1. This is what happens when you throw in Elton John, Meat Loaf, Chris Farley, Divine, GG Allin, Cartman and Martin Bryant in a blender to make the worst ever creation known to man that would make Frankenstein's monster attractive to all the ladies.

  2. our old pal Chris Chan is probably (judging from his observed attitudes towards women and gay people) an autogynephile; he more likely than not has absolutely no sex dysphoria, and is presenting as a woman and incorrectly using hormone treatments (hormone treatments is a stretch, last i checked he's not on any actual HRT, but an estrogen gel meant for post-menopausal women that he liberally slathers on himself) and no, i don't think he did this because he's actually gay; he's still observed to be immensely homophobic (this whole thing of autogynephiles being extremely homophobic is actually fairly common). he's not truly transsexual, he's simply a misogynistic homophobic fetishist who has gone from wanting to fuck the hot sexy girls to wanting to BE the "hot sexy girl"

  3. I don't even really think Chris is trans. His past remarks show that he hates heterosexual men as he blames them for stealing "his" chances at finishing the Love Quest and he has shown a peculiar sort of admiration for lesbians despite his virulent homophobia.
    I believe that Chris really is a male (and possibly gay) and him saying he's a woman is just an attempt to ignore the fact that as either a homosexual or heterosexual man, he is what he hates.

  4. I hope one of these days, Chris will actually pay the price for his idiotic acts and will spend many years living in prison.

  5. Chris Chan decided making the autistic community look like an absolute disgrace was enough, now he has to make a mockery of the T in LGBT

  6. The poor dude was nowhere fucking near Chris and even got out of its way. That does not compute into my head as to why something, anything, would do that. He posed absolutely no threat whatsoever. I don't understand that. Can someone perhaps fill us in on any more info if it has come to light after this incident?

    (And yes I am calling Chris an "it". He's hardly a grown arse man, and calling it a woman would be an insult to both cis and transgender women everywhere. Most of the trans people I know don't tend to be cunts. They're not lookers, but they're not cunts, and they're generally not retards…)

  7. wait I've been in that GameStop before I think, inst that one in apple blossom mall? me and my friend used to go there all the time and check out the video games every time we went to the mall together

  8. Piece of shit deserves a punch in the face for macing that poor guy just trying to earn a wage. Fucking free loading freak.

  9. My favorite part of this video is that even tho he was banned, clearly no one noticed or really cared that Chris chan was there until he made his presence known

  10. To think this is only the beginning of Chris Chan's pepper spray spree.
    To be continued this November with the Sonic Movie!

  11. This video proves that Chris Chan will never learns from his mistakes after all the incidents like:

    – burning his house when trying to make coffee in the bathroom

    – being infamous thanks to that blowdoll videos for BlueSpike

    – permanetly banned from "The GAMe PLACe"

    – the incidents of "TooManyGames" where he touched and kissed the guests before being kicked out at second day

  12. I'm calling it now, he's gonna do something very similar to this when the Sonic the Hedgehog movie comes out in theaters.

  13. Chris is so going to pull something similar to this when the 2019 Sonic film comes out (and possibly kills its franchise), hopefully then and there, Chris won't kill anyone and the Virginian lawmakers will finally have enough of letting him off the hook and finally lock him up for good, or maybe deport him somewhere…North Korea, maybe?

    And this wasn't the only offense he had committed at said Gamestop, he had also previously vandalized Sonic Boom merchandise there.

  14. It's too bad no one got footage of when Chris ran over the manager of that one game shop in charlottesville. I heard he was charged not only with assault to do great bodily harm but also "property damage of over $1000. Like damn, what did he do, drive his car through the front of the gamestop and run this guy down

  15. Paramount: there’s no need to change sonic’s design, it’s fine just the way it is.

    watches this video

    Paramount: hey sonic fans, thank you for being patient with us, we are proud to announce that we will be redesigning sonic the hedgehog

    #gottafixfast #sonicmovie

  16. So many A-Logs obsessing over hurting or killing a man that they've probably never met in their life in this comments section, it's kind of depressing really.

  17. Chris Chan is pretty much unindictable. Where in the hell are they going to find 12 "jurors of his peers"? Especially 12 of them that can sit still for more than 5 min and not reenact a Star Wars prequel.

  18. I remember when this first happened, it was the first time I had even heard about Chris. AlphaOmegaSin did a video about it.

  19. This is why I'm hardly into Sonic the Hedgehog anymore and as an asexual high functioning autistic girl; I don't want to be associated with people like Chris Chan, whether it be the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom or the LGBT+ community.

  20. if i was in the same state and city where he lives and when halloween comes, i will dress up as a gta sa ballas gangster and prepare a real ak47(ballas gangsters actually use it in gta sa gang warfare) and shoot him to death if i see him.

    i'm currently in saigon, vietnam

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