Brother Joebert Gavieta – Former Seminarian of Catholic Church (w/ English captions)

Brother Joebert Gavieta – Former Seminarian of Catholic Church (w/ English captions)

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I was a former seminarian in the Catholic church. We were inspired by the priests or our elders who were seminarians before. That’s it, we were told before in our religion that our vocation to become priests has begun. Our formal studies was that for our first year as a seminarian, you first need to be aspirants. You will be evaluated if you are able to proceed for postulate and then our third year was our novitiates. I stayed at the seminary for five years. I had many questions that I wanted to ask the priest. One of the things I wanted to ask before is about the deity of Christ because Christ’s deity concerns the three persons we believe in (Trinity) that there is one God which has three persons. The priest just explained to us that Christ is God and as seminarians we would just believe it. We were always told that it’s all in our faith. We were always told that it’s all in our faith. We don’t need to ask questions because they would base it also on which Pope said it or whoever saint said this or that and it just ends up as a statement of man that he declares that Christ is god but the Bible teaches otherwise. When I was a seminarian, I already had an idea about the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) and the difference of the Iglesia Ni Cristo from the Catholic church. What is it that we should believe? The opinion of the priest or the very words of God? In the Church Of Christ, they really base it on the Bible. So after five years, that was when I decided. It’s like my stay at the seminary has no more meaning which is why I left for the reason that we (the Catholic religion) aren’t really based on the Bible. I was invited to the Church Of Christ through my colleague in the school where I’m now teaching in. At first, I was reluctant but after a while I continued listening to the doctrines. I learned a lot and I also saw many things that we didn’t have being Catholics. My turning point where I really wanted to become a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) was when we were taught about the deity of the Father in heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ being our Mediator and a man in his state of being. And another thing is I am able to weigh between the words of God and the homily of the priests because I’m thinking about which I should believe the words of God that are always taught by the Church Of Christ where all the questions have an answer or the homily of the priest? What I felt as I attended the worship service for the first time was also different because surely, it’s something new when you enter the Church Of Christ because we were used to standing anywhere when we would attend mass or it’s enough that we perform our adoration but in the Church Of Christ, I felt God’s presence. When I became a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), this is where I was amazed and also about how the brethren welcomed me, the unity of the brethren — when something is taught to be obeyed, you should be united in terms of discipline. I will never cease to invite my former colleagues at the seminary for them to join the Church Of Christ because I believe that this is the true religion. This is where we will serve God altogether and be saved on the Day of Judgment. I am proud that I am now a member of the Church Of Christ.



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