Employee Assistance Program and Work Life Services | Humana

Employee Assistance Program and Work Life Services | Humana

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In a perfect world, the invisible scale that
balances work and personal life is always at an even level: all aspects of our daily
lives falling perfectly into place. But, that’s just not how it is. In the real world, things can get, well…heavy. It’s natural for things to fall out of balance,
which is why it’s important for you to know that when you’re having issues, in the office
or at home, you have a source of support in the form of an Employee Assistance Program
and Work-Life services. You have 24/7, confidential access to EAP
professionals who will work with you to address emotional issues, both work-related and personal,
at no additional cost to you. Our Work-Life specialists are an amazing resource
for services and referrals assisting you with everyday needs from finding childcare and
fitness classes, to financial and legal services. Need help finding a physical therapist? Can’t find a dog walker for Fido? Work-Life can save you time and offer you
options that meet your needs. Looking for online support? Our EAP and Work-Life website is your go to
spot for articles, assessments, videos and webinars. Whether it’s learning how to care for aging
loved ones or how to deal with your teenager, these resources can help you find the illusive
balance we all seek. So, why not give it a try today? Get connected with EAP and Work-Life.


  1. This is in a lot of developed countries. They're spies (under the guise of confidentiality) for the organisation – just like HR and health and safety departments.

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