❤️ Prepare for your dream job 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

❤️ Prepare for your dream job 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

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so that means your desire was stronger
than your resistance if your fear had been the most dominant we would not have
seen you so your desire is more dominant than your fear
so the calling you see what we’re getting at you’re just always wanting to
watch that balance soothe yourself talk the fear down nothing serious going on
here okay so I’ve been working in to create quote-unquote the job of my
dreams I went back to graduate school and kind of master’s in astrophysics and
I’ve been trying to create this something just where I love what I do
when I’m working with people love what they do work so the job of your dreams
given what you’ve heard us talk about here the job of your dreams keeps
expanding yes because you can’t stall out
so it’s open-ended yes the ideas keep flowing yes you get to dovetail with
other brilliant people in a collaborative fashion where great ideas
can really hatch we can see why you’d call that the job of your dreams we’d
call it the most realistic thing that we’ve ever heard from anyone doesn’t
feel like a dream it feels like a sure thing to us but in the process I can’t
see myself there what I feel is I feel like yes then don’t try to force it
because if you try to see yourself there and can’t then you practice not being
able to see yourself there so you got to back off from it a little bit and be
more general about it so what can you see I can see the ideas I mean I can see
the beauty I’m fascinated by the beauty of the universe and what’s what’s
possible so here’s the thing remember step one you already launched it you
don’t have to do that again you already identified what the job of your dreams
is step one is done so you’d have to come back and revisit that so now step
three is what you got to do focusing on the beauty of the universe is that easy
for you if that comes easy to you then just do that this is so fascinating this
is so amazing this is so incredible look at the synchronicity
of all of this all you have to do is be in the receptive mode and the job of
your dreams will come into your experience at the same time I think of
all things that I should be doing you know sending resumes out talking to
people networking following up on things that I haven’t followed up on doing that
huh have you been doing some of that I’ve been doing something that I’ve been
working out I feel stuck it there are those who say if you throw enough mud on
the wall some of it will stick and we say yes but it always makes a big mess
what you want to do is think about why do you want this that’s what we’d like
to hear from you why do you want this why do you want this job of your dreams
what is it about it that turns you on it’s hard to explain it’s just the
energy of seeing things as they are it’s like I’ve because I love the
feeling of expansive thought and I love getting to look at something differently
than most others can see it I love the mind expansion that is required in this
I love the free flowing of thought around it
I love the bigness of it I love the massiveness of it I love the wholeness
of it I love the perfection of it I love the wonder of it I love the amazement of
it I love the co-created genius of it I love the unknown of it yeah and
something else comes up yes it’s a connection it’s when you see these
things I don’t know how to explain it but what we do it’s what we’re talking
about that’s that alignment that’s what that alignment is that’s that feeling of
seeing the world through the eyes of source just catching glimpses of the way
it all works of the way creation happens how do you think all of this came into
being exactly in the same way that we’re trying to help you get a car in your
garage is exactly the same process all of these planets spinning in their orbit
and perfect proximity to each other and Beyond and beyond and Beyond and Beyond
and beyond all of that thought vibration that was attention to it became
actualized and with attention to it became actualized in a rhythm of
perfection everything all is working out to perfection you see
it’s no wonder that it’s thrilling to you to gaze in the direction of that to
look upward and outward an onward it’s no wonder that that’s thrilling to you
you see and what feels bad to you is when you come back from all of that and
try to figure out how to put a resume together well it’s because it’s too soon
for that let the wonder of all of that keep
inspiring you let it build within you until what comes across in your resume
you’ll be so turned in tapped in turned on that what will come across is
something that’s so powerful that it would be undeniable you’ll present your
credentials you’ll let them know that you had the stamina and the wherewithal
to go to school and get the degree and learn what you needed to learn you’ve
got the basics but it’s not the basics that ever carry anyone to greatness
it’s the alignment that carries someone to greatness now maybe the basics are
necessary we really don’t think that they are but in your world let’s say
that the basics are necessary and you’ve got those and so now you’ve got the
basics but now you’ve got something far more look at the athletes out on the
ball court look at them they’re equal height most of them in equal weight and
they’ve got equal muscle capacity but what makes a difference between those
that have that eye hand coordination what makes the difference between those
that are inspired those are so tuned in that they can tell what somebody else is
going to do though so see the big picture that are looking for broader
view that know exactly where they need to be and where they want to be in the
rhythm of what’s going on never is it’s far more than just the basics they’ve
gone into alignment they’re using the leverage of energy that creates worlds
and that’s what’s flowing through them you see so if you will allow yourself to
dream more and to feel the fullness of all of that longer rather than doing
more of that mundane stuff that everybody thinks that they need to do to
jump through the hoops so you allow yourself to rise above the fray so that
you’re in love with the universe and all of its possibilities then that will come
across in the way that you interview in the way that you connect and the way
that you rendezvous with others possibilities science is so interesting
you know why it moves so slowly because everybody thinks everybody has to agree
on everything so you take the slowest minds and you drag them along with the
fastest minds everybody has to agree but it’s always those that we’re thinking
outside the box that they everything out look at them all through
history many of them were put in jail they were so weird because they were not
willing to follow well those days are gone nobody’s going to jail you the
worst thing that could happen to you is that they might misunderstand you but
they will Revere you if you allow your mind to soar in the way that you have
the potential of it soaring so you’ve got the basics you’ve got the
credentials you’re in the game now let yourself dream into that place of
feeling wonderful and then the words that flow forth from you are I was born
for this I’ve got this intuitive knowing my mind takes me places that I’ve never
been before the idea of understanding this expanding universe things occur to
me it is so exhilarating when you hook in with that broader perspective and
every single invention every single understanding concept mathematics
everything that has ever come into this physical world has come by one person
who stood apart who didn’t do the mundane stuff that everybody else was
doing who stopped feeling guilty about jumping
through the hoops and everybody was jumping through and allowed themselves
to be for a longer period of time in that atmosphere of belief and
understanding and then the thoughts begin to flow in a big big way and you
will never be happy under any other conditions you got to go there we always
enjoy visiting with people who have called themselves creative you all are
no matter what your endeavor but those in music or those in art or those in
science who have felt what it feels like those in sports biggest population who
feel what it feels like to be in that zone who know what it feels like
as you just catch glimpses of that alignment and in that aligned state you
turn your attention toward something of interest to you and you see it open in a
whole new understanding and if you don’t need to scamper and get confirmation
from others who aren’t there who aren’t in that receiving mode that’s why that
calls you you want to be in the receiving mode that nobody else is
received you want to be in the receiving mode that nobody else has received
you’re not a regurgitator you’re a creator yeah I have a question
though yeah well we did get a little carried away so I agree with everything
you say except there’s one thing it kind of sticks with me when you say you have
the credentials when I talk to people in the field I have a masters right now
that I believe you don’t have a PhD you don’t have a postdoc there don’t do all
these hoops that people tell me well we can’t consider you because of these
reasons you know or you don’t have this programming experience or whatever it
happens to be and then I get stuck because I’m like well then you’re
talking to them too soon you’re talking to them too soon when you’re in that
state of alignment you carry a credential with you a vibrational
credential look at the greats what kind of credentials did Galileo
have what kind of credentials your credentials are the way you mundane eyes
yourselves your credentials are the way you standardize yourselves your
credentials are the way you compare yourselves in the action orientation
you’re talking about inspiration you’re talking about alignment do you want to
be part of the system that is requiring you to jump through hoops or do you want
to tap into the genius of the universe and make something big happen Esther and
Jerry read a book a few years ago stuck in their minds it was a man who was
talking about travel and how to make travel easy and he was talking about how
to interact with Airlines and how to interact with hotels and so forth and he
said if you ask someone to do something make sure that they have the power to
give it to you otherwise you’re just wasting your words you sort of get that
ask somebody that has the power to make the water hotter in your room
and so on otherwise it’s just a waste of time so we’d like to reflect that to you
by saying when you ask those who are willing to play in the world of
mundaneness to give you your certificates
then you’ve sort of relegated yourself to a different game than you want to
play in and we think that’s what’s grinding at you because we don’t believe
that if you were a basketball player that you’d go and you’d say I’ve never
played but I would like to play in the NBA and expect to be able to play but
that’s not what’s going on here you have far more vibrational credentials and
you’re giving yourself credit and you’re letting someone else that doesn’t
understand how to feel who you really are in relationship to what you really
want this is the thing that we’re saying to all of you all of the time you’re
looking for love in all the wrong places you’re looking for accreditation in all
the wrong places you’re looking for it from other humans who cannot give it to
you go to your source and your source will give it to you you’re looking for
confidence you’re looking for clarity you’re looking for stamina you’re
looking for vitality you’re looking for genius you’re looking for information
you’re not going to find it there with them
they’re moving paper clips around that’s their job this is a really good time for


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