Apple Store Employees Share Horror Stories

Apple Store Employees Share Horror Stories

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  1. This video lacked diversity which violates standards set by SJW, virtue signaling environment and victim culture we live in now.

  2. Not Apple but I found a meth addict in the staff kitchen drinking milk from the bottle, when he saw me he started cleaning and said he was just helping out…
    He left after we checked the cameras and he really did just wander to the fridge and start drinking milk…

  3. Imagine getting like your daughter a phone or something and this crazy woman comes into the apple store screaming and when she gets kicked out for spitting on electronics starts stripping in front of a glass wall. ITS YOUR TYPICAL SUNDAY EVERYONE

  4. my older cousin used to work at apple and he said that once a lady had "an emotional support squirrel" and they said that she couldnt be in the store. she started yelling at the workers and the squirrel got loose around the apple store. idk what happened next bc my cousin went to call animal control

  5. The counterfeit pens don’t always work. You should check for the security strip. However it is Apple’s fault for not training their employees to do that.

  6. This is why banks and stuff don’t use the markers anymore!! Hold it up to the light and Feel Ben Franklins shirt. It should be ribbed. They can mimic the chemical reaction between the money and marker. But they’re printers can’t mimic the actual texture of the image. The more ya know

  7. She’s not keeping her job at Apple after this 😂 under no circumstances can you speak about Apple on camera as an employee. Girl bye

  8. Why did you use an Asian family at 0:44 when he was clearly talking about Central and South Americans? That is very racist, BuzzFeed!

  9. Yall need to stop labeling these horror stories cuz these are mildly inconvenient things that happened the people telling their stories are just a bunch of wusses especially one and two. 3 I can understand was a bit disconcerting someone screaming spitting freaking out in the store and then being naked outside prisoner her body up against the glass for attention but that b** was probably crazy

  10. not related to apple but once my mom was at work and a lady ran through a glass window. she had a mental illness i think she’s alright now but yeah (my mom didn’t work at apple)

  11. That naked lady was Sharon Osbourne. Seriously there are stories of her rubbing her breasts on windows. Love her.

  12. With English money I feel like it can't be fake unless they're coins cause they have to be this plastic less easy to rip notes. And they have these holographic squares showing if they're 10 pound or 5 pounds or 20

  13. Why do they call them “horror stories” they are not about ghosts and monsters just call them weird stories but it’s your idea so you do you boo you do you

  14. 5:07 *misses perfect opportunity to say “well, their windows are probably as pixelated as their cameras, so they wouldn’t see her that well anyway” 🤭

  15. I hate going to the Apple Store because I can never get help there for some reason. There doesn't appear to be any sort of queue, and I think the employees are free to approach whoever they want regardless of the order people came in or have been waiting. There could be like five people who come in after you who get serviced first because the employees happened to notice them first or liked their appearance better.

  16. Yeeeaahhh… those “pens” are COMPLETE TRASH! KNOW what to look for in bills and train your employees to do the same, not some “magic pen”

  17. I want them to do one for a GAS station, or a convenience store, cuz god damn; I worked at one of the BIG ones from the south and the STORIES I could tell, and the STORIES my shift leader from New Orleans told … Priceless, tho some are Pretty dangerous. If they have done one then I need to know!

  18. Notice how the criminal is white? You know, just like always. Does Apple hire anyone who's white? I can't tell from this Fuzz Feed.

  19. I feel like shes talking about lovelyPeaches.. She walks in store nude all the time and is always goes to the apple store

  20. Reminds me of the time some mostly naked,high as can be guy started rubbing himself over my manager and some customers cars. It’s a bouncy castle place, and we have one way glass across the whole front of the store.

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