Ant colony raids a rival nest – Natural World – Empire of the Desert Ants – BBC Two

Ant colony raids a rival nest – Natural World – Empire of the Desert Ants – BBC Two

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The corral colony sins in a raiding party It’s a fast coordinated attack The smaller colony doesn’t stand a chance The spoils of war are dragged out into the sunlight Not everyone gives up without a struggle But resistance is futile in the face of such overwhelming odds Nothing is left behind Eggs larvae workers pupae all carried back to the corral nest Loaded with honey, the repeats are the most valuable plunder of all Some are dismembered and drained underground Others are dragged to the surface and hauled back to the victors nest But they can be a real challenge to maneuver across no-man’s land This is how most clashes between honey ant colonies are played out Invariably the winner is the one that has the superior numbers Sometimes captured broods are added to the victorious colonies nursery to be raised as their own But not here not today Everything pillaged from the raided nest is processed for long-term storage The difficulty with captured honey pots is getting at the honey The workers are forced to chew through the body Removing the head and thorax leaving behind an open barrel to be drained at leisure The raid couldn’t have come at a better time It’s filled the corral colonies Ladas ensuring its 2000 inhabitants Will be well fed through the approaching winter But just as importantly a rival nest that could have threatened the Queen’s reign has been eliminated


  1. Why did that black ant colony raid a honey ant colony? Because they want to drink their hunny! Get it!?

  2. The colony being attacked is “Prenolepis Imparis” False Honey Pot Ants

    Edit: Or they could be Honey Pot Ants

    Edit 2: Yep they are Honey Pot Ants

  3. Humans: look at those ants go I wonder where so many of them are going OW ant bit me

  4. Doesn‘t anybody Else find the decision making impressive they just one day decided to Send a rading Party to the other colony, the simple fact that they are able to decide and plan shit boggles my mind

  5. "But not here…not today" Jesus lol if I didn't know better I'd think I was watching a war documentary

  6. Nothing new under the sky.
    Sometimes I wish I have the emotion chip, like TNG's Data, to shut it off at will

  7. Everything about this video was so well executed! The music, the narration, the quality, all of it was beautiful. It actually made me feel tense.

  8. Yo dont play scary music over these Maafs'. Everytime I go outside and sit they are there and it's so delusional to imagine Michael Myers music playing to these heel lubricators

  9. Ohhh, this sounds so deadly! Lol 😃

    I love the sound effects of ants scurrying about on the ground. 🙂

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