Cigna New England Community Involvement

Cigna New England Community Involvement

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New England – covering over 71,000
square miles. Home to more than 14 million people. But this isn’t how we see
it. We see New England like this, on a more personal level because we live here,
too. It’s why the health of our community is so important to us and at Cigna we
know that to make true changes in health, you need to support the whole person –
body and mind – and community plays a big role in that. We’re proud to be working
with organizations that support the health of our neighborhoods. It’s just
one of the ways we’re planting roots for a healthier tomorrow. I think it’s
important for Cigna to have local roots in the community because it sends a very
strong message as a national company who does business here, that we are more
than that, that we care about what happens in the community, we are willing
to participate and give our time to make changes in the community and we are
going to align around those organizations that we think could be
very impactful. Without the support of somebody like a Cigna, we wouldn’t be
able to put on any programming for our members at all. What we’re really focused on from a
Cigna New England standpoint is making a difference in our local communities all
over the region. We’re just not a corporation that does business here. I think it’s great to see Cigna put some strong roots in the community. We give back to the community because we are the community.


  1. Cigna is breaking the law. This may seem silly for some but when you allow anyone to steal your rights
    It's nearly impossible to get them back. After paying 20grand a year for over 25 years now Cigna won't talk to you without recording the phone call. Sounds silly it's our right not to be recorded if we don't wish.
    What do they do with this recording? Why can't they turn it off? Is my SS number attached to the phone call?
    I can't talk to my insurance company I refuse to give up my rights. I explained I give no permission for you to record me. After 45min of them trying to turn off I hung up. Called back in a week. They must of spoke to there attorney they felt now that they were in the right. That depends on what state you are in. State 2A156A34 in nj is a one person consent. I don't conset!!! Even law enforcement can't do what they do.
    Get a warrant. Unbelievable that I have to give up my constitutional rights just to speak with a company that I pay. I won't give up I will win I don't want the money in a lawsuit I want the policy changed to not break the law not squash people's rights I want Cignaeducated.

  2. Cigna is breaking the law. After paying 20grand a year for 20plus years I can't speak to my insurance company with out recording the call? This in my state per 2A15634 is illegal. The first time I called I said I do not give permission to record. After 45min multi supervisor they couldn't turn it off. I hung up. Called back in a week. They must of spoke to there legal team they had a different demeanor. Said we can record I said I know the law you can't. May seem silly but when we give up our rights to our civil servants or to any one else we won't get them back. Are tools going away ? I will bring the heat that will not win. They have billions I have 50bucks. But what I have is law on my side and righteousness. Keep ya posted.

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