Chrissy Metz’s Pre-Fame Job Is Kelly’s ‘Personal Hell’

Chrissy Metz’s Pre-Fame Job Is Kelly’s ‘Personal Hell’

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– Thank you again for doing my pilot. You did me a solid. Nobody ever sees the pilot so you did it just to be kind. – No, I, cause I love you. – [Kelly] You’re nice. – I think you’re fantastic. – [Kelly] Well, I love you too. – And it was a year and a half ago? – It was a long time ago, yes. It actually was a very hard interview, my very first interview and I told this when I ran into you but like, your book This Is Me is all about your dad and things in your childhood and we have very similar childhoods. My father had died like, literally a day before this interview and so I was like sitting there. – No idea. – None of my crew knew so I was literally, they were like, we really want you to ask and I’m like, I think we’re good. I was like, I think we’re good, I think we’ve covered it and I’m like. – And we keep these emotions
right here, you and I. So… – So I was like, let’s
just bury it for now and then we’ll get back to it but no. Thank you so much. – It was my pleasure. – I know you’re so busy and it
was a very kind thing to do. – Busy, I’m busy? I don’t know how you can do what you do. – You are busy too, ma’am. – Well. – You are very kind to do my show. – Busy-ish compared to you, okay. – Oh no, you’re very nice
but what was your worst haircut as a child? – Well, here’s the thing. It wasn’t an accident. I wanted a rat tail. (audience laughs) And I got a rat tail folks. I got a rat tail. – Oh my God, it’s a rare
statement that you hear someone say I wanted a rat tail. – I was in fourth grade,
it wasn’t like last week. I was in fourth grade and
I was like, this is so cool and I could braid it. Nobody else had a rat tail, I was like, I am cutting edge. – [Kelly] You were. – I sure was. – Yes, you were country before
country was cool, for sure. – It was like a bowl
cut and it didn’t quite, it was not cute. – I had the bowl, that was my worst. It was literally, my
mom claims that my hair just hadn’t grown in, it was
just coming out like that but.. – Nah. – It looks like a bowl cut. – It was an accident. – Yeah, okay mom. – Right yeah, and then
I did the whole like, have you seen like they shave the head, like the back of the head? – I’ve shaved a whole
side before but my sister, when I was young in the 80s,
that was really big, right? People used to shave the
whole back but keep the top. – Yeah I did that in middle school. – Yeah, my sister did that. She’s cooler than me. – I thought it was so cool. – I wasn’t that cool. – I wasn’t either but I pretended. – So we also have so many similarities but you had a ton of jobs, before success. I did as well. – Yes. – How many? Or what was your most
fun or worst or what? – Well I of course, I worked at McDonalds, I sold sort of teeth straightening things and I was always in the back
drive through at McDonalds so every job was about being congenial and talking to people. – [Kelly] Yes. – But gosh, I taught
preschool for five years and that was so much fun. – I didn’t know that’s
where you were going. – Oh yeah, yeah. – That kind of sounds
like my personal hell. I love children, we have four and my mom was a teacher and I used to sit on her classes and I vowed
to never be a teacher. – Well 23 of them. – Yes, there’s so many of them
and there’s only one of you. – Right. And guys, they’re trying to be themselves and co-existing with other kids, it was really, it was so much fun but it was super
challenging, but very fun. – So have your southern roots helped you in this industry at all, you think? – I think, you know, I think in the south, people treat people kindly and I think that kind of
folds over into everything. You know, how you treat people is really the most important thing in life. – Yes. – But I think also there’s southern charm. I mean, you have it, it just oozes. – Well you have to have it sometimes or play the dumb card. – Or when you’re like
oh bless their heart. – Yeah, bless your heart and then you just really
want to talk crap about them. – You’re like… (audience laughs) People that like, cut you off in traffic. – [Kelly] Bless you. – Oh they’re probably on
the way to the hospital, somethin’s really wrong. But you know, I just try to, my step-daddy who I call
country come to town, he would always say really sweet things that would encourage you and support you and he would always say this one phrase. It’s a sad day when a frog cannot brag about his own lily pad. So … – What does that mean, I love it. – Right, right? – Cause he doesn’t have a lily pad? What does that mean? – No, it means that you should
be confident in who you are. – Oh I love that. – I know, right? – I’m stealing it. – Yeah so brag about your
own lily pads, y’all. – I love my lily pad. (audience applause) Yes. I love that saying, I’ve
never heard that one.


  1. Sooo, these need to be BFFs and form a squad.
    Vote: #Kessy
    They could have a day every year where Metson wears Stetson. 😉

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