Developer Update | Pink Mercy Charity Event | Overwatch (EU)

Developer Update | Pink Mercy Charity Event | Overwatch (EU)

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer that affects women worldwide. Many of us on the Overwatch team have friends and family who have been personally affected by this devastating disease. We’ve decided to partner with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to try to make a difference. As you know in Overwatch, Mercy is a symbol of helping and healing – and therefore we’ve decided to introduce a brand-new Mercy skin, called Pink Mercy, today through May 21st with proceeds benefiting the BCRF. The BCRF is the world’s leading private funder of breast cancer research and we’re really hoping to make a difference. We know how motivated and inspirational the gaming community can be, and we would love to see you join us in this effort. Not only will the skin be available through
May 21st, but we’ll also have a pink t-shirt available on the gear store benefiting this cause, as well as running charity streams that will feature influencers with the opportunity for you to unlock unique sprays and player icons – all benefiting the cause. The world needs heroes now more than ever. And we thank you so much for joining us in this cause.


  1. I'm so sorry jeff I don't have money now to buy the mercy skin I woude love to help out cause I love that you guys are doing this but I don't have money :c

  2. Cancer research is always a great thing to donate to. Right now we have in my family 2 who are fighting cancer atm, so ofc I will support <3

  3. I don't play overwatch much anymore however, this is a brilliant idea I will gladly help support ❤️

  4. I like Jeff and all, but wouldn't it be great if the lead designer or designers who created this Mercy skin said a few things as well? Just saying..

  5. "Mercy is a symbol of helping and healing" so jeff you actually do know she is suppose to be the main support healer…………so why have you nerfed her into the ground, on a side note i do think something like this is amazing but i agree with some other comments on here can we possibly get a skin for one of the male hero's to represent the severity of testicular cancer in the near future.

  6. The only devastating thing here are his crooked glasses, I just can't stop noticing how tilted they are

  7. How Blizz could make a difference ? Put a pink t-shirt and/or skin sale, donate etire revenue to the BCRF and double it with it's own money. Give back to community!

  8. BCRF might be non-profit but it only operates on research, how can they guarantee a possible cure or method will be developed or distributed without profit as well. Honestly I don't want anything to do with the pharmaceutical sector in the USA.

  9. And I thank you for bringing back the video card issue again with this patch. I could never see my grandma in person because of this disease, just like how I will never see me getting to plat if I keep getting disconnected just because I have AMD. Thanks Jeff.

  10. You only have to glance at a blizzard game to understand how much breasts mean to them.

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  12. this video makes me even more mad at fkin blizzard,, choosing pharma pill/money/animalAgriCULTure.. over cruelty free

  13. My mum just finished her treatment for breast cancer last week…things like this really make me happy, we should have more things like this….nice one blizzard.

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