Our SHIFT Partners are the participating stakeholders in our community committed to preserving and sustaining the natural capital of Jackson Hole. They are the experts who devoted hundreds of hours to helping us evaluate initiatives from around North America pertinent to their field of expertise for the SHIFT Summit. They are the ones helping us to put on the SHIFT Festival. We are indebted to them for their assistance.

All GEMS (Gateways to Environments of Major Significance) face similar challenges: making energy more efficient; making transportation more efficient; creating attainable, energy-efficient housing so residents don’t need to consume excess fuel getting to and from work; creating sustainable food systems; managing economic development so that it supports, rather than undermines, the natural capital upon which the economies depend.

Our SHIFT Partners are Jackson Hole’s leaders in the fight to make our community sustainable.

  1. American Packrafting Association
  2. Teton Botanical Garden
  3. Craighead Beringia South
  4. Creative Energies
  5. Cultivar
  6. Energy Conservation Works
  7. Exum Mountain Guides
  8. Friends of Pathways
  9. Friends of the Teton River
  10. Full Circle Education
  11. Gallatin Valley Land Trust
  12. Hailey Mortenson/Town of Jackson Council Member
  13. Hole Food Rescue
  14. Jackson Hole & Yellowstone Sustainable Destination Program
  15. Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs
  16. Jackson Hole Community Pathways
  17. Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
  18. Jackson Hole Foodie
  19. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
  20. Lockhart Cattle Company
  21. Mountain Bike the Tetons
  22. National Museum of Wildlife Art
  23. Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative
  24. Orion Magazine
  25. Rendezvous River Sports
  26. Slow Food in the Tetons
  27. Snake River Brewing
  28. Snake River Fund
  29. Snow King Mountain
  30. St. John’s Medical Center
  31. START Bus
  32. Sunlight Designs
  33. Terra Firma Organics
  34. Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling
  35. Teton Raptor Center
  36. Teton Science Schools
  37. Teton Valley Community Recycling
  38. The People’s Market
  39. Town of Jackson/Wastewater Management
  40. USGBC Wyoming Chapter
  41. Vertical Harvest
  42. The Wilderness Society
  43. Wyoming Pathways
  44. Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition

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