Build a Data Studio Community Visualization in 60 seconds!

Build a Data Studio Community Visualization in 60 seconds!

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♪ (intro music) ♪ Have you ever made a dashboard and wished for that one particular chart
that you couldn’t figure out how to load?Data Studio–Google’s free business
intelligence reporting tool lets you build dashboards that connect to all sorts
of different data sources. Sometimes, though,
you know exactly what chart you need to tell a compelling and accurate
visual story with your data, and it’s just specific enough
that you need to build it yourself. Data Studio has a new feature
that lets you do just that, called Community Visualizations. I am going to tell you
about Data Studio Community Visualizations in 60 seconds. Here is a community visualization I built to show off how many things
we’ve added to Data Studio since 2016. What does it take to build
a Community Visualization? Two things– you write some JavaScript and you define some configuration. Writing the JavaScript code–
this is what transforms the data and renders the visualization. When you define the configuration, you tell Data Studio
and whoever uses your chart what kind of data
and how much of it you expect. For example, a 2D heat map
would take two dimensions– one for the X tiling, one for the Y tiling, and one metric to color by. To load your code into a Data Studio report, tell Data Studio where to look
for your code and config, and Data Studio adds it to your chart. Let me show you
what the end result looks like. I’ve told Data Studio
to go look for my heat map, and– voila, it’s here! I, or whoever is using it,
can change out the data, the font, and label styling,
all without going back into the code. I can even interact with the heat map, and as I click on the different cells,
it filters the rest of the dashboard. Now that I’ve told you
about Data Studio Community Visualizations and how to get started, go
to learn more. Join the conversation
and share what you build using the#DataStudioDevs.I can’t wait to see all the cool ways you’ll tell informative, compelling,
and accurate stories with your data. Share this video with a friend and subscribe to the Women Techmakers
YouTube channel. ♪ (music) ♪

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