障がい者の性 – Medical Sex Worker

障がい者の性 – Medical Sex Worker

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[Ejaculation Assistance – A sexual care service
provided by White Hands] [for severely physically disabled men
who cannot masturbate alone.] [The service falls under the domain of
public welfare, and the staff are] [licensed professionals in
assisted living, nursing, or medical care.] [Approx. 20 staff currently provide ejaculation
assistance nationwide to 80 -100 clients a year.] Please stop over there. I used to work as a caregiver for both
the mentally and physically disabled. It was while working with a mentally disabled person that I first began to consider the sexual
difficulties these people were facing. That’s what led me to start doing this sort of work. Most people with mental impairments
haven’t had any sexual experience, and they’ve never been taught how to deal with the desires welling up inside them. Often they can’t even comprehend what those urges are. As a result, they would rub up against me,
or if I moved out of their sight, they would
get uneasy and start hurting themselves. They can’t process the state of
sexual excitement affecting them, so some would just pull their pants down and walk around. These sexual difficulties keep many of our clients from leading fulfilling lives. If they had a way to relieve their sexual urges,
or get support that would teach them to face their sexuality, then it might make it easier
for them to communicate. White Hands believes that this sort of sexual release is helpful in improving their lives. I guess I sympathized with this idea. At White Hands, our goal is to help alleviate sexual difficulties facing the disabled. We mainly provide “ejaculation care” for those with severe physical impairments like
cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. We send out care staff who are
capable of providing this service. I heard something interesting at
an industry lecture meeting recently. The mother of someone with Down syndrome was saying that her son is an angel
completely free of any sexual desire. But actually, the son would get excited and aroused whenever a girl idol group
appeared on TV. Yet his mother chose to ignore this, even though it was right in front of her. Clearly, the problem is with the mother rather than the son. It’s society at large projecting our own beliefs onto the disabled. The mother was blinded by her wish that her
son were an angel, not a sexual being. People are pushing their ideals onto the disabled.
That’s the problem. Today’s client is in his 30s and has cerebral palsy. He’s a very frank person and is quite
thoughtful towards his caregivers. He always greets me with a big smile whenever I arrive. It helps to create a friendly atmosphere. He has a nice smile. He’s also very considerate. Even if I make a mistake, he’s always patient. He’s a wonderful person. We usually chat before I start getting everything ready. Finding the right point in our conversation to segue into the preparation
can be a bit awkward sometimes. It’s best if the conversation ended naturally
but that doesn’t always happen. I have to keep the conversation short yet long enough to keep it friendly. I’m still working on how to end
our conversations smoothly. – Good afternoon.
– Hello. – I’ll just step inside.
– Please do. – Hello there.
– Come in. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it. Did you see the cherry blossoms? – Not yet.
– No? They’re in full bloom now. They’re early this year. Right, last year they didn’t bloom until April. Shall we get started? My parents are nearly 70 years old. So even though it’s what I do as a caregiver, I’m concerned about how they would
react when they found out that their daughter is massaging men’s genitals
as part of her job. They would probably be concerned.
So I haven’t told them. – Are you comfortable?
– Yes. – Sure?
– I’m fine. Tell me if it’s too hot. I’m going to pull your pants down, OK? I’ll wipe you down. – Too hot?
– No, it’s fine. I’m putting the lube on. It’s going on now. – Does this hurt?
– No. – Do you want me to do it harder?
– No, it’s fine. – The tip.
– The tip? Here? – I’m going to cum.
– OK. – It’s coming out.
– Whenever you’re ready. – Is that OK?
– Yes. Usually, I go to their home and take care of them
within the space of 30 minutes. I arrive, prepare, massage them,
they ejaculate, and that’s it. Good-bye. It all feels a bit empty. I think our clients yearn for something
that’s more emotionally involved. Something that isn’t just caregiving, you know?
It’s hard to explain. (Do any of your friends use this service?)
Not right now. I guess this type of thing, well… Even if you tell someone this kind of service exists, most will hesitate to use it themselves. So even when I tell my friends, most of the time they never follow up on it. I guess in the end, people feel uncomfortable about this sort of thing. No matter how many times I explain about the
type of caregivers who come and about how things are done, they still feel resistant about receiving the service themselves. But I’ve always been open-minded with a fearless attitude so I wasn’t resistant to the idea. Disabled people are human too. We also have needs and desires. I have particularly strong desires. It’s only natural that I have sexual needs because I’m human. Many people don’t understand that. They just can’t comprehend it. It looks like I’ll be switching jobs soon. Good for you. It’d be nice to see you again
after everything settles down. – Are you fine lying down like that?
– Yes. – Make sure you don’t catch a cold, OK?
– You too. I will, thank you. – Take care then.
– Thank you. I’ll be on my way. – I’m leaving now.
– OK, see you. I don’t view myself as a sex worker. I’m a caregiver. Sex workers cater to the clients’ desires in an explicit way. But the sexual assistance we provide
caters to fundamental needs. It’s the same mindset as caring for
basic human functions like continence care. All humans have sexual urges. Regular people can deal with these urges themselves,
in various ways. But our clients have physical impairments.
For instance, their hands or legs are paralyzed and they can’t move freely. They aren’t able to deal with these urges on their own. I feel a sense of duty. I had been working with the disabled for a while
when, one day, I happened to stumble upon this issue by chance. Once I found out about it,
I felt I needed to do something. At the same time, it’s a shame that
the only way for the disabled to relieve themselves is through such services. We all have sex drives. It’s human nature. I hope that I can help my clients release at least some of these pent-up physical urges.


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  28. If this bitch really wanted to help she would not charge. She only enjoys sex when she is being paid for it. Women just will not admit to it. They are the ones cursing the earth with their shameless dishonesty and sadistic libido.

  29. I like this episode a lottttt but I’m a teacher for secondary school students I’m not supposed to post this on my Facebook

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