8 Side Jobs to Make Money & Side Gigs that Earn Cash (from home!)

8 Side Jobs to Make Money & Side Gigs that Earn Cash (from home!)

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Hey, guys. It’s me, Sarah, the video editor here at Wholesale
Ted, and in this video, I’m gonna do something a little bit different. I’m actually gonna be giving you eight different
ideas for side jobs and side gigs that you can do to earn extra money. All of these side gigs and side jobs are perfect
if you are studying or working full-time. And, of course, if you don’t like the first
one or the second one or the third one, then keep listening because I’ve got eight different
ones and the chances are there will be one in here that you like. Now, a quick disclaimer, on this channel,
I usually teach people how to make money, not through side jobs and side gigs but starting
their own online business. But, the truth is is that all the business
models that I do teach here on this channel require some sort of startup money. Now, some of them, like private labeling on
Amazon can cost well over $1,000 to get started while there are others out there that are
a lot cheaper, like if you wanna start an AliExpress dropshipping store, you can definitely
do that for under $50. And if you’re interested in that model, then
I suggest you watch my video, “How to Start a Business With No Money” and I will have
a link to that in the description below. And you know, $50 may not seem like much to
some but I understand that to others, finding that extra cash can be hard. I’ve been receiving an influx of comments
recently from people who tell me that they don’t have any money to get started, which
is what inspired this video. But, of course, if you’re watching this and
you don’t wanna start your own business, then that’s okay. You don’t have to use the extra money that
you earn from these jobs to start an online business. You can use it for whatever you like. So, let’s jump straight into it. Side job number one, resell items online. Considering that this channel is all about
e-commerce, it should not surprise my subscribers here on my channel that this made the cut. For this gig, you buy items cheaply from thrift
stores, garage sales, and yard sales and then resell them for a profit on sites like eBay,
Amazon, and Craigslist. The easiest way to get started with this is
to look around your house for items that you no longer need and then list them for sale
on eBay. And there was actually a study done in 2011
by the NPD research firm which showed that the average American household has over $7,000
in junk in their house that they no longer use. So if you want to get into this gig, look
around your house for items that you no longer use and then look at the prices that they’re
selling for on eBay. Clothing, shoes, accessories, kitchenware,
toys and games, these are some great categories to get started in. By going through your items, you’re gonna
find a lot that are worthless, but you’re also gonna find some that are worth a surprising
amount. For example, let’s say that you or your kids
have some old video games. Well, I’ve got two here. I’ve got Mario Kart Super Circuit for the
Game Boy Advance and I’ve got Pokémon Fire Red, which my subscribers here at Wholesale
Ted will probably recognize from other examples. A bit of research reveals that this little
baby here, Mario Kart Super Circuit, is selling for about $8 on eBay. But, some research reveals that Pokémon Fire
Red here is selling for about $20. Now, this one is probably not worth listing
and selling on eBay but this one definitely is. But it’s not just about earning that extra
$20 by selling an item that you no longer use. It’s about the fact that now that you’ve found
that item and sold it, you know that if you found a Pokémon Fire Red game for cheaper
than $20, that you could pick it up and resell it on eBay for a profit. By going through your house and identifying
brands and items that are valuable and sell for good prices on eBay, it means then that
when you go to thrift stores, garage sales, and yard sales, that you are going to know
what sort of items to look for. So if you go to a yard sale and see that there’s
a big box of Game Boy Advance games selling for $5 each, which is actually pretty common
at yard sales, then you’re gonna see that a Mario Kart Super Circuit in there is not
an item that you want to pick up, but if you see Pokémon Fire Red in there, you know that
you should buy this and resell it for a profit. As my subscribers here at Wholesale Ted probably
know, this was my first ever side gig in business and it became very profitable very fast. Side job number two, become a user tester. This is an easy part-time side gig that you
can do for some extra cash. To do it, you’re going to need a microphone
for your computer. Luckily, of course, most laptops have a microphone
included already. There is a website called usertesting.com. Businesses need their websites tested all
the time. When they do, they’ll post jobs on usertesting.com. Simply go there, create an account, and wait
to be verified. And once you’re verified, you can start applying
for jobs. Some jobs will require a quick, two to four
question survey to see if you are eligible for the job. Now, it’s very difficult to know what the
developers are looking for so I do not suggest that you try to game these answers. I suggest you give honest answers. When completing a test, you will need to be
running the screen capture software created by usertesting.com. When the test starts, you’ll be given a set
of instructions on your screen that you need to read out into your microphone. You then need to perform those instructions
while talking into your microphone about your experiences. There are small five-minute jobs that pay
about $3 a job and these are usually very simple such as giving your first impressions
that you have when you look at a site. And then there are longer 10 to 15-minute
jobs which pay out about $10 to $15 per job and these require you to do a little bit more. For example, you might be required to go to
a search engine on the site and look for a particular product. And while you’re performing your test, developers
would also appreciate it if you talked into the microphone about any recommendations you
have to improve your experience and also any bugs that you encounter. And after you’ve completed your job, you will
receive payment direct into your PayPal account within seven days. So, this is a very easy side gig that basically
anyone can do with no qualifications. Side job number three, become a virtual assistant
or a freelancer. Now, I personally have a team of virtual assistants
that I hire so I’m gonna give you some insider tips on how to get hired. Being a virtual assistant, otherwise known
as a VA or a freelancer, means that you basically are a remote employee, completing jobs from
your house, but you aren’t an official employee. You are usually a contractor which means then
that you have the flexibility to set your own hours and to set your own prices and to
also pick the contracts that you like. The easiest way to find VA and freelancing
jobs is to use a site called Upwork. It’s the largest online marketplace for VAs
and freelancers. Some common areas that people need virtual
assistants for all the time in are data entry, copywriting, article writing, graphics design,
and tech support. Obviously, if you have some specialized skill
in something like knowing a specific coding language, then you can charge more than somebody
who is doing something like data entry. Like I’ve got a guy who helps me out with
my website and he works for $25 an hour. But anyone with any skills can get started. You can always start with something simple
like data entry. So how do you get your first job and start
making money as a VA or a freelancer? Well, here are three tips to help you get
hired. One, fill out your profile. It seems basic but you wouldn’t believe how
many applicants that I get from people that don’t fill out your profile and this is a
big mistake because it’s basically like a CV. And because so few people bother to fill out
their profile, then it means that you will stand out when you do. Tip two, if relevant, have a portfolio. If you are applying for a creative job, then
it is essential that you have a portfolio showing off your best work. I will never hire someone for a creative position
if they don’t have a portfolio. And if you have done commercial and paid work,
then you should be sure to highlight this in your portfolio. The fact that you have been paid for your
work shows that you are worth the money. Tip number three, get reviews ASAP. Online,
reviews are king. And when it comes to this, there is no exception. An easy way to do this is to get your friends
and family to create a profile and then to hire to you and, of course, if you do a good
job, to leave a positive review. Having just five reviews is enough to make
you stand out. And bonus tip, use the job to learn about
other businesses. Here is something for you to think about. I’m regularly hiring VAs to do things like
set up my Shopify stores. And when you think about it, when I’m hiring
my VAs, I’m basically teaching them the process of how to create a profitable Shopify dropshipping
store. So there’s a lot of insider tips that you
can learn from other businesses by working for them. Side job number four, Amazon Mechanical Turk. Now, here at Wholesale Ted, we normally teach
people how to make money online with Amazon by creating their own store on it. One of the more popular videos we have on
this subject is, “Making Money With a Dropshipping Business” and I’ll have a link to that video
in the description below. But Amazon is a huge site and it has a lot
of different ways that you can make money on it and one of them is Amazon Mechanical
Turk. This is an online marketplace for small, quick,
online jobs called HITs. There are literally hundreds of thousands
of HITs up for grabs. Businesses, universities, researchers, and
consumer focus groups will often post jobs on the site and they’re normally quick 2 to
10-minute jobs that you can complete. The most common HITs by far are surveys, so
if you wanna make money by taking surveys from home, then congratulations, Amazon Mechanical
Turk is a great way to do this. At first, you’ll be at the bottom of the barrel
completing tasks that have low payouts, but very quickly, as you complete more, you’ll
move up the ranks and you’ll become eligible for ones that have premium payouts. Now, you don’t earn much per task. A survey might have a payout of like $0.40
and when it’s phrased like that, you’re probably thinking, “Well, why would I care about taking
a survey for $0.40?” Well, think of it like this. A survey might take you two minutes. If a survey takes you 2 minutes, then that
means that you could complete 30 an hour, which means then that you are earning about
$12 an hour. And no, that is not amazing but if you need
the extra money and you’re willing to hustle and take these surveys while you’re sitting
on your couch watching TV, then it can add up to a few hundred dollars a week. And best of all, no skills are required so
it’s something that anybody can get into. Side job number five, become an Airbnb host. If you own or rent an entire house or apartment,
then you can make some extra money on the side with Airbnb. Here are three tips that you can follow to
make more money as an Airbnb host. Tip number one, you don’t need a spare bedroom. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a spare
bedroom or a spare bed to rent out. Lots of people are willing to sleep in a living
room, on a couch, or on a blow-up bed. This also sets you apart because of the fact
that since people are sleeping in a living room, then they won’t expect to be charged
as much. And there are some people out there that would
rather be sleeping in a living room and to pay a lower price. Tip number two, get reviews ASAP. As I’ve said before, reviews are king and
Airbnb is no exception. If you don’t have any reviews, people will
be wary of coming to stay with you so you need to get them as fast as you can. The easiest way to get reviews is, again,
to get your friends and your family involved. Get them stay with you and, of course, if
they enjoy the experience, leave a positive review. You can also start out by discounting your
place below your competitors’ pricing so that people will have an incentive to come stay
with you despite the fact that you don’t have any reviews. Tip number three, get positive reviews and
not negative ones. Obviously, this is a very important thing
to do. Bad reviews will hurt your conversion rates. You can even go a little bit further and provide
extras that they wouldn’t normally receive from a hotel like toothpaste. People love unexpected extras like this. I used to include little candies in the video
games that I sold on eBay and people loved it and they would always leave a positive
review. And do your best to get the guests to be checked
in ASAP. It’s okay to have a check-in time, but do
not be late to the time that you agree to. And clean your house thoroughly before the
guest arrives. The biggest reason why people will leave negative
reviews on Airbnb is because of the cleanliness of the house. I’ll have a link on how you can sign up to
become an Airbnb host in the description below. Please be aware that description does include
affiliate links. Here at Wholesale Ted, all of our YouTube
videos are free and affiliate links help us keep our videos free. Side job number six, become an Uber/Lyft driver. If Uber and/or Lyft is available in your city
and you have a suitable car and meet the requirements, you can become a driver for Uber and Lyft. And if you don’t even have a car, that’s actually
okay because you can still do this by basically renting a car for free from Lyft. So here are my three tips for making the most
out of Uber and Lyft as a side gig. Tip one, drive during surge pricing hours. When you hear people say that they’re making
$20 or $30 an hour driving with Uber and Lyft, it’s because of the fact that they are driving
during these surge pricing hours. This is how you make the most money. The surge pricing hours are usually between
8 P.M. to 2 A.M. Friday to Sunday because of the fact that
people need to get home after drinking. For many people, they will cringe at the thought
of these hours but it’s actually kinda convenient because of the fact that most full-time jobs
are between eight to five. It means then that if you are willing to hustle,
that you can still drive with Uber and Lyft during their most profitable hours because
it won’t conflict with your usual schedule and you can still make hundreds of dollars
extra per week. Tip number two, get a free car with Lyft. Lyft is Uber’s biggest competitor and they
are racing to catch up with them, which is really good for us as consumers. To help people out who don’t have a car or
don’t want to use their own car, Lyft have a program where they’ll let you rent a car. The more rides you do with them, the cheaper
the car costs to rent. If you do about 65 rides with them, then the
car is free. And tip number three, drive with both Uber
and Lyft if you can. Now, not all cities have Lyft. My local city doesn’t, but if yours does,
then you can have both of them on at once and get rides from both apps. And I’ll have some links on how you can get
started with this in the description below. Side job number seven, become a tasker on
TaskRabbit. Now, this app isn’t locally available in all
cities around the world. If it is available in your city, then you
can pick up local jobs. But even if it’s not available in yours, you
could make money from this app and I will explain how later in the video. TaskRabbit is an app where people can post
odd jobs around the house that they need someone to come and help them perform. Taskers can apply, set their own rates, and
if accepted, they come and do the job. Now, all sorts of jobs get posted. People are constantly looking for people to
help them move furniture, set up Ikea furniture, and do things like cooking and cleaning. There’s a video I was watching on YouTube
about TaskRabbit where a guy was paid $80 an hour for 20 hours to come in and set up
some office furniture. And he was also paid $40 to come and help
an older lady lift some groceries up 3 flights of stairs. Now, as I said, TaskRabbit is not available
everywhere but people will post remote jobs on there for things like data entry. So, even if TaskRabbit is not available in
your city, you could still make money from it. And side job number eight, become a paid blogger. And finally, if you like writing and you like
the idea of your work being posted on popular blogs, then you could become a paid blogger. There is a site, Make A Living Writing, which
has a list of over 90 blogs and websites that will pay you more than $50 per article and
blog post that you write for them. And some of these sites will pay up to $200
to $250 per article that gets posted on them so, you know, it could be a nice little side
gig to get into. And because you’re paid per article, it’s
very flexible so you can work it around your schedule. There are lots of different sites out there
that need content. Travel blogs, food blogs, tech blogs, finance
blogs, lifestyle blogs, so many different sites need content. All right, so those are my eight different
side jobs and side gigs that you can do to earn extra money, many of them that you can
complete from home. If you liked this video, I’d appreciate it
if you gave it a thumbs up and subscribed to us here at Wholesale Ted for more great
videos about making money online. Now, I want to be honest. I don’t want anybody to feel offended here
or feel like I’m lecturing anybody but I want to close off this video with something quickly. While these jobs are all perfectly fine and
many of them pay out a fair amount per hour, I would personally not do any of them. And the reason why is because of the fact
that I’ve got businesses that earn me tens of thousands of dollars in passive income
every month. I get paid even if I am doing nothing. It’s pretty amazing and life-changing because
it means that I don’t have to work anymore and I can spend my time doing whatever I like,
like creating YouTube videos. But it wasn’t always this way. In the beginning, I had to hustle and go to
yard sales and thrift stores and find video games cheaply that I could then resell online. And while this was pretty good money, I realized
that I had an earning cap because of the fact that I was constantly having to go out there
and exchange my time for money because I was constantly having to hustle to find new games
to sell. So instead of spending the money that I earned
on things like video games and clothes, I decided to take the money that I earned from
my side gig and instead invest it in passive online businesses and assets. And well, the rest is history. While most of my friends were spending their
money on extra stuff, I instead invested my money and had short-term sacrifices for long-term
gains and I have no regrets about that decision. And to this day, I still continue to invest
in passive businesses and assets. So here is the point to my story. How you choose to spend the money that you
earn from these side jobs and gigs is entirely up to you but I would strongly recommend reinvesting
at least a portion of it into passive assets and businesses that earn you money so that
one day, you could be paid thousands of dollars every month to do nothing as well. And if you are interested in starting your
own online business, then I recommend that you download our free eBook, “How to Make
$10,000 a Month Online With Dropshipping.” You’ll find the link on how to download this
incredible, life-changing eBook in the video description below.


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