A Very Finnish Education

A Very Finnish Education

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So, you’ve probably already heard a bit about education in Finland, that we have less homework than other countries, we have shorter school days than almost anyone else, and our kids don’t even start school until they are seven. And yet we have one of the highest-scoring education systems in the world. So, how do we do it? If I could come up with one word, that would be trust. Trusting teachers’ expertise, trusting schools and also trusting municipalities. Teachers are very independent, and they
have a lot of say as to what they do in their classrooms. It gives us teachers more autonomy, more freedom to try different things. If you want to build trust, you have to give space and freedom to the teacher. So, freedom is obvious. The Finnish system is not top-down. It’s an ongoing discussion. Every teacher in Finland writes a curriculum. It’s ours when we co-create it together. You need to have some basic national rules,
but then you need to have freedom to do education differently. We’re trying to combine the government policy with local needs. There’s the national guidelines, then every
commune or city needs to make their own interpretation of that. And then the school makes their own school interpretation of that. Every school invites the parents to discuss a common vision for the school. Parents and principals and teachers are doing the work together. We’re changing the role of a teacher and the pupil. We would like the students to take more responsibility
for their own learning, to plan, to set goals, to evaluate. The pupil should be at the centre of
learning, and the teacher should facilitate and activate students. That relationship between the teacher and
the student, that makes for great learning. [Music]


  1. I could watch an entire documentary on the Finnish education system. I feel like there's a lot to learn from it! Anyone know of any documentaries based on it?

  2. Fake! How a country can have the best education of the world and be at the same time in the first position of racism. Unless the teacher are poisoning the children, there is no other explanation for that. Finns don't have basic manners, they are very rude. It's the fakeist video I have seem in my life. This video should be placed in the comedy session.

  3. Well this video should be "Michael Moore's" defense about Finland Education System , So even if this country have less homework to the point to no homework at times anyway, We have to look at the outcome of how Finland design their system and how they run it. This country for younger people have more choices of freedom in learning of what they want. You can just pay close attention to this video,The proof is there itself, So where is Michael Moore to stage or choreography anything, We shouldn't judge. "The proof is in the pudding".

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