The Premise: Outdoor recreationists, land managers, and conservation advocates realize their greatest opportunities for effectiveness when they address issues of common concern with a unified voice.

The Problem: Working against this natural alliance is the fact that its constituents all too often act in isolation.

The Solution: SHIFT is the only gathering of its kind that unites outdoor recreationists, land managers, and conservation advocates around the common goal of protecting North America’s public lands and waters.

Our objective is to advance on-the-ground solutions that leverage outdoor recreation for conservation gains, and to provide a unified framework for these natural allies that will allow them to influence conservation and outdoor recreation policies at both local and international levels, thereby increasing success in the protection of our public lands and waters.

We like to have fun, too.

Set at the forefront of The 2015 SHIFT Festival, which runs from October 7-10, is the SHIFT Summit, an in-depth exploration of the opportunities and challenges at the heart of the outdoor recreation/conservation partnership, with an emphasis on GEMS (Gateways to Environments of Major Significance—that is, communities like Jackson Hole that depend on the health of their surrounding landscapes for economic and cultural success) as laboratories for communities striving to live in balance with nature.

The SHIFT Summit is our deep drill into three main issues facing the outdoor recreation/conservation partnership: Conservation Leadership (How do we insure that the legacy of conservation championship by outdoor recreationists represents the full spectrum of the American experience, and that tomorrow’s leaders have both the opportunities and the tools to advance the work of their predecessors?); Outdoor Access (How do we improve sustainable access to public lands and waters in order to best foster stewardship of these lands by the caretakers of tomorrow?); and Responsible Recreation (How do we establish a common ground among recreationists, land managers and conservationists that minimizes conflict between user groups and sustains our public lands and waters?)

In the evenings, we let our hair down.

Happy hours, complete with beverages and food for purchase, continue the day’s conversations in more relaxed settings, while the film programs and keynote presenters that cap each day add dynamic, provocative and delicious cross-pollination to the mix.

For more on the 2015 Festival, click here.

For more on the 2014 Festival, click here.


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