CHEAP Education in Europe and Asia – Where Can You Get It Almost for FREE?

CHEAP Education in Europe and Asia – Where Can You Get It Almost for FREE?

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Hello guys, welcome to my channel Today I have a guest and you already know him because we made a video about writing a motivation letter And if you haven’t seen it the link will be below Hi Walker Hello Walker is from the United States and he’s currently living in Russia and he’s helping students from all over the world to get into their dream university And today we’re going to talk not about American Universities I know a lot of people want to go to an American University It was also my dream to go there But there are a lot of opportunities in Europe in Asia to study in English to save money because for example Master’s degree in an American University will cost you around 60 k I studied in Germany I paid 73 euros for semester Compare 60 k and 73 euros For 73 euros I also got this pass which allowed to travel around Dresden where I studied. So there are a lot of opportunities to study in English in different countries and form your network there Today we’re going to talk about those universities Walker Right, so Marina talked about some of the pluses it can be a lot cheaper to study in Europe it’s free, of course you’ve got you’ve got to deal with living expenses what it’s going to cost and go back and forth but it’s cheaper Another plus is location You live close to Europe It might be more convenient Europe is a beautiful continent with lots of great places to study lots of good historical places for universities It also can be accessible It’s difficult to get a visa more difficult to get a student visa to go to the USA and especially Great Britain. It can be easier to get in to to study as a student Another important point is that if your interests lye in Europe or Asia you always form long term links and always set your roots down at these places and if it what you’re interested in going you want to just go there and study even if you don’t have a language you can study in English and pick up a language on the way There are two main centres where English is studied in Europe And in Asia, especially South-East Asia and China Chinese programs are going really fast Also because they have large English-speaking population Singapore and Malasia Australia has been… it’s an English-speaking country Australia is the biggest exporter of its educational system for a long time Others are also important especially as Asia and Asian economy grows Asian government are also heavily investing and try to improve their education Lots of places, lots of support building Universities where education is just in English I tried to break it down a little bit came out with famous Universities Ones that are affiliates to other Universities Ones that are fagious The famous ones are the ones that are long established that are mostly for local people so Universities bulit for the local population If you’re from those countries these are great places to study English language meduims but they are more for the local people They were designed for that Affiliants are the majority of the new programs They are where Universities like American University British University set up an affiliate creating the relationship with local University and they’ve built a campus Sometimes it’s a full separate campus Sometimes it’s like a department within the University And they have a cache they can issue diplomas from both Universities and therefore you come up with an American diploma There are ones which supposed to be English meduim education but they are fagious a local university has a lot of free students has created a private sector especially for foreigners that’s either a lot more expensive or where they managed to get some funding You have to be careful sometimes the education is not very good So you have to do a lot of quality check Just google university revies and see what people say I always advise my students to find people who’re studying there now through social networks or from your country from your field and write to them and say “what it’s like to study there?” People that know what it’s like to study there who you can understand have the same perspective You can see what they think It’s easy to do that on Linkdin, facebook Don’t be afraid to reach out to people Right, you have to make sure in quality and relevance Another important point is that degree has some value Sometimes in foreign countries they issue a degree from a foreign university that doesn’t really count in that country or that doesn’t apply in other countries You end up having a degree and you don’t know what to do Also these affiliates they may not wish to issue their diploma up the affiliate university and you’ve affiliate with an American University but you don’t have an American diploma You have to be very careful and be orientated Essentially these programs are growing in a rapid rate Middle East countries are building huge universities with their investments and all on the English language medium. If your English’s right, it’s the best place to consider and a growing and vibrant community is growing around the world We here to help Sure. Walker actually has a lot of students whose native language is not English who are studying in non-English countries but they’re studying in English sucessful You have a student in Italy who’s done Ms and Phd After PhD he got into a giant Italian bank He’s an economist Another student who finished engeneering degree in Aalto University in Finland In Finland Practically all other students are in Singapore all the students who have gone they are coming from Russia and from other countries have managed to get jobs and also make roots and establish themselves there This is really important You want to apply your skills you’ve learnt Please fill free to write down the comments which country you’re most interested in Germany has more than 800 programs in English and they’re free. Finland’s education is free and pretty much everything’s in English and everybody speaks English and Italy, all the Scandinavian countries university copenhagen has practically entire universities And French University There’s a very interesting variant in the south of France in the town Sophia Antipolis which is a very famous science university one of the grandes ecoles I have a students go there recently Fantastic place Fantastic setting and climate Walker can help you with finding the right place and the right university because he has many students travelling to different countries Please feel free to book a consultation with him I’ll leave the link below We’re waiting for your comments about the countries you want to go to To grab more stories and make another video Thank you so much for watching this video Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel See you later, bye!


  1. Последнее время заинтересовалась Новой Зеландией. Пока совершенно не очевидно, насколько там с финансированием да и в целом с зачислением в аспирантуру по сравнению с теми же США

  2. As far as I know, most of the English-language programs in EU are designed for technical specialists or medical; and it more difficult to find an English-language program for humanities and artists. It would be interesting to learn more about the English-language programs availability for specific groups of professionals in particular regions, countries.

  3. I heard that to be able to study in Germany, to enter country with educational purpose you have to have about 8000 euro per year in your credit card. so does that mean it's not the much affordable?

  4. Marina (or someone else , who can help) , what art universities in Europe, which are free , can you recommend ?

  5. Germany and Norway!!!! Please. I'm aiming to study and work in Germany or Norway!! Thank you very much in advance.

  6. I'm recently doing electronics and communication engineering in my country (india).I am in third year… I will like to do my mba in Singapore

  7. Marina please tell us how to get into Canadian University programmes for free, some requirements they might have to get in or what about the TOEFL IBT score. Also wanted to know about costs. Explain the chances that you get when going to that country.

  8. I know this is a weird place to say this as this is not even related to any topic

    but i m falling for u , everytime i watch a video of yours

    hope u reply


  9. Marina, your youtube channel is amazing. Thank you alot for all these great informations. I'm really interested in knowing more about AUSTRALIAN univerisities !!!

  10. Hi Marina, I just subscribed into your channel. Thank you for all your videos, they are of great help.
    I was wondering if you could help me out with some good Universities in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.
    I want to study Data Science.

  11. hey marina i just finished my bachelor's degree in engineering and i m thinking to study in US but i don't know how to start preparing for my dream university, any suggestion by you would be very helpful.

  12. Good Vedio
    I am So Confused where i could make my Marketing Masters .?!
    Germany Or Spain ?!
    Looking for a Community and where place i can Live as well , Have a Job Etc. ?

    Any Suggestions !

  13. I'm interested in Aviation and International Relations….where should I go…I am Romanian, and I love warmer weather and Asian food ..

  14. Thank you very much Marina! I'm interested to pursue a Bachelor degree in Neuroscience at foreign universities where they offer financial aid for international students. My main focus has always been towards US (and I've started my application to about 12 USA universities ), but I want to apply for University in some European countries (France, Germany and Sweden, for instance) as well. I'm from Pakistan and a high school senior. I took the SAT on Nov 5, my first ever SAT try, and I expect to get 1450+ on the test.
    The problem is that MOST of the universities around Europe do not recognize the "Higher Secondary School Certificate" of Pakistan. Rather, they want their applicants from our country to have passed the I GCSE Exams( As A-levels) which majority of the people here cannot.
    So I wanted to ask about European universities that provide financial aid our have significantly lower tuition fees.
    Thank you very much!

  15. Hey !I really want to study Science in Germany 🇩🇪, but I don't know which university is better for me and how costs life in Germany (I am coming from Greece 🇬🇷)Any suggestions ?

  16. How can an Indian student get free education from Germany or Scandinavian countries with grants(if that is a thing)?

  17. My daughter will finish her under graduate next year in Public Healt. she is interested to continu her study Post Graduate in Public Health in European countries. may I ask you to point out which university is the best in uerope in Public Health. thanks

  18. +linguamarina i am interested in international business (MBA) . which universities will be best and little cheaper?

  19. I am from India and got admitted to University college dublin for masters in Computer science program. What are your thoughts on Ireland?

  20. i could not listen, since I was looking at the girl the whole time 😛 sorry, my bad ! But hey I cannot help that. She has beautiful pair of eyes

  21. Do students get anytime at all to travel back home to the US over the summer break? It seems there is only a few weeks between winter and summer semesters

  22. Привет, Мария! Спасибо тебе за твои видео- they are awesome and very helpful and you're very inspiring!)
    Я бы хотела спросить, что если я заканчивала бакалавр заочно, влияет ли это на шансы поступления в университеты за границей?

  23. I have interest in studying in Germany. Actually, I have been looking for the cheap and right university for me study software engineering, please could you help me recommend the university in Germany.

  24. Hlw Walker !
    I am from Bangladesh, I have completed my 4th years hon's course in "Geography and Environment" from a reputed university of my country. I have a great wish to go to abroad for my higher degree. But, you know that we are not a rich country…as well me. So, now what country will be better for me..can you please help me ?

  25. Привет Марєна =)

    I wanted to know if I can get transfered to Finnish , Swedish or German universities that has medical faculties in English education that gives well recognised certificates in the EU , US or UK with cheap expenses as you said? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer me back

  26. I want to study dentistry in Russia, but I am confused whether to study in English or in Russian. and are the Russian universities accredited?

  27. am interested in studying architecture as an under graduate in Europe or Asia in english.what are some of the cheapest universities that i can attend there.

  28. hi , I m from india . and i want to do gratuation from a abroad so plz suggest ant good colleges for hotel management.

  29. Hi Marina,
    Please let me know universities providing master degrees in Logistics and/or supply Chain in Europe for free or less tuition fees

  30. please suggest me where can i go for higher studies.because in this time i completed my BTEC HND COMPUTING,now i want to top up to level 6 to complete my full houners degree,please help to choose my path my way. thanks

  31. Very Greatings from Germany. To study in Germany you need per month 55 Euros tuition fees inkl. regional monthly railway ticket and 650 Euros ( per month ) for costs of living… but the big cities are expensive for costs of housing like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.. all Universities are in: ( Infopage from the jobcenter )…. bye bye

  32. In Germany we have work for skilled academics enough and you can study every direction.. the only problem for foreign students is, that the whole Visum ( for Bachelor and Masterdegree for a normal-state-university ) is only for maximum ten years.. that quite short when somebody has beside to work ( beside the study ) to finance the study.. but most foreign students do it well..
    but we have also so called "distance-universities" to make the Masterdegree in a "distanceway".. called "Fernstudium" or "blended-learning-studium"… go to smaller German cities they are the possibilities better and its cheaper…. bye bye..

  33. The thirt way to study ( when somebody has from home no money ), to make a so called "duales Studium".. You have to sign a contract with a very big international company for example: Siemens, IKEA… etc. etc. for the next ten years a you have to work 2,5 days in the company and 2,5 days study in a nearer "Partner"- University .. to Bachelor it takes 6 years plus 4 years after working .. for only Masterdegree its shorter time.. Duales Studium..!!! Also possible for foreign Students.. for example "Business Administration" BA in IKEA……!! I knew somebody from Argentina who do this here…. He do it well…. bye bye..

  34. Hi, I got the master of Arts in History in the UK in 2013 but it was so expensive, but now I interested in studying PhD in Germany. This video is very useful but I want more info so could you please provide me with that.

  35. Hi am from India so I would like to study in Europe r German which country it’s best for studying purpose n cost purpose plz help me

  36. Am from Ghana and which l can be furnish with universities in Austria that l can go to for an MBA program and less expensive?

  37. I finish my bachlor in electrical engineering with 0 $ but now i know people pay money to college to study this really not good i hope you doing well and find cheap unversity.

  38. Please make video about Dublin, Ireland education. And also Ireland Vs USA in terms of higher education, living and job prospects

  39. Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭- Cheap and Best Quality Education in Asia…

    Many Koreans want to study here English language, Iranians wants to study medicine and dentistry here, Americans wants Maritime courses here…

  40. Hi,my name is Ezekiel Akamagwuna from Nigeria,I studied computer science with 8years working experience as an IT Officer in Nigeria.I want to study a masters programme in computer science.I dont have the fee but i love to further my career in IT.I would love to study in Finland,Australia,Germany or any school that will accept me to do my Msc and where i can work and study at the same time.I am married with a daughter.I would love september intake.
    E-mail:[email protected]


  41. Can you major in German or another language (Chinese/Japanese/Russian/Spanish) in a German university as a foreigner with subsidized tuition? I don't want to be an engineer or doctor but maybe translator or work for an international company that deals with foreigners. I would love to live in Germany one day, or Japan.

  42. I am a Nigerian and want to study nursing in any affordable or free institutions in Europe ,please I need an advice on how to go about it.

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