EU’s new animal welfare approach under fire

EU’s new animal welfare approach under fire

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the European Commission said on Thursday that it is proposing a new long-term strategy for animal welfare it said its new approach is a comprehensive plan that wants to force member states to better apply existing rules that were introduced five years ago critics have said the existing rules do not work because they lack economic incentives the Commission now wants to introduce what it calls cost effective measures to make it easier from member states to enact the European animal welfare world’s insufficient enforcement by the Member States is still a serious obstacle to even the most beneficial and rewarding innovation in this field we want to work on significantly improving enforcement as a first priority the new EU approach on Thursday immediately came under fire from animal welfare groups the world Society for the Protection of animals said it was seriously disappointed and criticized the Commission for a lack of vision and the lack of political will


  1. EU clowns , all they're trying to do is eliminate small scale farming through rules and regulations taking away the livelihood of many developing countries through subsidies of large corporations payed for by the tax payer.
    When does the corruption end ?
    When will humanity see through this ?

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