Dollar Tree Organization Ideas for 2019

Dollar Tree Organization Ideas for 2019

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– Now, while Target is still Mecca, let me tell ya, the Dollar Tree is coming in hot with some great things for just one dollar. Seriously, I left the
dollar store under $30. Who’s ever left Target under $30? (light music) Welcome back or, hi, if you’re
new here, my name is Trena and, on this channel, I’m creating videos to just help you, as a mom,
simplify and organize motherhood so you can finally
enjoy being a mom again, because, let’s be real,
being a mom is #surviving. Now, while I do love a
good Target shopping trip, sometimes Target can get a
little bit pricey, I mean, give me a hands up emoji
down in the comments if you’ve ever left
Target under $50, right? So I went down the rabbit
hole here on YouTube looking at all these
amazing Dollar Tree hauls and I thought, I’m gonna
try that for myself. I want to start getting my
house organized in 2019, that’s one of my goals
and one of the things that I’m gonna be sharing more
here on my channel with you, so if you want to see more on how to organize and simplify your house, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and hit that bell notification so you know when one comes out. But that is one of my goals,
to get things more organized and I don’t want to
spend hundreds of dollars on organization things. So I headed to the Dollar
Tree to see what I could find and, let me tell you, I struggled. Now, a lot of things that I did buy today, I am gonna be using in new videos that I’m creating for this channel, so I can’t wait for you
to see what I bought and then how I actually used them. So one of my first tasks
in my house organized is my office, my home office. Because I really spend
a lot of my time there. I work every Monday
through Thursday in there and things are getting
pretty bad in there. One of the things that I
really hate about those desk or drawer organizers
is that they slip around or they don’t stay in place and Dollar Tree had the solution. The first thing that I
found at the Dollar Tree were these little long bins. I guess you want to call ’em bins and they have feet on the bottom, so they’re going to
stick when I put them in. I’m hoping to use these
in my office, in my desk, to keep my pens or washi tape or figuring out what to use this in and I bought two of these for just $2. Now, I totally fell in
love with these things, so I bought them in just
about every size they had, so here’s a smaller size. You can see the difference
between the two. I have a long desk drawer and I also have two shorter desk drawers, so I’m hoping that will fit better in
the shorter desk drawers and this will fit better
in the longer desk drawers. Paperclips, post-its, I’m
a huge post-it person, so those are the things I’m
thinking about putting in here. And I’m also thinking
about using some of these, going back to the Dollar Tree, and putting some of these
in my bathroom drawers and also in my kitchen,
so, I can’t wait to see how they work out in my desk first and then go back and buy some more. These little containers were super cool because these are going to be perfect for those little things or
those binder clip type things. I think these are gonna
be really great, too, in the bathroom for hair
ties and hair clips. Me and my daughter, you know,
obviously have a collection of hair ties and clips. I am really excited about finding these guys these right here. Next thing that I found
was this clear plastic one. I was hoping to get clear ones instead of the white
ones, but I was really excited about the foot on those,
so that they wouldn’t slip. This, as you can see, doesn’t have a foot. I know I’ve bought some of
these type desk organizations from Target before and
they tend to slide around and so I’m not sure
how well these will do. I think if I can find
a tight spot for them or if I can put this in the desk and then kind of block
it in with some of these so it doesn’t slip around,
that might be the solution. And this one’s just a
three-section organizer, again, to put potentially hair
ties maybe for the bathroom or Q-tips or, I don’t know. I’m just ready to get my life organized. Now I’m not 100% sure what I’m
going to be using with these but these cute little baskets,
they came in a pack of three. Again, if everything can have its place instead of me just
throwing it into the desk and it going all over the place, if I can have specific
places to stick things whether it may be my lapel mic or my camera batteries or my camera cards, again, and it’s all gonna be in one place instead of scattered
throughout the desk drawer, so, again, watch that
desk organization video to see what I actually do
with these and how they work. The next thing isn’t so
much organization themed, but it was something I saw
and something I needed. So it was this bucket. The other day I had gone
down to the basement to clean up the floor and
my husband just had a bucket that was in the garage and
it had cobwebs and spiders and I don’t do spiders and
so I wasn’t very happy that the only bucket we had in the house came from the garage,
so I bought two of these and what I plan to do is
I’m gonna keep one of these, obviously, in the basement. We just have concrete floors down there, so to scrub that up,
to clean it using this, and then also keeping it upstairs here as a bucket to clean the bathroom floors, clean the showers, so that way we have buckets on each level of the house and not have to worry
about dragging a bucket up and down the steps, plus, this was a kind of matte
black looking bucket, and, as you can see, in my house, I tend to avoid a lot of colors and so it just fit
aesthetically in my house. All right, this last item, I saw at the first Dollar
Tree that I went to and they were all sold out, so yes, I went to a second
Dollar Tree to find these and I was so glad because I can’t wait to bust into these and use these in the next video that I’m doing. So it’s these canvas totes. Like, you’ll see these at Target. They’re usually $5, $10, $15. They were a dollar at the Dollar Tree. So you see they just have
the little handles here, you pull them out, I
actually will open this. They’re not super fancy,
but you know what? I will be able to throw the Legos in here, I will be able to throw
the blocks in here, DVDs, and so it’s just a lot
easier for me to clean up if specific toys have their bins and we can slide them into
the cabinet and it’s all done. Again, I went to two Dollar Store Trees to find the black ones. They had a lot of the brown colored ones, but the black ones were
particularly difficult for me to find where I’m at. I want to hear from you, what are you planning to organize here? The new year is right around the corner. I know a lot of us have
goals and resolutions to get more organized. So what’s the first room in your house you’re planning to organize in 2019? Like I said, I am jumping
over to my office right now to go organize that and then
I’m going down to the playroom, so those are kinda my two big items, so I want to hear from
you down in the comments. What are you organizing first? Don’t forget, if you want to see what kind of planner that I’m using and how I get my schedule figured out so that I can manage all this, click the video that’s
on your screen right now and don’t forget to subscribe
for new videos every Saturday on how to organize and
finally simplify your life. Thanks for watching, bye.


  1. I’m obsessed with the Dollar Tree!! That is where I get all of my organizing stuff for my YouTube channel organizing videos. Quick tip for you for those drawer dividers, get some poster putty (from Dollar Tree) and put it in on the bottom of dividers it will keep them in place in your drawer I just did this in my recent bathroom hacks video.

  2. Awesome, Trena! You can also go to Dollar Tree online and order; they have lots more options and some things I've never seen in my local store. Check out Clutterbug here on YT. She's got some great tips for defining your organizing style and then setting up systems. She's a mom like you and I think you'll appreciate her style if you haven't seen her already. (Lots of simple tips and tools and Dollar Tree everything)! 🙂

  3. I don't have an office, or even a desk! I put my laptop on the dining room table, and now it is super cluttered (which we have to clear before eating). Until I can move, can you suggest something to help with this? I have a YouTube channel and website I'm trying to manage while having no space.

  4. Double-sided tape will hold those bins in place nicely. Or you can get rolls of rubber stuff in IKEA to line drawers, shelves, etc. It's $4 and is so handy for stopping things from sliding but also to prevent scuffs and marks:

  5. Hi, Treena. Just found your channel and am looking forward to your organization videos. Suggestion on the clear plastic tray (with no feet), you can buy at the Dollar Tree, putty that is used to hold pictures in place. If you take a small amount and roll into a ball, it will stick to the tray and the drawer. Happy Holidays!

  6. Everyone gives Dollar Tree so much credit, I’m a Target shopper, but… WalMart has tons of organizing items!! And they are super CHEAP! In the beginning you showed those long bins for a dollar each. At WalMart you can get stuff like that for 2 or 3 for $1. Remember, anything without lids are going to get dusty and dirty!! I organized my entire house few years ago, it’s not fun pulling out bins without lids, taking everything out and cleaning them. I have all lids on my bins for my bathrooms. Trust me, you’ll find out later on. WalMart has a great selection of bins with lids. Even if it cost just a tad more, it’s worth it. People who bought stuff like this from Target or elsewhere are stupid people. Their not thinking smart. I don’t understand people many times. Target is my fav store, but Dollar Tree and Walmart are great for things like this. I’m not ashamed of going in WalMart occasionally for things I know will be cheaper, I’m extremely picky what I buy from there. But I’m smart on how to save money. Something else I never understood was how people haven’t organized in some areas of their house. I’ve been doing this for years! It only made sense to me to have organizers for my desk drawers, bathroom, linen closet etc… I think those totes are great. I’ll have to pick some of them up for a closet. No they are not fancy, but they are not going in my living or dining room, just a closet so I’m good. Excellent for organizing toys!!

  7. Great video!! I live for the Dollar Tree!! Just found your channel as I was doing some research. Just subbed your channel…..I also have a channel that focuses on cleaning and organization – would love for you to check it out.

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