Apple Store Employees Answer Your Questions

Apple Store Employees Answer Your Questions

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  1. I dropped off my phone for repair, took an hour longer than expected and an employee at the Genius Bar said I should have gotten a text saying the repairs would be longer than expected… but they had my phone🤦 yeah real geniuses

  2. No, you are not breaking the law by jailbreaking your iPhone. You are voiding the warranty, but if you undo the jailbreak you'll most likely have no problems with support. There are no legal consequences to it, they're just not entitled to fix it because you're breaking the terms of service.

  3. I’ll tell you what, I traded my iPhone 7 which was jail broken like 3 times. You wanna know what you do before you bring it in? You reset it… woah, mind blown. They can’t tell whatsoever if it’s been jail broken or not after a reset. And wtflip, it’s not illegal, it’s not part of the TOS so…

  4. They are trained to "gaslight" customers: every proven Apple's design flaw and known issues are in your mind (flexgates, bent ipads, keyboard…) or is water damage always (even in the dessert)

  5. No lie Iphone is the best. There is a reason why your Iphone 6s is still running on IOS 13.3.1 where as a samsung galaxy s6 is not on the latest software.

  6. They shouldn’t be called geniuses, the should be called Apple Saints, having to deal with these customers all day everyday? I’m surprised more Apple store employees don’t go insane. I know I couldn’t deal with these people…

  7. I work at an Apple store and can confidently say, no. The geniuses at Apple are not always super smart. Basically 2 ways to become a genius. Know what ur talking about. Or be there so long they basically have to promote u

  8. went to an apple store to ask about the camera's "capture outside of frame" on the iphone 11 pro feature– to what determined this feature is applied to the photo that is taken. Asked the "Genius Bar" and he said "huh…. I'm sorry I can't answer that, might need to read a little more" (after he tried to help me of course). I appreciate the honesty but it was my first question ever to the bar and I didn't get my answer lol

  9. When you jailbreak your iPhone, it basically becomes an Android because of the features you can access. On Android, we just go to Developer Options for mild tweaks, no root needed.

  10. Just because you have a demo device doesn’t mean anything. Theirs ways to get it back to a normal non demo iPhone too.

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