Dominos Employees Reveal The One Thing You Should Never Order

Dominos Employees Reveal The One Thing You Should Never Order

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Domino’s is world famous for its pizza, but
according to some employees, there’s one thing you should never order from the chain’s menu:
sandwiches. Wait, Domino’s has sandwiches?! “What the f— does that have to do with pizza?” Actually, the fact that most people don’t
know Domino’s even has sandwiches is one big reason you should never order them, as according
to one Reddit user claiming to be a Domino’s employee, the ingredients often go bad before
they have a chance to be used. “At Domino’s, don’t order the Philly steak
or American cheese, it’s only used on the sandwiches and one specialty pizza, so it
usually goes bad…” Usually, of course, the ingredients are thrown
out once they have gone bad, but do you really want to risk getting food that’s somewhere
in the process of going bad? There’s no one in the world that wants to
eat steak and cheese that’s gone past their prime, after all, except maybe Oscar the Grouch. “I love it because it’s trash!!” Additionally, there are a lot of people on
Reddit who are of the opinion that Domino’s subs just aren’t worth it even when the ingredients
are fresh. Why? According to one Reddit economics expert,
it comes down to a simple cost analysis. “They are priced too high to be worth it to
me. You could get a medium pizza instead and have
way more food.” A look at their app says there is some truth
to this argument. Prices vary by location, of course, but their
sandwiches tend to ring in at about $7.50. Their medium pizzas usually cost around $11. But Domino’s often have a promotions that
give customers a medium pizza with multiple toppings for anywhere from $7 to $10. Sure, the pizza still costs a little more,
but it’s also bigger, which gives you the benefit of potentially having leftovers as
well. And leftover pizza is great, especially compared
to leftover sandwiches, which is something nobody wants. Like the president says, when you’re hungry,
you want pizza. “Cheesus Crust, I’m hungry!” Plus, some Reddit taste experts believe the
Domino’s sandwich is also subpar for the palate, not just the wallet. “Sandwiches there remind me of something you’d
get out of a vending machine. Open plastic packaging and microwave thusly.” Others agreed, with another Reddit food critic
saying, “Their sandwiches taste really cheap, like
it’s all made of fake cheese and meat.” And then another Reddit culinary expert opined
that, “the bread is covered in some greasy oil butter
stuff.” There’s a reason for that, though. Eat This, Not That! took a closer look at
Domino’s sandwiches, and found they can, at best, only loosely be described as sandwiches. Why? Because they’re more accurately described
as pizza toppings piled on strange bread. “the Italian was Domino’s, cause it tastes
like a pizza sandwich!” That “greasy oil butter stuff” coating the
bread that Redditors found super disgusting is actually a combination of soybean oil and
salt, which is just weird. Who wants slimy bread? Even worse than the texture is what it does
to the nutritional numbers. Every one of those sandwiches comes loaded
with a huge amount of sodium, with each sandwich containing close to the American Heart Association’s
whole daily recommendation for sodium intake. You’re also looking at eating your daily limits
when it comes to fat with most of these sandwiches. The healthiest option is the Mediterranean
Veggie, and it’s really only healthy if you cut the 8-inch sub in half and save some for
later… or share with a friend. It might be a different story if Domino’s
was the only chain in the sandwich game, but they’re definitely not. There are so many other chains that are doing
sandwiches, and doing them so much better, that there’s really no reason to order a sub
from Domino’s if that’s what you’re really craving. Go somewhere that specializes in fresh ingredients
and getting their subs right, and you’ll dodge the regret that comes with ordering one from
Domino’s. That’s not to say that Domino’s didn’t try. According to AdAge, Domino’s made a huge push
with their sandwiches back around 2008, and when they debuted this particular addition
to their menu, they were trying to become a serious player in the sandwich game. “are you ready to turn to one of the nation’s
major pizza chains to order subs?” “Here we go – Domino’s is making a big bet
that you are” But in order to do that, they seemed to feel
they needed to come up with something that no one else was doing… and while they did,
they also inadvertently proved that just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s better.


  1. I worked for one for a long time. I am not a fan of their sandwhiches, but they sell like crazy. Also, the philly meat wouldn't last in a container tops 6 hours. We couldn't keep enough prepped. So, while I agree in some areas. A good portion of this information is askew.

  2. Now they have an even more expanded menu. I am sure its about the same. In my opinion they need to work on better pizza, leave the rest alone.

  3. All food is in the process of going bad lol

    What a stupid thing to write

    I would disagree. The sandwiches were always “fresh”. Meaning everything at dominos is kinda the same.

    I would say at my time I time the desserts items were bad

  4. I regularly order them and have never had a complaint. Whoever those reddit users are must not hold themselves to high standards, though if management and owner drops the ball not much an employee can do with ingredients. I’ve been in food service for a decade. We date our products. I don’t work their but restaurant standards are the same across the board. It’s not some kitchen nightmares television drama of some horror show in every kitchen. Kitchens are pretty meticulously cleaned ever night. If it’s not the manager should be fired on the spot. Also for the past few years every time I order the sandwiches are prominently displayed in the graphic on the home page so I’m pretty sure everyone knows they sell them.

  5. this is false asf. i’m a manager at dominos and EVERY thing has to be dated every day. if it’s the day of we still throw it out. i’m guessing you had a bad experience w a sandwich here.

  6. Another Reddit culinary expert opined that "the bread is covered in some greasy oil butter stuff." Sounds like an culinary expert to me

  7. You shouldn’t order anything from Dominos. Their pizza is cooked in a conveyor belt oven and is thick and doughy

  8. One thing not to order from dominos is anything on the menu. There one here in town is so fucking trashy. Found a hair in my breadsticks. Took them back they tried to say it wasn’t their hair. I have short hair and was the only one home I told them. They still denied it was their hair. I looked at an employee not wearing a hat making a pizza and asked if it could be hers. They said no. I asked them to replace it and they said they would have to charge me since it wasn’t their hair. I then grabbed the hair lifted it up to show them that it was baked into the bread and not just laying on it. Fuck dominos they used to be number one. Now they are just trash.

  9. Lol sounds like they ate at a dominos in the boondocks. Ive Never seen these oily breads or tasteless sandwiches

  10. No the ingredients dont go bad and get used. And all the toppings are used on pizzas we have people order the philly meat on pizzas regularly. So not sure where the alleged employee works but maybe they have a local issue someone needs to look into. And the whole it's on it's way to going bad is ridiculous to even say. Because really everything you eat is aging so everything is going bad that you have in your pantry or refrigerator. Still eating it I bet. Now if you want to complain they cost too much or you dont like the taste then that's another thing. But we have people who order them all the time and like them.

  11. I don't eat Domino's, but why is Mashed attacking Domino's? Did they forget to deliver the cheesesticks? Grow up and move on

  12. How did Reddit, or one user on reddit became a good source on anything? That's like also saying Wikipedia is a good site for a research paper. Also, no one on reddit is an expert! Stop using them as a source!!!

  13. I order the sandwiches because everyone else is getting pizza and I don't want f'ing pizza and I like the sandwiches. Why TF are you just reading me Reddit. Dominoes is a better value than watching this YouTube channel. Unsubscribing. I want those minutes back.

  14. I'm the General Manager of a Domino's in Ohio. Almost everything in this video is incorrect. Next time do some actual research instead of just reading some drunk idiots Reddit posts.

  15. I don't care what you say, I'm still going to order the Chicken Habanero sub! It's the best! It has a very nice mixture of sweet and spicy!

  16. where i live in ohio medium pizzas are only $5.99 each if you order atleast 2. Thats cheaper than a large and then me and my husband can each order what we want instead of agreeing. But he still ends up eating half of mine lol.

  17. I've had a Domino's sandwich once–in 2010 and only after working a 14-hour day. It was a chicken parm and tasted fine. That aside, the chain definitely has reinvented itself save for some misfires like in the video.

  18. I can say first hand that the Philly steak pizza is actually pretty damn good. Also, the rationale of why not to get it is really dumb. First off, food is always in the process of going bad. It's perishable. That happens. If you didn't want to eat something because of that, don't go to a restaurant anywhere.

    Second… most toppings aren't on more than one or two items on a menu at a pizza place. I think pepperoni is only on three items on the Dominos menu. Does that mean you shouldn't eat it? Steak is only on two items at Subway. My girlfriend is a manager there and they sell more steak than almost anything else, because people add it to all sorts of things. I add steak to my pizza at Dominos and I can't be the only one. I've had steak from there maybe 25 times. Never been bad or made us sick. Just saying. Not that I think anecdotal evidence is definitive proof, but this literally is just anecdotal evidence saying don't buy the steak because one guy who worked at Dominos said it goes bad and then they throw it out. Which is literally what happens to all food at all restaurants ever.

    Fyi, price is DEFINITELY too high for the subs. No doubt. That's why I recommend the Philly pizza. However, the argument that it's basically not sandwich is just dumb. Pizza toppings on weird bread? I mean, that's literally all a sandwich is. Toppings on bread. In no way, shape or form could they "barely" be considered sandwiches. They might suck, but they're definitely sandwiches.

  19. Yeah. Reddit users said it so it must be true. The american cheese and philly steak never go bad at dominos. It would survive a month on the sodium alone if we already) didn't go through it like crazy!
    And Dominos never said these were traditional subs or hero sandwiches. They're little $6 unhealthy, crusty pockets of joy.

  20. They should just take the two slices of bread and put pizza toppings on them, cook them and you got two slices of bread as pizzas. Or just do garlic bread

  21. This a bull blank story. Even shows a.old add with sandwich we done even serve for 20 years. Talks about toppings, same thing we put on pizzas. Story act like separate. Same fresh and yummy for pizzas or tasty sandwiches. I hope you got you numbers for money for advertising. That the real reason for this post

  22. One time when I worked at Domino's, somebody call for a sandwich. After I place that order, I went "ugggggh!" That means I have clean the countertops to prep the sandwich, find the bread in the back of the freezer, clean the heating oven, then I have to make that sandwich with cheese, meat, and vegetables, then I have to clean the baking oven to get rid of the pizza atmosphere, place the sandwich there, then I have to find the sandwich box that it in the bottom of the basement, then I ran back up with the box, take the sandwich from oven to box, drive to the address, but when I got there, they changed their mind. 😶. All that hard work preparing for that stupid thing and then they decided they didn't want it? [Out of breath, fainted]

  23. Lies! I work at a dominos and the only truth is that it’s kind of not worth it. Philly steak is also used on make your own pizza. I’m sure this might be true at slower stores.

  24. So someone went and read a Reddit thread on Dominoes Pizza and created this video. Therefore this video is, literally, nothing but hearsay and subjective views and not fact or truth.

  25. This is EXTREMELY false. Everything is dated and is thrown out when out dated. And what’s on the bread is just butter.
    Edit: the buffalo sandwich is pretty bomb if you like spice lol

  26. False: As an ex-manager at Domino's the American cheese goes on the Philly and Mediterranean sandwich and both the Philly and Buffalo chicken pizza. The "butter" for the bread isn't the best thing for you but it makes sure the bread doesn't burn on the top. The comment about toppings in the process of going bad is also asinine.

  27. Nah this isn’t right- all the stuff used on sandwiches is constantly being used on other products, nothing is specific really expect the bread which is cut the same day it’s used. Also the philly steak is a less common topping but actually, at least in my area, more common than you’d expect.

  28. You should try DoorDash, it's an awesome food delivery service. Get $7.00 off your next order when you sign up with this link:

  29. Former dominos employees can say not true I personally enjoy the philly steak there are coupons for the price and things aren't used when go bad or are close not defending dominos cause I dont give 2 shits but I will state my experience 👌

  30. Wtf I worked at a Domino's and everything is dated. Every morning we would prep and date. Please stop with this foolishness

  31. My ex-roommate was a driver for Domino's. He brought back left over pizza, pasta and sandwiches from work all the time. I thought they were good.

  32. HOLD UP! This is completely Bullshit.

    The Phili sandwich is the best selling sandwich on the sandwich menu. All the sandwhich fixings are treated the same as everything else. If it expires it gets thrown away.

  33. The sandwich and pasta (including but not limited to…Pasta bread bowl.) One thing I gotta be honest about is…I've had "philly cheesecake pizza from other CHAIN pizza places and they were ALL NASTY!) PLEASE keep in mind I said CHAIN pizza places.

  34. This is absolutely wrong. I work at dominoes and we sell about 50-75 sandwiches a day and the ingredients are always fresh. Dont ding on something you dont know about

  35. As a gm of a dominos i can tell you this is not true sandwich’s are one of my most popular item

  36. this is not true. we use our the same toppings on the sandwiches as we do on the pizzas and we are completely anal about spoiled products. everything is labeled with a final day of use date. the product is by no means high quality, but it is what it is…you get what you pay for. elevate your food game 'MURICA!

  37. This is so false.
    The toppings used for sandwiches is the SAME toppings used for the pizzas and pastas. Philly can (and is) used all the time as ordered. Also American cheese is actually used on 2 specialty pizzas. I work there and eat the sandwiches all the time.

  38. Overpriced? Jack in the box' sourdough is 8 for a sandwich where any of the subs with the free coupon is 5.99. even firehouse you're looking at $13 for a foot long.

    That being said, their Italian and meatball sandwiches are my most favorite things to eat if you don't include rare 12 oz ribeye or sushi and sashimi.

    I think you should stop using Reddit for your market research

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