Easy Job…my long week/ma longue semaine part 2/4….Subtitles youtube

Easy Job…my long week/ma longue semaine part 2/4….Subtitles youtube

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ok…let s see we are in a village called Chasneuil it is between Limoges and Angouleme I explain the bazaar I left this morning Gueret and I filmed, I filmed, I filmed So, I made the road from Gueret, Limoges up to so, I filmed a lot, and in addition, it is pretty Limousin well, all these clips are lost … over … cleared I arrived in a traffic jam because of an accident I forgot to turn off my camera, and the last sequence filled my SD card So, I wanted to delate it, but, manipulation error I delated the entire SD card and yes I know, it’s stupid So, I start filming again it is Wednesday, soon noon, it is 11.38 I am currently in Chasneuil and it will soon move forward there is well an hour and a half I’m in this traffic jam there is a truck, on the express road, next door who, just before a roundabout there is a tanker truck that is overturning they are busy taking it up I saw it, it happened just before the roundabout So, we have to go through the old road that goes through the village then it’s the brothel I think there is work out of the village i wait now for 1h15 ha … it’ll go it’s been 3 hours that I drive in reality, there is a little more because each time, we stop 3 minutes and then we roll 20 seconds ah? a gendarme who will stop me Ah no He’s going to let me go thank you mr the policeman, it’s nice so that’s why that shit because there is work out of the village plus, accident and deviation as the whole express road, of this sense, must go through 6 kms in 1 h 15 according to the map of the gps, I should soon take the main road so now on google map on the other side there is a big traffic jam too they have just to use our lane and had to go out of the main road now i am on the main road national road 141 headind to Angouleme it seems that the road is just reopen the first cars are coming it would have been better if I would have found a small restaurant to drink a coffee to eat, i will tonight to a restaurant i will stop here at the “Centre Routier” of Barbezieux on the N10 I ve just take a coffee here my half hour break is nearly over i never stop at noon to go to eat at noon i eat something light because if i go to the restaurant after midday, I’m not well awake in any case, it works well here for those who do not know you have to take a ticket to enter it’s free for one hour there is a machine to pay for the parking just at the entrance of the restaurant I put the card in it and it is marked that the ticket is valid for the exit another 82 kms for Bordeaux …. we will cross at the good hours there are still stars on the road at the exit here the other with his Range Rover overtakes me and there are signs 70 and 50 on the right, but for the exit signs with a down arrow right for well indicated that it is for the exit well, this idiot, he braked thoroughly because he saw the panel 70 we are on the A63 headind to Bayonne it’s not the ideal highway 80kmh, overtake ban look at me this asshole they would do well to let go of their phone and pay attention to the road yes indeed…it is the phone i wonder if it is not on this parking that they have filmed an episode of the TV serie R.I.S with a trucker who was killed on this parking it was here or on the other side discimination…cars 130 trucks 80 and no overtake and it is a motorway i dont know why but Belgium Holland Germany it is the same but not all the time,only the day there is no so much traffic on this road there is no one behind me 50 meters, they can be 3 cars but if they could do a niche … but there is no one behind me i follow the tourist at 78 yes ,it is true ,itis 50 max here can be a helico above us or a submarine on the side ok … I stop complaining I slow down and there is one who continues to overtake me here we are in the toll gate I just stopped for taking a shower i hve nearly 45 minutes break I will put back my mirror I am parking way “where there is room” I arrived at 16.30 and the parking was already full I will leave for a couple of miles the spanish border is not far but i have to fill up my diesel at the IDS of Irun like i dont where is the new IDS I will check with the IDS app on my phone the last time i drove this way it was 10 years ago the time we drove to Portugal and this time we use the AS24 station i must check 25kms i hope it will be good ok 45 minutes back a bit and it will be good bye bye …..the guy thought I spoke Russian we are at the border the peage is the old french border we cross the Bidasoa river and we are in Spain San Sebastian to Pamplona from here, it climbs on a lot of kms with the warning lights it climbs…it climbs great……parking is empty there is a restaurant here parking is free let s park i am on a service nearly on the top of the pass i dont remember the name of the place i will tke my break here i have nearly 9 hours of drive great i dont pass the 9 hours here they are strict with the hours good evening i will going to put in order my things in my cab and after i will go to the restautant here it is,just in front good night


  1. Mooie zondag morgen verrasing video van Mr. Wittezaele bedankt .ondertiteling werkt goe by my Patrick super beeld 1080p HD op myn TV

  2. Yay!!! Patrick is back, Take care out there Sir and Thank you for another brilliant video. Peace and love from England.

  3. Hello ! ☺️ Bon ça roulait pas si mal sur le pont d'Aquitaine et la rocade bordelaise…. Tu es passé pas loin de chez moi, je suis bordelais ☺️

  4. bonjour patrick , que de bons souvenirs , ah l'Espagne dépaysement assuré .hé oui les co..s il y en a partout ,je crois bien que c'est eux qui font les lois et qu'ils te disent comment tu dois faire mais chut …… bon courage et bonne route fieux amitiés d'un ch'ti du 28 .

  5. Merci Mr Patrick de partager à l'époque je passais par chez toi j'étais en frigo fleurs fraîches depuis l Italie Arma di taggia pour Aalsmer et on vidait 1 partie au min de Bruxelles enfin bref 1 petit bonjour d Antibes si tu viens 1 jour aux alentours you welcome take care

  6. Good afternoon Patrick, any chance of leaving the sudtiteles on the screen for a few seconds more Iam finished reading it all then it goes cheers. Take care keep it shiny side up 👍

  7. Awesome! Thank you Patrick! Sorry you lost the filming on the SD card. Great to hear you laughing at that song! 😄 Take care! Bonne route! ☕🍩🚚🚛🚛👍

  8. Salut patrick jolie 2eme partie dommage pour la suppression du fichier ça arrive😁😁
    À bientôt pour la 3eme bonne route

  9. I know that route well its part of the way we go to Malaga after every Christmas but being in a 4 x 4 we avoid the toll and go through Bayonne. I will remember the Routiers truck stop for a very long time, the meal we had there will go down as one the worst meals ever, I left most of it. Take care Pat

  10. Merci Patrick. Encore une excellente vidéo. Sincèrement, tu ferais des vidéos de plusieurs heures, on s'en lasserait pas😊. Je suis abonné à plusieurs routiers et tu es un des seul dont je regarde les vidéos intégralement. Je pense que nous sommes nombreux dans ce cas. Continue de nous faire voyager

  11. Si je me trompe pas il y a un moment que tu n'avais pas fait un tour comme ça?super vidéo. Dommage pour les vidéos perdues mais comme on dit y a que ceux qui font rien…..alors a la suivante👍salut Patrick

  12. Salut Patrick. Toujours cool de regarder tes vidéos. Perso moi ça me détend😊 Merci de nous faire partager ton quotidien qui ne doit pas toujours être facile malgré tout. Keep on trucking 👍

  13. Hi Patrick, for the next time just in cross the frontier take n121 to Pamplona. It's a national road but it is good. Try it. Thanks for the video and be safe.

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