Chalk Day 2019 🖍 | Nick Community Efforts

Chalk Day 2019 🖍 | Nick Community Efforts

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– We’re at George
Washington Elementary School for Chalk Day. We’re out on the blacktop drawing our favorite Nicktoons
characters with the kids. – I just love seeing their faces light up, they look forward to it every year. It brings something out in them, they really get to use their creativity and then see the art and
draw along with the artists. It’s just so much fun. (cheerful music) – Bye, Nickelodeon!
– Bye! (laughs) It’s a lot of fun.


  1. Nickelodeon in general was really fun to watch back on Netflix during the golden 2011 days. Really glad that they’re gonna come back to each other again.

  2. Back in the good old days, the magical Chalk is the most powerful weapon in the Universe compared to the Infinity Gauntlet.

  3. Sorry it's been a while for any Hey Arnold! Season 6 related things. But don't worry, just leave a comment below for what gender and name for Arnold's sibling.

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