once you have found
a suitable job, send in an application. Applying for a job involves
sending a cover letter, a CV and diplomas. In the cover letter explain
why you want to work for the company and why you are the right person for the job. You will find examples
if you search on the internet for: “Cover letter, job application, template”. A CV shows the main facts
about your training, professional experience and skills. It is also customary to
include information such as your age and family status. If the company wants an application in German, you can have important
documents, such as diplomas translated. This allows employers to judge
and compare your achievements and skills. However, you can also
apply to many companies in English. If a company is interested,
you will be invited to a job interview. The company will have read
your CV, cover letter and diplomas and will ask questions about them. You might also be asked
about your salary expectations. However, the question should not be too private. You do not have to tell the company your
religious faith or if you want to have children. Inversely, you can ask questions
about the company and the vacancy. Many companies will be
glad to assist you and your family in moving to Germany
and taking all the administrative steps. You can ask about that, too during the interview. Good luck! To find out more about job hunting in Germany visit www.make-it-in-germany.com


  1. i am a general nurse with 2 years of experience i graduated from morocco .. evan if i send my diploma via the responsibles of recognising international diplomas in the provinces of germany.. i'll have to study more because a nurse work with human being not like mecaniciens and that's what i don't understand …anyway i will lern german ..and i will try to make it in germany …i 'll never give up

  2. I am a computer Engineer with master degree and I have a great background knowledge in programming and developing. software systems. What is the job situation for computer and IT sector there in Germany?

  3. i am 23 years old recently graduated software engineer from Pakistan , have a liitle practical experience of web and android development during studies . What are my options ? should i come to Germany on job hunt visa ? how hard it could be and how long it could take if i am present in Germany or should i try to find a job from my home country? (there is a lot of demand for software engineers on "Make it in Germany job portal" ) Reply please

  4. I m working in a bank in banking operations and having an experience of almost 8+ years. Do I get a job in Germany's banking business sector.

  5. Thank you very much Make it in Germany, I follow your steps and now I sent my University certificate to recognize it in Germany by DHL , I'm willing to hear a good news, and if it's recognized, I'm going to apply for job seeker visa ( Danke sehr für dich helfen)

  6. Dear sir,
    I am working now as a construction manager in ksa,. Could you please advise me on how to find a job in Germany.

    Many thanks in advance

  7. Hello…am an engineer with 4 years of experience… Am interested in work from home, in Germany.. How can I find a suitable job… I am also interested in teaching English..

  8. Hi, I'm from Argentina, I'm going to graduate in engineering in a few months.
    I'm going to live in Germany in October, i want to look for a job, can you help me ? i have german passport.
    It is not necessary that the work be in engineering, can be in something else, like for example public attention.

  9. #Im_Bachlor's degree from B. pharmacy… and im do that job in germany…. please provide related to pharma field information…

  10. hai,I'm a mechanical engineer with experience in piping welding quality checking,do i get any related job in Germany ?

  11. Hallo I'm undergraduate of my degree, could I find a job in Germany? I have 6 years experienced of cleaning in 3 differents countries.

  12. I am a graduate from India and I have experience in accounting, finance and taxation. How is the job market for accountants in Germany?

  13. Hi, I have been here for a few months. My degree is engineering and I cant get a job here. I cant speak German and I never get invited to an interview and received any phone call. Do you have any advice where I can consult my cv/cover letter.

  14. I'm a fresher in electronics and communication engineering course will I be able to get a job in Germany? Do I need a experience and then find a job? Or do I need any extra course that I need to do? Please give me required information

  15. Hello my name is seung gyu yang.
    I am 28 years old in south korea.
    (I was born in seoul in 1991 0213 ,still i live in seoul)

    I was greduated college and i was 1 year more studied college.
    So i have bachelor's degree.
    I was studied radiation technology.
    So i have a license( i was pass exam about my major)

    I was moved several hospitals.
    Anyway it is all full-time jobs.
    I am still work in hospital.

    I was asked about that( how to work in germany )
    Well but the link, i am not well understand.

    So qustion again…
    1.I am want to know how to transfer korea to germany license(radiographer)
    2. If it is need to training ausbildung, how to apply?
    3. How to i start then? ( i was heard ausbildung need to work place get -> then training)
    Please help me..

  16. I'm a civil engineering student and i wanna work in germany. But i can't find jobs offers in the list for a civil engineer. What should i search ?

  17. Hello I'm from Pakistan. I have applied for family reunion visa thats reject. Can I apply for job there. I have done masters in operational research and management from Punjab university. I also have 7.5 years experience of contact center.
    I need reply please.

  18. I look for energy engineering jobs, graduated as process engineer and had more than 5 years of experience. I ask if i can reach a job in english language in the field of energy sector. THANKS in advance.

  19. hello there, im ux ui designer with over 10yr of experience in IT industry, what is job situation for ux ui designer there in Germany

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