Kristen Bertuglia

bod-bertugliaKristen Bertuglia: In her current role as Environmental Sustainability Manager for the Town of Vail, Kristen strives to inspire positive environmental change through her personal and professional life. Her focus has spanned different aspects of environmental stewardship over the years from creation of environmental policy to protection of natural habitats to emissions reductions to transportation to community gardens to alternative energy and energy efficiency. Kristen has a M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver, and formerly worked as a Sr. Research Associate with the Institute for Environmental Solutions in environmental research, studying pharmaceutical contamination in waste water and urban forest carbon accounting. In a prior role, she served a naturalist near Yosemite National Park with the US Forest Service. Kristen is proud to serve on the Board of Directors for Walking Mountains Science Center, Holy Cross Energy, and the Institute for Environmental Solutions, and as a member of the 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships Environment Committee, the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization’s Colorado Climate Network, and is a founding member of Snowriders International. Locally, Kristen spearheads several key environmental initiatives in the Vail Valley in 6 goal areas: waste, energy, ecosystem health, social and economic development, public education, and transportation. She has led Vail toward reducing carbon emissions and energy use, nearing 15% over the past 2 years, pushing toward 20% by 2015 through a $3.5 million investment in energy conservation measures, and inspiring best practices. The Vail Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan may be downloaded:

About the Town of Vail’s Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan (Vail, CO): The Vail Environmental Strategic Plan was adopted to maintain and improve environmental quality in the Vail valley and to ensure the prolonged economic health of the region.

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