Couples Swap Jobs For A Day • Ned & Ariel

Couples Swap Jobs For A Day • Ned & Ariel

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– I feel like I’m getting
the raw end of this deal. – So this week, Ariel
and I are switching jobs. – Oh God. – Oh boy. – I come up a lot of video
concepts that Ned never uses, and I’m like, why don’t we use that and he is like because “it’s not good”. After glitter beards came out, I decided it would be a really good idea to do sticker beards. – That doesn’t even make sense. Ariel is self employed,
she owns her own business, she works from home,
there are some days where Ariel says “oh, it got lonely”. – Neds always like “but
you get to be home all day” “so, that’s not that’s
not a problem, right?” – You can work in your pajamas. – So, I am so excited to be
working in his office all day. I’m gonna eat all the snacks. – Ariel says “oh, being
in an office is great” “you have free snacks”. But, I get free snacks at home, and those are snacks I actually like, ’cause I bought them. You know there’s a lot to it than just hanging out and getting snacks. – It’s gonna be like boop boop boop boop. I could probably film a video in like, an hour and a half,
something like that. – Ariel has no idea how
long videos actually take. She might be able to
get away with convincing other people to do work for her. Ariels actually great at that, maybe she’s a better producer than I am. Nah, I’m just f*cking with
you, she’s gonna be terrible. Let’s bring on the fireworks. (subtle playful music) Oh, why hello, you were
there the whole time. Hi, Bean. – This stuff does not
need to live on his desk, so we’re gonna clean up first. – Good boy, good job Bean, you went potty. – These aren’t important right? – [Coworker] What? Yeah, they’re really important. – Well, he can find them tomorrow. – What’s Ned up to today? – He’s doing my job. – Ooh, you know what? I am gonna put in a little note, yes! – He’s buying antiques and
selling them to rich people? – Yeah. – But Ned has horrible taste. – Just got two horse heads for $50. Is that a good deal? – Uh, yeah. – That’s an animal. – So, we need to make in a day. – Do you know how to edit? – Nope. – Do you know how to shoot? – Nope. – Dear Karen, we hope you enjoy your silver plated candle holder. – If you don’t know any of that stuff, then you better have a really
really really good idea. – I’m surprised you got hired. – You guys know glitter beards, right? – Right.
– Yes. – Okay, now is the time to
do my idea, sticker beards. (crickets chirping) (fun whistling music) – Okay, so table the sticker beards. One thing that’s really in right now, all these pillows have tassels on them. – Tassels or string
tassels are in right now. – I don’t have any
friends to eat lunch with. – Hey Eugene, how’s it going? – [Eugene] Wassup? – Not too much. – How do I shoot a Nifty video? – I recommend the 180mm
lens, not top down, but three quarters, so
you can get a bit more — – 180 milliliter lens. – So now, I’m going to inventory
the pieces that I bought, as well as the ones that Ariel bought. So, how would I describe these? – Hey, girl.
– Hi. – Can you help me out?
– What’s up? – I’m looking for a room called Jackson. – Oh yeah, I can take you. – Pair of mid-century
brass horse head book ends, wooden racket, it’s like a
swan, I would say it’s a swan. – Where’s Ned?
– He’s home. – He’s home making stuff?
– Yes. – I feel like Ned’s handy. – That doesn’t seem good at all. – So, you’re saying that I
have all the things I need in this room, right it’s like a game? – Oh! – Nope! – That looks kinda ugly. – I have all the doubts that
this is gonna be terrible. I’ll do this, I’ll do this if you guys really want me to do this. (making kissing sounds) – Bag tassel, We’re done. – I thought I had a
couple more hours left, but I literally just looked at the clock, and the day is almost over. – See, that’s pretty good lighting right? – Yeah, looks great, nice and even. – I feel like I was being productive, but I guess I was playing
with Bean some of the time. Sit, yes, good boy, good boy Bean. – I could stay and edit this, but it’s not my job. – We swapped jobs for a day,
it was harder than I expected. It’s tough being your own boss. I think what you do is really cool. That you’ve built your own business. – Well, your job was is real hard. It was mentally challenging. There’s a lot of things that you do behind the scenes that
I do not even realize. I feel like sticker beards could get made. I don’t think I am the person to make it. – I think it’s really awesome
that you brought your talent and your skill into what I do.
– Thanks, honey. – I really admire what you do, but I’m glad it’s not what I do, because I would get fleeced
all the time at the markets. It’s nice to leave work at work. – Yeah, you’re my best friend.
– You’re my best friend.


  1. It's tough being your own boss is what ned said but now he has his own successful channel with his own friends.

  2. Ned: you can get free food from home and its the food i like coz i bought it.

    Free food that was bought? Confusion

  3. Ariel: “At least I get free snacks”
    Ned: I get FREE snacks at home but I actually like them because I BOUGHT them.
    Me: ?????

  4. “I can get free snacks at home and those are actually snacks I like because I bought them” um Ned honey that means they weren’t free smh🤦‍♀️

  5. Ned- “but I have free snacks at home”


    Ned- “because I bought them”😂

  6. "I get free snacks at home and those are snacks I like because I bought them." I think Ned needs to learn what the word free means.

  7. ned said “we have free snacks at home and it’s ones i like because I buy them”

    where does that make sense….

  8. In the beginning Ariel looks like she has no idea what she’s doing and Eugene is like “wtf is she doing here????”

  9. I think Ned did half ass job on purpose. Cause hes got ti be at home already knowing what and how she buys. This is a bogus video.yo.

  10. At the beginning of the vid the man said “I get free snacks at home and I like them because I BOUGHT them” if they were bought the how are they free

  11. I feel like all people or creators that leave BuzzFeed and start their own are kind of stealing customers . They got famous because of BuzzFeed and their database and fanbase and when they thought they could earn more by doing the same but alone . They started their own but it feels bad because I work in a company and when people leave and start their own the Same , it feels like they stole connections from us.. like try guys or safiya did or many more..

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