Community, what does it mean to you? Thank you Elgin, Scotland! | Kati Morton

Community, what does it mean to you? Thank you Elgin, Scotland! | Kati Morton

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Hey everybody. So I am in Elgin, Scotland still. And I thought that it kind of seemed, Not appropriate to put out just
a regular Monday video, Where I am chatting with you about a different
mental illness or something like that. Because this week has been pretty awesome. And, you know when you have
experiences in your life, Where you really feel
like it’s changed you. It’s somehow changed your DNA. And like who you are. And I think the resounding phrase that’s
come to my mind this whole week, Is community. And not only do I love you, all of you. And our community has really
risen to the occasion. Sharing, retweeting, hopping on meerkat. Like really embracing inspiration week. And that made me so proud. I was so excited. It was great to come here and feel like
I’m also bringing all of you with me. And there is nothing, There is no great, There needs to be another
word other than thank you. Because it’s so much more than that. And also. The community here in Elgin
has been so welcoming. We’re outside The Drouthy Cobbler. Which has become one of the places
that Sean and I hang out most. To grab a coffee. Or afterwards, after being at
the youth cafe to grab a beer. They have been wonderful. And everyone has just
welcomed us with open arms. And allowed us to see
part of their community. And I think it’s important for all of us, To sometimes hop offline. Get out. See people. Hug people. Communicate face to face. Because I have to tell you that
when I was doing the meet-up, There was nothing more, warming,
heart-warming to me, Than to meet you face to face. And to actually give you a real hug. And to talk to you. And communicate about what’s going on. And to get feedback about things
that you feel are important. That I may be missing. Because we’re in this together right. I say that all of the time. But I really felt it here in Elgin. That we’re all in it together. This community is in this together. And it was really really great for
me to take a little step back, Get out of my comfort zone. Get out of my country. See another place. And be reminded yet again
that no matter where we go, We’re all the same. And we all need people around
us that are supporting us. Rooting for us. Getting excited. Coming together for a cause. And being in Elgin has just really
highlighted that for me. And reminded me how
important community is. So I encourage all of you, Get out today. Get out this week. Check in with people around you. What’s in your community? Who are some people you
should connect with? Who you should reach out to. Give a real hug to. Sit down face to face over coffee
and talk about what’s going on. Because there’s nothing better than that. And I want to thank
all of you who came out. It was wonderful to meet
all of you face to face. And Sean and I will be
heading back to the States. And I will be back on my regular schedule. So don’t worry, a video
will come out on Thursday. But I encourage all of you, Get out of your comfort zone. Go see what’s in your community. Subtitles by the community


  1. Is it crazy that I've lived in England for my whole life and never been to Scotland. It looks beautiful though, hope you're having a great time xx

  2. Aaah, I didn't know you were visiting Scotland Kati! This makes me sad, but I hope you've had a good time here! 🙂

  3. What you're doing is amazing. I think that you are very much so breaking the mental health stigma and I have no doubts that your name is going to be one to remember ❤️👊

  4. hehe I've never seen you in a winter jacket b4 … it's very cute though (of course… I mean, it HAS to be… after all YOU are wearing it 😉 )… Thanks for another great video! I'm from Switzerland and I've been watching your videos for about a year now and they've helped me a lot!!! Thanks again!

  5. this made me so happy! I haven't been to Scotland yet but one of the things that has made me happiest is to leave my comfortable nest and meet people across the country and across the world 🙂 I spent last summer in the most welcoming, healing place a 10hour plane ride away from home. I wasn't sure what it would bring, but the most healing thing in the world for someone who struggles with leaving the house is to get out there. adventure, connections: that's what life's all about, right? I'm going to save this video. thanks so much Kati!! I hope I get to meet you sometime xoxo

  6. I am so glad this has been such a positive and exciting experience for you. It was  really wonderful to get to connect with you on a personal level, despite the fact I got ridiculous word vomit and turned into a rambling idiot. There is so much power and connection in a hug! Safe travels 🙂 XX

  7. I really wanted to go and meet u but I'm down south-east in Hampshire so I couldn't go hope one day u be back in the UK 🙂 many thanks for your help in will continue to watch and learn 🙂 xo

  8. Hey,it's Ashleigh. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday and I'm glad that being in Scotland has been such a positive experience for you. I felt so blessed and I loved being in our wee group and sharing what's important to us about the topic of mental health. Thank you so much for taking my feedback into consideration and for listening and understanding me. Hope you like the necklace. Has the shortbread been devoured yet? Haha xxx

  9. Kati <3 I am hanging in there while I wait for mental health professionals to help me. I appreciate your videos so much. Thank you. Hanging in there. x

  10. Hey Kati welcome to Scotland, hope you have had/having fun. I'm from Ayrshire just south of Glasgow, I didn't realize you were here. Where else do you plan to travel?

  11. That is so amazing Kati. You have inspired so many people and have helped so many people throughout the world. When you were in Scotland I got out of my comfort zone and reached out to a high school mental health group in my community that wants to spread awareness of their campus. I gave tips and tricks on how to spread awareness and it was an amazing experience 🙂 thank you for being my inspiration Kati <3

  12. "Woke up this morning, I suddenly realized…we're all in this together…" – Ben Lee

  13. #KatiFAQ
    I want to know if being bullied in elementary can lead to suicidal thoughts in middle school thanks for the videos even if u dont reply

  14. I was telling my therapist that I think everybody judges me. She asked me if I think she judges me and I said no. She asked why and I said "because Kati said so" 😛

  15. Great to meet you here! I totally agree with what you say about getting out and about. It can become "safe" to stay inside and maybe spend hours online communicating about our problems, chatting etc…but sometimes we forget about the outside world where we can physically meet people, talk face to face, sometimes even distract from what our problems are. Can be really hard to do, but little steps…Well said! 🙂

  16. #KatiFAQ  Hi Kati, glad you had a great time in Scotland! My question is a bit long (sorry) but here goes: I am nearly 21 and nearly about to graduate from Uni (I'm from the UK). For financial reasons I'm going to have to go home and live with my parents for a while. I'm really anxious about this (although I don't actually have anxiety) because I've just spent two weeks at home with them for Easter Hols (Spring Break) and my depression and SH have got a lot worse which is a shame because I was finally starting to recover (I'm on anti depressants and I've found some that work for me and I'd be SH free for the longest time yet) and I feel like my parents might be one of my biggest trigger. Any advice for when I have to move home? I should probably add I will also have to change my therapist and my doctor (GP) who deals with my meds because I'm moving. Thanks and lots of love 🙂 xx

  17. Katie, im so glad ur trip went well. U look really inspired, and this was very inspiring!! I dont have much a community of ppl i can talk to here in Montreal. Wish i could experience smtg like u all did in Elgin. Thanks for this big wave of warmth and sunshine. Funny to c u in a winter coat 😉 xo

  18. This is a lovely video but it makes me sad as I can't get out and do all the things you talk about, the idea of it splits me, in an ideal world I would love to be brave and do that but in reality leaving the house and facing people makes me hide under my blankets and cry. I hate being agoraphobic, it's not a life.

  19. Awe, Kati! I'm glad you're having such a great time! 🙂 This is such a great video. Only, next time you go to Scotland, take me with you! 😀

  20. Hey Kati,
    In the Israeli army there is a saying "tomorrow we'll say tomorrow". It's a way of saying maybe the nearest future will suck but the further future will be ok. So the journal topic is "what are the things in the further future you are waitingexcited for" #JournalTopic

  21. #KatiFAQ
    Can over thinking about past bullying lead to suicidal thought and/or depression thanks for the videos even if u dont reply

  22. It wasn't until I stopped isolating myself from everyone, that I realised how loved I really am. I really identified with this video and totally agreed with what you were saying 100%. People are there, no matter how lonely you feel. Reach out, and take that hug or smile back at that stranger…it really gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. Thank you for all the work you are doing Kati. You have helped me in my recovery journey so much xxx. 

  23. I love this and I am trying my best to reach out to those people. So I have an eating disorder and my parents dont know and they just know that I have alot of friends from a town thats like 20 mins away and I know them because of connecting with this girl from that town that has an eating disorder as well. Shes in treatment and is trying her best but her and her best friend (another person that supports ger and I) play soccer with my friend from my town and I was going to go to one of their practices and meet them because they practice at my school. We have been planning this for a while and now its going to come true. Those 2 girls have saved my life and I cant thank them enough other than to meet them and hug them so much. And Kati you have saved my life and I cant thank YOU enough for that. I feel like the only therapist id ever want is you, I love you Kati❤ youve made me wanna do what u do for a living and always help me through those hard times.

  24. #KatiFAQ Hiya Kati I was just wondering have you ever had clients breakdown and beg you not put them into hospital when you know you have to and how do you cope with this situation? I love you and thank you so much for everything you do☺️

  25. I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill. Mental illness is a strong bond between us. We don't judge each other. I wish people in the outside community didn't judge us either.

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