Meet the Foodies Behind FoodSHIFT: Custom Butcher Derek Ellis



Meet Derek Ellis of Ellis Custom Meats in Teton Valley, Idaho. Derek not only processes wild game into incredible prime cuts and sausage, he helps connect people with local ranchers and farmers to fill their freezers with naturally raised, locally sourced meat. Come say hello to Derek on Carnivorous Wednesday, October 8 at FoodSHIFT. He’ll be giving a sausage-making workshop for the home cook at Local restaurant at 1:30 pm. And look for his Butchery and Sausage Making Workshop later this October in Teton Valley.



3 Questions for Custom Butcher Derek Ellis:


What does sustainability mean to you?

Teton Valley, ID has a long heritage of agricultural use. Sustainable agriculture preserves open space, offers an economic opportunity for famers, and helps maintain ecological diversity. Ellis Custom Meats works to support small, family farms by connecting consumers with local producers without the costs to the producer of the larger agri-business system. In addition, we provide hunters locally-grown, all-natural fat and meat to enhance their harvest with sausages and burger, while supporting local small farmers.

What makes you most proud of what you do?

Connecting concerned consumers to local farmers and ranchers that provide healthy, happy lives to their animals with access to fresh air, water, and pasture is what makes me the most proud of our work at Ellis Custom Meats.
Tell us something we may not know about being a butcher in Teton Valley.

My favorite thing about being a butcher in Teton Valley is developing relationships with the great people of the area who look to support local business and agriculture. There is nothing better than learning about the amazing way someone prepared their leg of lamb and passing that along to another.

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